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Why is CT Scan Important for Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

Watch a renowned dental implant specialist in Costa Rica discuss the importance of CT scan in placement of dental implants.

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Video Transcription

“Hi, I am Dr. Bonilla, I would like to explain a little bit why people always asks us why we need an X-ray and it is not only an x-ray, it is a special CT scan, it is a treated tomography that allows us to not only show us how much bone you have and the quality of the bone is to plan ahead if it is possible to do implants or what will be the best procedures to be done.

So, now that we have this technology around in dentistry is something we have to take advantage. Before that, when we did not have a CT scan, we had to go in to a surgery and explore and see if there was enough bone to place the implants. Sometimes, we had a close and there was no way to place an implant in the area.

With this x-ray we are able to see before hand not only that plan, which kind of implants we need and to be able to have a more successful treatment at the end. So, that is why we need to have a CT scan.

In a lot of cases, you will need to do it before, if you want to be sure before you do the trip. But, in any case we have our own CT scan in Costa Rica and we are able to do all those measures once you are here. But, it is always important to know that without that, it is almost impossible to work without.”

Benefits of CT Scan

CT scan or computed tomography is a special x-ray that is used to analyze the jawbone quality and its structure to receive dental implants. It uses a superior technology to generate 3D images of dental structures such as tissues, nerves and bones in a single scan.

The dental center in San Jose uses the SCANORA® 3D designed and manufactured by Soredex®. Some of its benefits include:

  • Better quality images due to focused X-ray beam
  • Easy and efficient to use as it allows switching between cone beam 3D and panoramic imaging modes
  • It produces a wide variety of views and angles that can be used for a complete dental evaluation
  • It is an accurate, painless and non-invasive procedure

Watch another video of Dr. Bonilla discussing the facilities at the dental clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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