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Los Algodones Border Dental Clinics


Los Algodones is the most popular dental tourism destination. We at Medical Tourism Corporation work with a certified dental facility in the Mexican border town to help with dental treatments at only a fraction of the US prices.

Dental Work in Progress

Dental Price List in Los Algodones

You save almost 70% off the prices charged in the USA. You’ll also save substantially on travel costs – the border town is very close to Yuma.

Compare the costs (in USD) of different dental procedures in Mexico vs. USA in the table given below –

Dental Procedure USA Cost Los Algodones Cost
Zirconia Crown $1,200 $450
Porcelain Veneer $1,600 $350
Simple Extraction $48 – $80 $250
Full Denture (upper or lower) $250 $350
Single Implant $2,500 $750
All-on-4 Implants $20,000 $8,950
All-on-6 Implants $30,000 $7,980 – $11,280
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable $18,000 $2,550 – $3,650

The comparative table clearly shows that dental procedures including the relatively expensive ones such as all on 4 implants cost only a fraction in the Mexican border town.

Why Los Algodones for Dental Work?

Apart from low cost dental work in Los Algodones, it attracts dental tourists for reasons mentioned below:

Easy to reach from US border

Los Algodones is just 11 miles from Yuma, Arizona. It’s possible to drive to Algodones from Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

US City Distance (Miles) Driving time
Yuma 11 20 minutes
Phoenix 194 3 hours
San Diego 165 2 hours 45 minutes
Los Angeles 265 4 hours 20 minutes
Las Vegas 289 4 hours 50 minutes

Travel tip: Our clinic is located just about 2 blocks away from the Yuma border, AZ. You can park on the US side of the border and rent a car during your stay in Algodones.

Bilingual dentists and staff

Most dentists in Mexico do not speak English, which may cause misunderstandings.

Our clinic in Los Algodones has dentists that speak both English and Spanish.

Warranty on dental work

Our associate clinic in Los Algodones provides at least a 2-year warranty on dental work. You can know more about the dental work warranty from your case manager.

Quick appointments

Unlike the US or Canada, waiting time for appointments in Mexico is short, sometimes within a day.

Standard dental treatments and sterilization

The quality of dental work in Mexico varies for different clinics. To make your dental vacation successful, it’s a must to choose the dental clinic with diligence.

  1. Our associate clinic uses dental equipment and prosthetics standard with the ones used internationally.
  2. The clinic has a dental laboratory within the premises.
  3. Further, the clinic uses the latest dental technology like CAD/CAM, ozone therapy, panoramic x-rays, and sterlization equipment.

Highly qualified and experienced team of dentists

In addition to a successful track record since 1985, the clinic’s doctors have undergone refresher courses at prestigious institutions. These include Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, International Center of Laser Education, Indianapolis, and Mega’Gen Implants Factory in Seoul, Korea.

Los Algodones is safe

It’s natural to feel nervous about getting your dental treatment in Mexico. Los Algodones attracts scores of dental tourists from US and Canada and is safe for traveling. You won’t feel as if you are in a foreign country – the city is quite Americanized.

Facilities Offered

  • Free pick-up services
  • Free Internet access
  • 2-year warranty on all kinds of dental work
  • All modes of payment accepted, including cash, personal and traveler’s checks, credit cards and even money orders
  • Accommodation for special tariffs (as low as $30/night; hurry and avail free hotel stay for up to 3 nights for dental work exceeding $1,500 under our limited period Los Algodones dental special)
  • Parking area (free of charge)

Review of Dental Work in Los Algodones

This is what an Alaska resident has to say about his treatment at the border clinic in Algodones that we work with. He describes the professionalism of the staff and doctors. He adds that he was comfortable throughout his stay.

Some Handy Info on Algodones

  • The border crossing at Andrade, California, is adjacent to Los Algodones.
  • Immigration services are open from 6 am to 10 pm.
  • Other nearby airports, besides the Yuma airport, include the Imperial County Airport in El Centro, CA (55 miles away) and the San Diego International Airport (165 miles away).
  • Hottest times of the year are from June to September, when average highs can surpass 100˚F.
  • December and January are the coolest months, with highs around 70˚F; during this time of year, evenings can see the temperatures drop to around 40˚F.
  • The border town operates under the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST), 3 hours behind the East Cost.

We will facilitate your dental work for attractive prices at the hands of experienced professionals at one of the best dental clinics in the border area of Los Algodones.

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