India provides comprehensive care for all orthopedic problems through its state-of-the-art facilities.

Thousands of tourists from the US, Canada, UK, and European countries travel to India because of the skilled doctors and affordable prices.

Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Hip replacement cost in Indian hospitals is approximately 30% to 70% lower than the costs in the United States
  • Inexpensive healthcare in the country is due to the low cost of living here.
  • Indian hospitals offer a combination of international quality medical treatment and effective cost savings. This has become a particular attraction for patients from abroad.
  • Indian hospitals can offer treatments such as anterior hip replacement surgery cost-effectively compared to even other destinations in the Asian region.

Plan Your Medical Trip to India

  • Planning a trip to India for Hip replacement surgery can be easy if you get experts to take care of things. Also, you must do thorough research to know about the best services available. Consideration of the following steps may be of help:
  • Search for the best hospitals and clinics in India online.
  • Find the best for hip replacement surgery in medical tourism field.
  • Contact the clinic or a medical tourism company affiliated with them, and inquire about the schedule, procedures, airport, clinic, hotel location, and transportation arrangements.
  • Plan a trip by contacting your travel agent and inquire about the tourist destinations you can visit while in the country.

Why India for Medical Tourism?

  • Hospitals in India offer world-class medical facilities comparable with many top-notch hospitals in the world.
  • Indian doctors have also become well-known all over the world for providing effective quality medical and orthopedic procedures like hip replacement surgery at a minimal cost with excellent provisions of post-surgery care.
  • Affordable and inexpensive costs of medical services make health tourism in India highly appealing to overseas patients.
  • India has been a tourist hot spot and has lured foreigners predominantly because of its mysticism, spirituality, exotic locales, and rich history and culture.
  • When it comes to food, India offers a wide range of cuisines due to its regional diversities.
  • Language is not a problem as most of the people speak English.
  • The rich culture of India offers diverse ancient art and traditions. Every region in India has its own signature style, customs, and ethnicity.

Assistance by Medical Tourism Corporation

Medical Tourism Co has contracts and relationships with many established networks of hospitals and clinics that have state-of-the-art medical technology. Patients coming for anterior hip replacement in India can contact the company for all related information.

The tiniest feature of the trip to India, right from obtaining visas/permits, arranging comfortable hotel accommodations, hospital costs for the treatment, doctors’ fees, ride to and from the health center, to the airfare and transport services and arranging for sightseeing, within the country, is handled well by professionals.

Positive measures taken by the government to facilitate medical tourism have encouraged patients from abroad to fly to India for anterior hip replacement surgery at affordable cost.

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