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Dental Implants in Istanbul – Turkey

Dental Implants in TurkeyIf you want to replace missing or discolored teeth, get rid of forever-slipping dentures, or want a new bright smile, consider getting dental implants in Istanbul – Turkey. Established dental professionals and modern clinics make Istanbul a popular destination for dental tourism in Turkey.

A 2010 report by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) titled Dental Insurance for Persons Under Age 65 Years with Private Health Insurance: United States, 2008 found that nearly 45 million Americans lack dental insurance.

Another recent report by the American Dental Association finds that seven percent of American children have unmet dental needs due to lack of insurance coverage. Such overwhelming statistics is the reason why people are seeking options such as dental implants and bridges in Istanbul.

What are Dental Implants?

  • Dental implants are used to substitute damaged or injured tooth roots. They act as teeth foundations and dentists place fixed or removable crowns on them to replace the natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are used to improve the appearance and shape of your mouth, ease eating and speaking, improve oral hygiene and eliminate the hassles that come with removable dentures such as slippage, cleaning and messy dental adhesives.
  • According to WebMD’s oral health resource, success rates of dental implants is dependent on their placement in the jaw but in general, dentists find that there is a success rate of up to 98% in these procedures.

Given the popularity of these dental procedures, an increasing number of people are seeking tooth implants in Turkey.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Istanbul?

  • Most people consider cost an important factor in their medical or dental decisions. If you are looking to get high value for your dental currency, then dental implants in Istanbul – Turkey are a viable option for you.
  • Turkey is an exciting dental destination. Not only is it easily accessible from European and Asian countries, it’s low cost of living and cheap labor allows dentists to offer low cost dental implants in Istanbul. In fact, cost of dental implants in Istanbul can be 30% to 70% less than the prices charged in West Europe or North America.
  • Even though the price of dental implants in Turkey is quite easy on the pocket, they are not done at the cost of quality or expertise. Turkey provides amenities that match those found in the West but are much cheaper. So if you do choose a dental clinic in Istanbul, you are likely to get optimum care at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose To Get Dental Implants in Istanbul – Turkey?

Blue Mosque in IstanbulIf you are struggling with toothache because of rotting teeth or are tired of fiddling with your removable dentures, you are an ideal candidate for low cost dental implants in Turkey.

  • Dental tourism in Turkey is on the rise for multiple reasons. Besides saving you substantial amount of money, there are other advantages of getting dental care in Turkey.
  • You will undergo your procedure in highly modernized dental clinics, much like the top class hospitals in Turkey. With their global standards of operation, you are likely to be pleased with the service you receive.
  • You are unlikely to have any problems scheduling your dental appointment in Istanbul. Even complicated procedures such as CyberKnife cancer treatment in Istanbul, Turkey can be easily scheduled.
  • You are likely to find highly trained dental professionals such as tooth implant surgeons in Turkey. The fully certified dentists and dental surgeons are trained to provide modern procedures such as zirconia dental implants in Turkey.
  • Most dental clinics in Turkey have top of the line surgical equipment and follow global standards of hygiene. They offer advanced dental treatments by periodontists and orthodontists.
  • If you choose to brighten your smile by getting dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, you won’t face linguistic problems. Majority of the reputable dentists in Istanbul are English-speaking.
  • Ideally located for the East and the West, Turkey is slowly emerging as a top destination for medical tourism. Take some time and explore the bounties of the centuries-old city of Istanbul and the other offerings of Turkey. You will have plenty of reasons to flash your new smile!

Travel Tips for Istanbul – Turkey

Before you leave to get low-cost dental implants in Istanbul – Turkey, take some time and get informed about your medical, travel and financial options.

  • Like any other travel planning, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions for getting dental implants in Istanbul – Turkey.
  • Traveling to Turkey will require a visa. Contact your local Turkish Consulate to get all travel information. You will need a current passport to enter Turkey for your dental implants.
  • While traveling to Turkey from Europe is relatively short, it can take up 24 hours from the United States in traveling before you can get your cheap dental implants in Istanbul. From the U.K. and Dubai, patients can reach Istanbul in about four hours while it takes three hours from Switzerland and two and a half hours from Moscow.
  • Make sure you stay in safe neighborhoods and use trusted transportation agents if you plan to travel beyond Istanbul.

Istanbul is a siren call for tourists from all across the world. A perfect amalgamation of the modern and the ancient, Istanbul offers museums, mausoleums and stunning mosques to its travelers. Add to this its world class dental clinics, skilled dental professionals and low cost advanced procedures, and you have the optimum dental destination.

So head to avail your dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, and you will be able to flash a perfect smile for the camera, as you capture the memories of your trip!



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