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Health care is becoming more costly than ever for many Americans. Any surgery which is completely or partially not covered by insurance remains a hassle.


Did you know?

The average expenditure on healthcare in U.S. household was $4,612 in 2016. This represents approximately 8 percent of the average family budget.”

Lack of funds should not deter you from getting the care you deserve.

Here’s what you need to know about financing your surgery in medical tourism destinations abroad like Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Self Payment

Even though Self Pay is the easiest option, but not everyone can afford to do so.

  • Savings is a self-financing method for getting the surgery done. An individual in need of bariatric surgery can plan out his/her expenditures in a manner that a specific part of the income is kept aside as savings every month.
    Henceforth, the accumulated income can be used for getting the treatment. This method involves financial planning and budgeting so that one can collect a reasonable amount for the surgery.
  • One may sell off unusable/unrequired assets for raising money. This way there will be no dependence on anyone for raising funds.
  • Self-payment for a procedure can be done in many ways, either by cash payment, a cheque or by wire transfer.

It saves the patient of additional costs such as interest and the hassle of repayments.

Medical Loans

There are many banks and financial institutions that offer medical loans to people suffering from some medical predicaments and are unable to get the same treated due to monetary limitations.

  • The medical loan facility can be availed by people on a specific rate of interest after providing collateral and fulfilling other related formalities.
  • There are certain guidelines for the approval of loans.
  • At times, the financial organization can even offer unsecured loans, in which case the interest charged is usually higher as there is no collateral involved.
  • United Medical Credit and Financing Solutions are two such services.

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United Medical Credit eFinancing Solutions

Credit Card

This is also a kind of unsecured loan. You pay upfront with your credit card and keep paying back the amount to the credit card company in easy installments.

Nonconventional Ways to Fund Surgery

There are other nonconventional ways of funding surgery. These include

Save For Surgery Medical Tourism


Did you know?

By 2020, over 650,000 medical tourists will travel to Mexico, from the U.S.3

Medical Tourism to destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam is one of the ways to save on the cost.

If a comparison is done, the cost of weight loss surgery is approximately 70% cheaper in medical tourism destinations abroad. Similarly, the price of dental surgery is 60-70% cheaper.


As mentioned, there are multiple financing options for individuals seeking medical treatment. Therefore, a person can choose a financing option as per his convenience of repayment and income level.

The shortage of finances should not come in the way of a healthy life. We do not promise guaranteed financing for surgery but can certainly help you get access to the care you deserve.

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