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Lap Band Surgery in Mexico – Selecting the Right Hospital

A number of people from the United States visit Mexico for cost sav”” rel=”noopener”>lap band surgery. This type of bariatric surgery is safer & less invasive than other obesity control surgeries. It is also known as Adjustable ga”center”>

Although the number one surgery for weight loss in the USA is Gastric Bypass, lap band may soon have that spot. Lap band surgery started in USA in year 2001 after FDA approval, but gastric bypass has been going on for many years. This article addresses the important things to keep in mind when shopping for a lap band facility in Mexico.

First, yes the prices are lower, about 50~70% than the USA. But that should not be the only criteria when selecting a clinic or a hospital. The range could be from 6000 to 12000 US Dollars.A too less price should be avoided, as it indicates the facility does not have much business & does not do a quality job. There are very good chances that a 6000 US dollar clinic will have an incompetent or inexperienced surgeon as well.

Another, things to choose is between a hospital and a clinic (surgery center). A fully integrated hospital is a better choice. In rare cases if there is some unexpected medical emergency or surgical complication a hospital will be a better place than a stand alone clinic. Choose a hospital that has ICU, MRI, Blood Bank, X-Ray, Pharmacy, Cafeteria and doctor offices at the same location.

On top of this, if the hospital in Mexico has boarding arrangements for an patient accompanying guest, its even better. The reputation & past record of the hospital is also important. The hospital staff should know English. It’s important to confirm this in advance, since Mexico is a Spanish speaking country.

Third and equally important is the experience & credentials of the surgeon. Look for how many successful surgeries they have performed. A surgeon who has performed about 100 surgeries is good, but one with 1000 surgeries experience will be an excellent choice. Are they medical board certified? Do they know English?

If possible have your local doctor talk to them. Best is to look for INAMED certified surgeons or better INAMED proctors. INAMED is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing obesity intervention products. FDA approved Lap Bands are made by them.

Other thing to consider is the geographic location. Tijuana in Mexico is very well suited for California & other western United States patients. Ciudad Juarez location is very well suitable for patients in Texas and the other southwest United States patients. Both cities have good hospitals & are drivable from many parts of the USA.

Many hospitals doing lap band in Mexico have more patients from the USA than the local clientèle. You can view a video of Hospital Angeles, Juarez part of Grupo Angeles, the biggest hospital chain in Mexico, where about 70% of the lap band patients are from the USA.

Medical Tourism Corporation website has a section on Mexico lap band surgery & costs . This section has a lot of information that will help make a decision on choosing the right Lap band hospital in Mexico.


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