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New Smile Dental Group – Leading Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Dr. Mario Bonilla – a renowned dental surgeon in San Jose, Costa Rica is the head clinician of New Smile Dental Group. He has 19 years of experience in dentistry and is keen on giving people with missing teeth a healthy and beautiful smile. Watch him discuss the hi-tech dental center in Costa Rica.

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Video Transcription

“Our purpose of all these projects was to give back smile to a lot of people. We are aware that there are a lot of people suffering in silence, people that not are not able to chew their food or eat not properly, they are not able to smile.

Once I say that, if you are the one listening to us and you are in the same situation, these people can anyways see themselves in the mirror. I mean they do not enjoy smiling, not even to themselves. So, if you are kept out of from something as wonderful as smiling, not only for you, for everybody close to you- your relatives, your partner, your friends and you are not smiling, you have a problem, we should be the one helping you.

We are able to give you back the smile that you lost, it could be 5, 10, 20, even 40 or 50 years ago that you lost your smile and we are able to give it. We have that technology now with implants, with crown, bridges, to be able to give the most natural and fixed teeth that you can get, that makes it easier, not only to be able to give back a smile or to be able to eat.

We have to understand that the main purpose of having good teeth is to be able to have a good meal, to be able to eat because that is what keeps us going. There are two things that a human race cannot do, cannot stop doing, one is breathing and one is eating.

If you do not eat right, then all your health is going to collapse and you are going to have more problems. So, you are always told that health starts in the mouth and by that we want to be part of it. We want to be part of your solution and not part of your problems. So, we invite you to visit us, visit our website and give us the opportunity to give you back a smile.

Our phrase, we always use is “Rediscover the pleasure of smiling”, that is something that we love to do. The only thing you are going to regret is – why not do it before?

We are part of almost every international board of dentistry and from ADA to the Academy of Implantology of the United States of America. We are also part of the International Association of Implantology. We are also accredited by AAA that gives us the certification of international clinics. Our local system which is PROMED, also allows us to work as international, we have been doing for almost 14 years. Our clinic has been around for almost 19 by what we are doing.

We are doing international business or medical tourism for 14 years ago and we have upgraded our clinic with latest technology and everything that is available for us not only in the American market also in the European market allowing us to work with the best materials, best equipment to be able to keep easier, better way to give back dentistry or to give the patient the sensation of making it happen.

We understand that coming to the dentist is difficult, there is a lot of anxiety, there is a lot of trauma behind this and a lot of people will not come upfront really easy to the dentist, so, we try to make it easier for them and nicer to be able to, so that they could sit down with us and enjoy what we are doing – big jobs.

We, here in Costa Rica, we do a lot of full mouth restoration and when we talk about this, these are people who are wearing either dentures or partials, they do not have any teeth and we are able to, in less than ten days, give them back a full set of teeth, fixed not the removable to be able to give back and to enjoy the life with lifetime guarantee on it.

We keep all the procedure and all the protocols used by the ADA by the American Dental Association and that is basically the international way of doing dentistry. So, we have not had any problem with that and we keep all the procedures, the standards of our international clinic to be able to sterilize all the equipment, to be able to work with new materials and every patient individually.

We do not mix or use anything that is not suppose to be there. Some instruments are sterilized, we do not throw away the instrument in the …. but there are materials like needles and gloves and individual stuff that is used only for each patient and those are one that we change. Also, we do cleaning every time the patient leaves the chair, the laboratory, we do the full cleaning to keep it clean and sanitize, to be able to just give the high standard procedure for the individual patients.”

The hi-tech dental clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica boasts of following facilities:

  • In-house dental lab
  • International patient center
  • 8 advanced treatment rooms
  • Parking provision
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free calling to USA/Canada

Over the past few years, dental tourism in Costa Rica has experienced a boom and it is due to an increasing number of Americans and Canadians visiting this Latin American country to get quality dental treatment at affordable prices.

For more information on dental procedures by Dr. Mario Bonilla Robert in San Jose, Costa Rica, fill the quote form and we will get in touch with you soon!

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