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Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy ProcessFor couples having problems with conceiving children and looking for modern infertility treatments at reasonable costs, surrogacy in Georgia, Europe is a great option. Cost of surrogacy in Georgia is a pittance as compared to that in Australia the USA, the UK, and other developed European countries.

Infertility treatment facilities in Georgia are also synonymous with excellent quality world-class services. It is because of the aforementioned reasons Georgia in Europe is a key surrogacy destination in the world today and is thronged by people from the US, Australia, the UK and other West European countries desperate to begin their own families but cannot do so because of biological constraints.

Also because of its proximity to and easy accessibility from other European and Middle Eastern countries, Georgia is an easy-to-travel medical tourism destination.

Surrogacy-A Brief Overview

Surrogacy is primarily a pre-arrangement wherein a woman carries and bears a child for other people. The word “surrogate” finds its roots in the Latin word “surrogatus” which means to substitute. Surrogacy is a blessing for females suffering from abnormalities in the uterus or cardiovascular and kidney diseases which could pose a big threat to both the pregnancy and their life, men with low sperm count, and same-sex couples looking for parental bliss.

Surrogate Mothers in Georgia

Georgia is a sought after surrogacy destination with an increasing number of couples traveling here from different parts of the globe looking for good surrogacy facilities. Surrogate mothers in Georgia have to undergo stringent physical and psychological testing and couples can also meet their surrogates.

Surrogate mothers are also screened for infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Factors taken into consideration while screening a surrogate are age, previous cases of pregnancies and over all health. The cost of surrogate mother in Georgia is among the lowest in the world.

Why Georgia for Surrogacy?

Panoramic View of Tbilisi - GeorgiaGeorgia is a popular hub of medical tourism and is especially thronged by medical tourists from affluent West European countries and the USA. Some of the benefits of opting for surrogacy programs in Georgia are as follows:

  • One of the key reasons for its popularity is that cost of surrogacy in Georgia is one of the lowest in the world.
  • Its proximity to other European countries, such as Switzerland, where surrogacy is banned, is also one of the primary reasons for Georgia’s popularity as a surrogacy destination.
  • Laws of Georgia are also in favor of surrogacy and there are no limits on the number of instances a woman can be a surrogate.
  • Also, one can combine a medical surrogacy tour with a leisure trip, since Georgia is known for its scenic beauty and splendor and baroque architecture with several old churches, and castles to savor. Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, is famous for it ultra-modern nightclubs and architecture. Georgians are also known for their hospitality and warm disposition
  • Highly experienced doctors and staff provide world class infertility treatments in state-of-the-art Georgian hospitals and medical centers which can boast of high quality standards being strictly adhered to.
  • Also, as per the visa norms of Georgia, tourists from the USA, Japan, and EU can now come to Georgia without a visa for a maximum period of three months.

Legal Status of Surrogacy in Georgia

Under surrogacy laws in Georgia, a surrogate mother is not recognized as the child’s parent and the intended parents are deemed as legal parents of the child. A birth certificate is issued within a day’s time of the birth and unlike other countries where approval of the surrogate is required; no consent of the surrogate mother is required for listing the intended parents on the birth certificate in Georgia.

In extreme cases where there is a risk of genetic diseases being transmitted, extracorporeal fertilization may also be used, provided the couple gives its consent in writing. Documents required for registration of the infertile couple as parents are the surrogacy agreement with the agency, certification issued by the IVF clinic about transfer of embryo into the surrogate mother’s womb, and the birth certificate issued by the hospital.

Surrogacy in Georgia, Europe is a good option for couples looking forward to expanding their families but wanting to cut down their expenditure on surrogacy. Right from cheap hotels to inexpensive local travel options, Georgia is a paradise for medical tourists and can help fulfill the dream of having a cherubic baby.

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