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Client Reviews Full Mouth Implants in Los Algodones – Mexico

In this video, a client reviews dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico. She came along with her husband from Alberta, Canada to our network dental clinic in Mexico. This dental clinic has been delivering quality dental services since 1985 and has built a strong name for itself.


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Video Transcription

“Well, I am from Canada… Alberta. I got referred from my son-in-law and my sister-in-law that have been here in Mexico. So, I went online and I just started to look around and I saw Sani and I looked up all reviews. It looked really good! I felt comfortable! So, I decided to venture out and my husband and me and my sister came and we needed quite a bit of work done!

We both needed… Like, we both had dentures and we needed full implants and so, it was a big thing for us. So yes, we come from a big family and we just figured we’d be the first ones.

We both had dentures and we both wanted to get implants and just have real teeth back. So, we got the whole work done. We started with all the implants and we were amazed at how fast the procedure went, how… all I can say is how amazing all the dentists like Dr. Lindsay, I got her as my first dentist and she was just absolutely amazing!

I just feel like I have made the right decision, the right goal… because I have had problems with different things like implants and come back here and they just take care of you. They treat you like royalty!

In Canada, I had a procedure done, exactly like I would have gotten here and the difference was phenomenal. It was probably a $50,000 difference in what I needed done and what I have gotten here.

With the warranty on top of this, which we do not get in Canada… If you have a problem, you come back and pay again. You pay whatever it takes. And, to come back here… and it has been five years ago… and I can honestly say I have been treated like royalty. Literally, the several hearts that I have seen here has totally overwhelmed me.

I just say this is the place to go! It’s just that you have nothing to lose. Its professional, its clean, it’s a friendly atmosphere. They treat you like a special person. Its been overwhelming and I have gotten to know quite a few dentists like Dr. Omar.

He has just been so, so good for me. He’s done an implant that had gotten infection and of course, I am over 50 and I had… my jawbone has receded. So, there was not a lot of room for implants and I knew that. That is what the dentist at home had told me too, that it was going to be a smaller implant.

Dr. Omar just took care of me. He put a special kind of an implant in for me. Yeah, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

I came here first and of course, I had never been to Mexico. I didn’t have any frame of reference and I was just amazed at how its safe… the environment is safe.

I decided to stay at Hacienda Hotel, which is a part of Sani. At first, I was a little weary. “Its Mexico!” and I thought “Oh God, what I am doing! Is this safe!” But, it is literally a garden resort! Like, it’s a little resort. I mean, it is Mexico but it is cultural and it is like a safe environment that I would say you can come here for a little holiday… for a vacay!”

Dental implants are an excellent alternative to dentures. Our top dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico provides you with specialists who are experts in performing the procedure for dental implants. The clinic is located only 7 miles from Yuma, Arizona and is just a couple of blocks away from the US-Mexico border.

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