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India Gestational Surrogacy Success Rate

India has become the top international surrogacy destination for couples and even single men and women from Australia, the US, the UK and other parts of Europe who have not been able to have children through natural means.

The success of the procedure in India, is greatly attributed to the cutting edge technology adopted by the fertility clinics in India, highly qualified fertility specialists, social acceptance of surrogacy, and low cost of surrogacy, all leading to India’s high success rate in gestational surrogacy. Australians, Americans, and West Europeans also seek surrogate pregnancy in India because of less cumbersome surrogacy laws in the country.

India Gestational Surrogacy Success Rate - 2008 a1

What Influences the Success Rate of Gestational Surrogacy?

The success rates for ART cycles that use gestational carriers are higher than the success rates for those cycles that do not. However, the age of the ART patient (source of the egg) is a strong predictor of success regardless of whether a gestational carrier is used or not.

2008 India Gestational Surrogacy Success Rate

It is the prerogative of intending parents to seek adequate clinic data on the success rates from the fertility center. (Success rates refer to the number of live births per embryo transfer.) However, it is necessary to understand the way success rates are calculated, because some clinics achieve artificially high figures by simply rejecting the patients who have lower chances of pregnancy.

The charts below show the most recent surrogacy success rates of Medical Tourism Corporation’s partner clinic in India.

India Gestational Surrogacy Success Rate - 2008 b1

The first chart depicts the success rate with fresh surrogacy cycles where donor eggs were used.

The second chart demonstrates surrogacy success rates in different categories: self eggs in women less than 35 years, self eggs in women more than 35 years, donor eggs, and same sex couples. The results in the first two categories are compared with U.S. average figures from 2005 (more recent U.S. figures are not available).

Since, India’s success rates match or are sometimes better than U.S. surrogacy success rates, the country is a popular destination for surrogacy. But take care to choose a well-respected fertility clinic and a very qualified and experienced fertility specialist.

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