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How much are Dental Implants in Canada?

On an average, the cost of a dental implant in Canada ranges between $1,000 and $3,000. The price of the abutment and the crown is an extra $500-$3,000.

Dental Implants in Canada
According to the Canadian Dental Association, 32% Canadians do not have dental insurance.Owing to the high prices of dental work, the inhabitants of the country are looking into dental tourism in Mexico and Costa Rica as a viable option to get their teeth fixed while on a vacation.


The cost of dental implants in Canada varies from place to place. In Ontario, the average cost is approximately $6,550 whereas it is about $4,075 in Toronto. Read on to know the estimated prices in Mexico and Costa Rica2


How much for dental implants in Canada? The answer to this question also depends on various factors like the surgeon chosen, any extra dental procedure required (for example, bone grafting), and the brand and type of implant used. The total cost also depends on the number of teeth being restored.

While the country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, there are certain lags in the system that encourages Canadians to seek treatment in other countries.


How much is the wait time to get treatment after seeing a specialist in Canada? Almost 10.6 weeks!2(Contact us now to know how dental tourism can help you!)


This is considered “almost 4 weeks longer than the time physicians consider to be clinically “reasonable” (7.0 weeks).” Long wait times in the Canadian healthcare system are one of the reasons attributed to the rise of medical tourism.2

Dental treatment is generally not included in one’s social benefits and that is why the cost of such procedures is a cause of concern for many.


How to Pay for Dental Implants in Canada?

There are various ways to pay for dental implants. Considering how high the cost of a single implant is, not everyone can afford to pay for it by themselves. Alternatives like iFinance and dental loans are always a viable option. Some dental insurance plans like FlexCare, Canada Protection Plan, and Bluecross also cover dental implants. (Disclaimer: We do not work with or promote any of the aforementioned entities.)

Dental Implant Prices – Canada Vs Other Countries

The following table shows the comparison of implant prices across various countries in North and Central Americas:

Country Average Cost of a Single Dental Implant
United States $1,500-$6,000
Canada $1,000- $6,000
Mexico $699
Costa Rica $650 (for one-piece immediate load)

Getting Dental Implants in Mexico Vs Canada

In Canada, the cost of dental implants is between $1,000 and $6,000. Unfortunately, most of the dental insurance plans do not cover for dental implants. Since the prices in Mexico are substantially lower, it is common for Canadians to get dental implants in Mexico-US border areas. Cheaper options are available for dental implants in Los Algodones, Tijuana, and Cancun. Dental implants in Costa Rica are a good option too because of geographical proximity.

No Waiting Time

Other than the blatant price difference, a major advantage in Mexico is that there is no waiting time. In Canada, on an average, the waiting time is 10 weeks. This might be a major reason why the number of Canadians opting for medical tourism has seen a high in 2016.

Cheaper Stay

Because of the affordable dental procedures in Mexico, Canadians are able to include costs for travel and stay and still end up saving some money.


The phenomenon of medical tourism is fast catching up with the Canadians. Did you know? In 2016, almost 63,459 people left Canada for medical care. (Source: Fraser Research Bulletin)


That’s almost a 39% increase over the previous year.  Traveling abroad for dental work, or dental tourism, is finding many takers too. Read on to learn more.


Benefits of Dental Tourism

The top dentists and reputable clinics in the major dental tourism destinations use the same technologies as are being used in Canada. The reputable dentists in Mexico and Costa Rica are equally qualified, if not more. It is not uncommon to find dental experts who have taken courses at top universities in the United States.

The dental clinic we work with in Costa Rica is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF). Our network dental clinic in Los Algodones is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA).

These clinics are clean, the staff is friendly, the cost of the procedure is lower and with all of this, one gets a chance to travel and see a different country.

Cost of Dental Work – FAQ

How much do Dental Crowns Cost in Canada?

Depending on your specific needs, the cost of a dental crown varies from $280 to $1,100 for porcelain crowns. If one desires a metal crown with gold alloy, it would cost between $600 and $2,600. However, the average cost of a crown is approximately $900 to $1,500. Compare this with Mexico, where the price of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown begins from $180.

What is the Average Cost of Dental Bridges?

The cost of a single dental bridge depends on various factors like the area in which the dentist is based, the material that is used in the bridge, whether any additional treatment is required for the surrounding teeth, and the complexity of the technique that the dentist and lab technician are using.

Dental insurance coverage also decides the final cost that the patient will have to pay for a dental bridge. On an average, bridges can cost $700 to $1,500.

How Much Does a Dentist Cost?

Dentistry is not covered under the free health services that the country has to offer. Hence, unless you can qualify for social benefits like disability allowance, you will have to pay for dentists. The costs would depend on the procedure.

What are Dental Implants?

Essentially an artificial tooth root, a dental implant is inserted into the jaw of the patient to hold the replacement of the natural tooth (crown), a denture (overdenture), or dental bridge. With the current technology, the quality of dental implants has made it an excellent way to treat people who have a number of damaged or missing teeth.


Did you know? Dental implants do not get cavities! (Source: America Academy of Implant Dentistry)


Endosteal and Subperiosteal implants are the two kinds of dental implants. Depending on the amount of bone height, the patient undergoes either kind of treatment. The procedure is handled by a dental expert and a periodontist.

Advantages of Dental Implants

There many various benefits associated with dental implants. An excellent alternative to replace the missing or defected teeth with, dental implants are next best thing to natural teeth. The advantages are:

  • They look like natural teeth.
  • They minimize the bone loss while maintaining one’s facial structure.
  • Dental implants are comfortable. Working just like natural teeth do, implants make it easy for the person to talk, chew, and smile.
  • As mentioned above, dental implants cannot get caries. However, if one wants to use the same dental implants for a long time, they need to be taken care of. Regular brushing and flossing is a must.

Dental tourism is a good alternative for those people who cannot afford the cost of dental implants in Canada.

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