Today Americans and Canadians are opting for dental implants in Mexico owing to the glaring cost difference. However, like every procedure, dental implants can also fail. In this video we find out about the failure of dental implants as explained by Dr. Joaquin Berrón, a highly experienced dental surgeon at a top dental clinic in […]


Dr. Joaquin Berrón, the head dental surgeon at Dentaris Dental Center explains why Cancun, a tourist city, has become a great attraction for dental work in Mexico. Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico and welcomes about a million tourists every year. This city is known for its beaches, resorts and nightlife. If […]


­­­­­Dr. Joaquin Berron, from the Dentaris Dental Clinic in Cancun, Mexico talks about the various accreditations and rankings that the clinic has been awarded with. Established in 1983, the dental has amassed excellent reputation and receives hundreds of medical tourists every month.   Video Transcription “So the first accreditation I would say is the ADA […]

Dr. Umbach, recognized as one of the top bariatric surgeons in the United States by Newsweek discusses how to go about choosing a bariatric program and surgeon and why his team scores over others.     Video Transcription “One of the things I think is very important and a lot of times doesn’t come up […]

A leading bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Thomas Umbach, discusses when to choose gastric sleeve and when to opt for the new weight loss surgical procedure Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery (SIPS).     Video Transcription “We are talking about the SIPS procedure and the sleeve procedure and how do you choose and when do you […]

A leading weight loss surgeon in Las Vegas explains the difference between SIPS – Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery, a relatively new bariatric surgery and other more traditional procedures such as gastric sleeve and duodenal switch.     Video Transcription “Welcome back! I am Dr. Umbach and we are talking again today about the difference between SIPS, […]

A leading weight loss surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada tells us the difference between Gastric Sleeve and Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery (SIPS). Video Transcription “We are talking about the difference between the gastric sleeve resection, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy as it is commonly known, and the newer operation called SIPS. SIPS really is essentially just an […]

A leading award-winning bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas explains Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing Surgery (SIPS). It is a new bariatric surgery which is a modification of a gastric sleeve into a duodenal switch (DS). SIPS is alternatively known as Single-Anastomosis Duodenal Switch.     Video Transcription “I am Dr. Umbach. We are here today at Blossom Bariatrics […]

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