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Dental Treatments in Chennai

DentureChennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

Its huge population has made it one of India’s premier hubs of healthcare. Chennai dental treatments are also popular with medical tourists who flock to India for low cost dental implants with the same quality of work as in the western countries.

Cost of Dental Treatments in Chennai

Because of India’s low cost of living, Chennai dental clinics are able to offer procedures for a fraction of what they usually cost in other countries.

Having normally expensive dental procedures (like dental crowns and dental implants) done in Chennai can save a patient up to 80% – depending on individual needs as assessed by the dental surgeon.

Dental crowns in Chennai are also very affordable compared to other countries, and many patients travel to India several times a year to mix exciting tourism activities with dental work. This makes dental treatments a thing to look forward to instead of a usually dreaded procedure to undergo.

Highlights of Dental Treatments in Chennai, India

  • Clinics offering dental implants in Chennai use the same brands as their American and European counterparts
  • The clinics use state-of-the-art equipment
  • Most of the dental surgeons in India are internationally-trained and educated, and their clinics accredited by international standards
  • Low costing dental procedures for the same quality of work
  • There are many places to go and sights to see for dental tourists to Chennai
  • Hotel accommodations are comfortable and there are plenty of options for good food
  • Hospitals and clinics have extensive experience with medical tourists, and the staff members are fluent in English

Other Names for the City

Chennai is also known as Madras or Madarasapatinam (also sometimes spelled as Madraspattinam).

Travelling to Chennai for Dental Treatments

  • Road to Chennai - IndiaChennai has a tropical climate, and it stays mostly warm
  • Bring light clothing with some wraps or light jackets for rainy days, and for air-conditioned clinics
  • The airport code for Chennai is MAA
  • Many flights to and from Asia, Europe, and North America are available in Chennai
  • Coordinate with the dental clinic or the medical tourism agency for the best hotel deals in Chennai for dental trips

Tourism Activities for Dental Tourists in Chennai

  • Cricket, India’s most popular sport, can be watched live at one of the oldest cricket stadiums in India, the MAC or MA Chidambaram Stadium, if any tournament or match is on.
  • Hindu temples are abundant in this city, and going there during the various religious festivals (Pongal, Deepavali, Christmas, Eid) celebrated in this culture-rich city of Tamil Nadu can be quite an experience
  • Arts and music are also grand, so lookout for gallery exhibits, classic dance shows, and the occasional street performers
  • Communicate consistently with the Chennai dental clinics or tourism agency for the best schedule to accommodate the activities you want to do
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