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Female Hair Transplant in India

Hair GraftsFemale hair transplant in India could be of help to females, who are facing the problem of alopecia but cannot afford hair restoration surgery in their own country.

The most common reasons for opting for hair transplant in India are: lower cost of the surgery and no waiting period for the treatment.

The cost of hair replacement surgery for women in India is only a fraction of the price charged for the same procedure in the US or Britain. Experienced doctors, decent medical facilities and low costs of medical treatments have made India the favored medical destination for many foreign patients.

Causes of Receding Female Hairline

  • The reasons for hair loss in women differ vastly from hair loss in men.
  • Hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy, menopause or any other problem can result in hair loss in females.
  • Prolonged stress or severe tension may also lead to hair loss in women.
  • Certain medical conditions and medications may contribute to the problem of female hair loss.
  • Several other factors, such as use of harsh shampoos or hair colors can also initiate this problem.

Female Hair Transplant – An Overview

  • Statue of Natraj at Gwalior Fort - IndiaFemale hair transplantation procedure involves taking tiny groups of hair follicles from an area of the head where there is full permanent hair growth and transferring them to the region of the hair loss.
  • Hair loss in women tends to be more diffuse than men. This means that hair in women become thin over most or all of the head. Females do not bald completely; they may have a balding patch in the area of hair partition. In men, the hair loss usually occurs on top of the head, and the back and sides are usually spared.
  • Donor hair is usually taken from sides and back in the cases of both men and women.
  • In almost all the cases of hair loss, the follicular units taken from the donor area are placed in-between the existing hair over the recipient area. This procedure if not performed carefully may shock the hair close by.
  • One can find numerous before and after female hair transplant photos to know about the results.

Female Hair Transplant in India – Advantages

Here are a few advantages of opting for hair transplant in India:

  • The cost of female hair transplant in India could be as much as 75 percent less than what a patient has to pay in western countries.
  • Medical Tourism Co. works with very proficient cosmetic surgeons in India, some of who have trained in foreign universities. The doctors in our network can easily converse in English, and for patients who prefer some other language,a language interpreter is arranged.
  • Certified doctors for women hair transplant in India are highly-skilled and experienced when it comes to executing this delicate procedure.
  • Doctors in India are well-versed with the modern technologies and latest procedures pertaining to female hair restoration surgeries.
  • India is a vast country and has plenty of places for tourists to explore. Patients can take a relaxing break while on a trip for undergoing the procedure for female hair restoration in India.

Figures on hair loss are startling. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss every year. However, the high cost of hair transplant treatment should not keep you from getting back a healthy mop. Medical Tourism Co. can help you find the right hair transplant surgeon, who will restore your hair without upsetting your half-yearly budget.

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