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Surrogacy in Georgia

Parenthood is something that every parent dreams of. However, due to some unforeseen problems, sometimes bringing a new life into this world may be difficult. If getting pregnant is not possible for you, then surrogacy in Georgia can help you!

We at MTC have collaborated with hospitals in Georgia that bring the best surrogacy experience for you.

How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia?

The cost of surrogacy in Georgia begins at 48, 000 USD, while it can stretch up to 75, 000 USD*. We offer a range of packages that you can choose from as per your desire.

Read along to find more about the surrogacy packages available in Georgia.

  • Standard surrogacy plan
  • Guaranteed surrogacy plan
  • Self surrogacy plan
*Please contact our case managers for a customized quote

Types of Surrogacy in Georgia

The term “Surrogacy” means that a woman legally agrees to bear a child for another person (s) who will eventually become the child’s parents after birth.

Our partner hospital offers three ways in which you can plan surrogacy.

Egg donation program with a Georgian egg donor

Price: 40, 000 – 67, 000 USD

In this program, we help you find a surrogate mother along with a healthy egg donor from Georgia. Following are the highlights of the program:

  • All-inclusive package*
  • Procedure payment is done in 4 steps which include: contract signing amount, pregnancy confirmation, On week 28 of pregnancy, and after baby delivery
  • Technical support for the child’s birth certificate
  • Three nights accommodation during the first visit
  • Airport pickup and transportation to all the destinations on your first visit

*Please note: You may incur incidental costs during the program due to any unforeseen circumstances. For example, in the case of twin pregnancy, an additional 2, 000 USD is payable to the surrogate mother. Talk to our case managers to understand this clause.

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