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Dr. Mario Bonilla Robert. D.D.S.

Implant Dentistry Expert, Costa Rica

Below is resume of Dr. Mario Bonilla from Costa Rica, who is a leading dentist & founder of New Smile Dental Group that has performed thousands of successful dental treatments.

Dr. Mario Bonilla Robert. D.D.S. - Costa Rica Dentist

ADA Member Affiliate

Professional Profile

Chief of Cosmetic Dentistry Unit. American Dental Association Affiliate Member, 2007

Dr. Mario Bonilla is one of the founders of the New Smile Dental Group in Costa Rica, which was started in 1996. He is experienced in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Dr Bonilla is a pioneer in Valplast technique and same day implants in Latin America, which he recommends to many clients as the perfect solution.

He graduated from Paulista University School of Dentistry in Brazil. During that time, he was also consul for Costa Rica in Brazil. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Dr. Bonilla has appeared on numerous TV programs, magazine and newspaper articles as one of the leaders in the dental medical tourism movement in Costa Rica. Eleven years after starting the dental practice, New Smile Dental Group is one of the fastest growing dental tourism practices, a leader in aesthetic dentistry and one day implant technology in Costa Rica attracting patients from around the world.

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