Misti – Lumbar Disk Replacement in India

In this video, Misti from Michigan, US, shares the experience about her lumbar disk replacement in India.



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Misti: My name is Misti…. And this is my husband Kent ….. and we are from Northern mid- Michigan area in United States. We had all kinds of offers and options for fusion but I am 44 years old and I am not really impressed with fusion because with generative condition and inactive lifestyle a fusion can fail above and below again in another level which requires another surgery. So I am kind of a disc candidate as far as in my mind I would rather have a disc. It’s more of the active lifestyle.

So……hold of medical tourism. They were able to do some correspondence with me and through some series of exchange with tests and some information, they were confident they could do a for my neck and my lower L5 and 3 or 4th, it was in my neck. I am glad we did the research. I am a different person this morning.

I have got my morphine and it’s definitely a lifestyle. I had lost my life basically. I am a very active person and I was probably 20 minutes a day moving. I was down to about 20 minutes a day. So something had to be done and we didn’t have insurance, either one of us so we have to have it affordable as well and I wanted what I wanted which is difficult to have what you want, to have where you want it and have all those factors come out good – a great place and a superior surgeon….

We are in the hotel for five days and they were super good to us there. They treated us like family but the hospital here and everybody has been so kind. It’s almost like a dream team. Everyday just comes and attends to you, make sure you are ok and you understand. You are given all the pros and cons, nothing’s hidden and it was a good experience.

Kent: We didn’t have to worry about any of the traffic or travelling. We just got to enjoy it from the back seat which was probably the best. Misti: yeah Kent: As far as visas, we had to extend that. It was completely taken care of. It was probably where I had to go and sign where I had to sign and everything was taken care of phenomenally. I was very very happy. The staff here – anything you need, it’s only a phone call away and they make that very aware. I have more numbers written down here of staff members and if I needed anything I can call at anytime, which was, I really appreciate it.

Misti: When you come to such a huge decision in your life to do something so invasive. To take your life to a whole another country and you don’t even know what you gonna have to for dinner, where you are gonna put your head, if you gonna meet, if you gonna like them, there’s a lot of, I think things to sweat about for sure but nothing ever came to … for us.

One side effect we wish we had a little more travel time, health wise I wasn’t able to. So, that’s our only regret.

Kent: Even the airport staff here made sure we got to where we needed to be and then we got met by staff members from the hospital brought here and put up and told us rest for the day because we had quite a travel.

Misti: Yeah. And they let us sleep for the whole day.
We also recommend using…..silence.  Take the names down even if you can’t pronounce them. Take the numbers down. If you are anxious about something, use it. If you are suffering in any way, it would have been our own fault.”

Summary: Misti talks about her recent visit to India for a Lumbar Disk Replacement. Her activity level had drastically come down to just 20 minutes in a day. With no insurance in her or her husband’s name she was looking for an affordable treatment. After some research she came in contact with Medical Tourism Corporation. Given the reasonable cost of lumbar disc replacement in India, a safe and affordable medical trip was planned for Misti.After the surgery, she found herself in a completely new life – healthy and revitalized.She found the hospital and hotel care fantastic. According to her, it will be very helpful to take the contact names and numbers of people one meets in such trips.

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