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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Testimonial

With the mushrooming of a number of state-of-the–art hospitals providing world class medical services in the Latin American region, going for gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico can be a good decision. Also, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Vallarta is a fraction of that in the developed nations. Mexican hospitals have the latest equipment and physicians and surgeons in Mexico are known for their high competence levels.

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Doreen Watts of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada shares her experience of engaging Medical Tourism Corporation for arranging a smooth medical trip to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

“Almost a year after being referred by my family physician (at my request & with her support) for weight loss surgery here in Canada, I started to research other options available to me as the wait here is excessive. I was relatively healthy with no co-morbidities and was anxious to deal with my excess weight before I developed health problems. My search led me to Mexico where I found a multitude of options.

“I was specific about where I was willing to go in Mexico when I discovered Medical Tourism Corporation. It helped when I found another RN from Canada who had gone this route and recommended this company.    From my first contact, everything has been dealt with efficiently. Bianca answered all my questions immediately by e-mail or by phone. When she was not there, Hazel would let me know when I could expect to hear from her.

“In Puerto Vallarta, things continued to go smoothly. Cecilia was my coordinator person at the hospital and made sure things were in order. The doctor and his team are exceptional…I was treated as a person, not as a number or a procedure. They found a unique way to combine professionalism with a warm personal touch.

“The nursing staffs were wonderful and even though they did not speak much English, I was able to communicate with them and they were very attentive. After my discharge from hospital, the doctor called me at the resort each evening to check on my progress…I had his cell phone number if I needed to contact him. My husband Jeff was kept in the loop and as well was very impressed by our treatment there.

“I would highly recommend this company and specifically this team to anyone considering weight loss surgery.”

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