Stop worrying about high implant costs for missing teeth! Dental implants in Istanbul- Turkey, are perfect for a budget-friendly dazzling smile. You can save ~80% compared to the costs in the UK. Read this article to uncover the endless possibilities awaiting you!

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Affordable dental Implants in Istanbul

Before| After Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Before & After | Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Before| After Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Before & After | Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

In 2022, Turkey attracted around 1.2 million medical tourists. Dentistry was a favored specialty among the treatments.[1] Considering this trend, we present the benefits of choosing Istanbul for dental implants. 

Why Is Istanbul, Turkey, the Best Place for Dental Implants?

Why Everyone Wants Turkey Teeth?

Why Everyone Wants Turkey Teeth?
  • Further, they use popular implant brands like Straumann and Nobel Biocare.
  • Moreover, the clinics have in-house labs, which help you save time.
  • Besides, traveling to Istanbul is easy. Many major UK & US cities have direct flights to Istanbul.
  • Lastly, communication also is not a barrier at our partner clinics. They have multilingual staff and translator services too.

Now look at the Istanbul dental implant prices. 

How Much Do Dental Implants Turkey Cost?

Istanbul dental implants price is far lower than that in the UK and US. Compared to UK and US implant prices, you can save upto 80% in Istanbul, Turkey.

For instance, in Istanbul dental implants price is €400. While getting the same in the UK would cost you €3,100. Besides, the price of all on 6 implants in Istanbul, Turkey, is €4,400. However, you will have to pay €16,800 to get the same in the UK.

To understand the savings in detail, check out the table below.

Istanbul Implant Prices vs. UK & US
Procedure US UK Istanbul Savings
All on 4 implants* €22,500 €15,000 €3,300 ~ 85%
All on 6 implants* €26,200 €16,800 €4,400 ~ 80%
All on 8 implants* €32,700 €18,700 €5,400 ~ 80%
Titanium implant ** €4,700 €3,100 €400 ~ 90%
Mini dental implant** €940 €1,000 €370 ~ 60%
Sinus lift €2,000 €2,000 €380 ~ 80%
Bone graft ^ €660 €2,400 €380 ~ 80%
*including fixed hybrid acrylic bridge per jaw,  ** including abutment, ^ per unit
#Prices are case-dependent and are subject to change.

How to Pay for Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey?

As an international patient, payment procedures can be nerve-wracking. However, at our partner clinics, you can pay through:

  • Cash (Euros, GBP, Turkish lira, and USD also)
  • Credit and debit cards

Save ~90% on a radiant smile!

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If you are searching for dental clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, we have you covered. Scroll down to learn about them.

Top Clinics for Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Below are Istanbul’s premiere clinics renowned for their excellence.

Peek inside and get a glimpse of flawless cleanliness.

Peek inside to see patients getting diligent care.

Curious to know about the dentists who work here? Learn about the best dentists in Istanbul, Turkey, by scrolling down.

Best Implant Dentists in Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Tuğçe Akın
Dr. Tuğçe Akın

13+ years



Implantology and aesthetic dentistry


Baskent University Faculty of Dentistry

  • Specialization training in Prosthodontics
  • Attended various seminars and courses on aesthetic dentistry and implants
  • Scientific publication in ADO Journal of Clinical Sciences, 2015
  • Member of Turkish Dental Association
  • Member of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association
Dr. Madina Gulverdiyeva

28+ years



Dental implants, Crowns & Bridge, All on 4/6/8


Gazi University

  • Ph.D. in Prosthodontics
  • Member of International Team for Implantology
  • Member of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association
Dr. Omer Kodan

28+ years



Implants, Crowns & Bridges, Veneers, and Extractions


Marmara University

  • Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology
  • Member of Turkish Dental Association
  • Member of Istanbul Chamber of Dentist
Dr. Ilhan Aktas

27+ years



Dental implants, dental crowns


Marmara University, Istanbul

  • Extensive experience in various areas of dentistry, including restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics, and periodontics
  • Member of Turkish Dental Association

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Now uncover the patient's stories about getting treated by these renowned dentists.

Dental Implants Istanbul Reviews

Read what our happy patients say about the treatment at our partner clinics.

Now take a moment and look at the amazing results of Istanbul dental implants.

Before- After Istanbul Implants

Before- After Istanbul Implants

Before- After Istanbul Implants

Before- After Istanbul Implants

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Now let's dive into the fascinating world of dental implants! We're about to uncover what they are and how they give you a stunning smile. 

All About Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Dental implants are screw-like metal devices made of biocompatible materials.[2] Your dentist will surgically fix them into the jawbone. They are sturdy anchors mimicking natural tooth roots. They support artificial teeth.

A typical dental implant has three parts. They are:[3]

An implant is a screw-like structure that sits inside the jaw bone. Typically, they replace the missing tooth.

It is a connector that holds the artificial teeth, and the implant lies in the gums.

They resemble and function like natural teeth. Before the implant procedure, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth. In addition, the dentist will also match the color of the artificial teeth for a natural look.

In general, you will need a crown for a single missing tooth. In contrast, many missing teeth in a jaw need a full-arch prosthesis.

Parts of Dental Implant

Parts of Dental Implant

Now let’s understand the advantages of implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Refines speech: Imparts clarity to speech, easing communication.
  • Longevity: Implants are durable. They last for many years with proper care.
  • Enhanced facial aesthetics: Gives a confident smile by filling gaps left by missing teeth.
  • Permanent solution: The implant fuses with the jawbone, and the restoration is permanently fixed on the top of the implant.
  • Improves bite: Unlike dentures that slide and hinder biting, implants fit properly and enhance chewing.
  • Do not damage adjacent teeth: To place an implant, you don't have to trim the adjacent teeth. Hence, implants save the natural tooth structure.
  • No extra maintenance: Implants need routine oral hygiene. They don’t need a separate cleaning process like traditional dentures.

Source: WebMD[4], Healthline[5]

So far, you know what an implant is. Now learn its functioning.

How Does an Implant Function?

When fixed into your jawbone, the dental implant fuses with it over time.

This process is osseointegration that provides permanence.[6]

Hence, implants are more durable than conventional dentures.

Implant vs. Natural Tooth

Implant vs. Natural Tooth

Before diving any further, let us check what qualifies you for dental implant surgery.

What Makes You an Eligible Candidate for Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey?

Before implant surgery, your dentist will check your eligibility. They will consider specific factors to cut down the failure risk. The dentist will ensure that you are:

  • Not a smoker.
  • Not suffering from soft tissue infection.
  • Not prone to habits like teeth grinding or clenching.
  • Not suffering from behavioral or psychiatric problems.
  • Not a diabetic and not suffering from AIDS or osteoporosis.
  • Not under bisphosphonate, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy of neck or head.

Source: NCBI[7]

Before going further, let's learn about additional procedures.

Dental Implant Additional Procedures in Istanbul Turkey

When a tooth falls, the jaw bone in that area starts to degrade. Adding to this, the formation of new bone becomes slower.[8]

However, dental implants need enough bone density and volume for sturdiness.

To help this, your dentist may suggest a sinus lift or bone grafting.

They add bone material to the worn-out jaw to support the upcoming implant. Sinus lifting is for the upper jaw bone near the premolars and molars.[9]

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

Note that you can undergo implant surgery only after complete healing, which takes several months.[10] [11]

Now explore the various types of dental implants that you can get in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Types of Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, offers various types of dental implants tailored to your needs. Each one offers benefits specific to your requirements.

Single Tooth Replacement

If you lose one tooth from your jaw, single tooth replacement in Istanbul, Turkey is for you. The surgeon will drill a single implant to affix a crown while preserving the adjacent teeth.[12]


Multiple Tooth Replacement

Multiple tooth replacement in Istanbul, Turkey is ideal when a jaw has many missing teeth. The dentist will fix more than one implant to replace the missing tooth roots.

Further, they use an implant-supported bridge or over-denture as artificial teeth. These are beneficial over conventional dentures by reducing the maintenance time for cleaning.[13]

All on 4 Dental Implants

The dentist drills 4, 6, or 8 dental implants into each jaw to support a fixed full-arch prosthesis.[14]

All-on-implant system in Istanbul, Turkey is your method if you need a full set of teeth for the bottom, upper, or both jaws.

Mini Dental Implants

As the name implies, mini dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey are the smaller versions of standard dental implants. They have reduced length and diameter than normal ones.

Hence, they can fit into the jaws with less bone thickness.[15]

If you are curious about the implant procedure, we got you covered. Continue reading to understand in detail.

Dental Implant Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey

Standard dental implant fixation follows a step-wise process.

  • The dentist will understand your medical history and check your eligibility.
  • They will check your oral health, jaw bone density, and volume through X-rays, CT scans, and blood tests.

  • This involves the procedures that make the site ready for implant fixation.
  • It includes tooth extraction, sinus lift, and bone graft.
  • Note that the need for pre-surgery procedures depends on your oral health.
  • Besides the dentist will also collect your teeth impressions at this stage.

  • The dentist will fix the implants into your jawbone under anesthesia.
  •  Further, they will place temporary prostheses.

  • This is the period for osseointegration, after which the implants mimic the natural tooth roots.
  • This takes 3-6 months and is crucial for implant success.[16]

  • The dentist will screw the abutment on the implant under local anesthesia.
  • They expose only the abutment outside while the entire implant lies inside the gums

  • It may take 1-2 weeks, for the gum tissue to heal.

  • After complete healing, the dentist will fix artificial teeth.
  • It can be a crown, overdenture, or bridge.

Source: Colgate[17]

If you are worried about recovery, we have you covered. Scroll down and give it a read. 

Recovery After Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey

Expect painful soreness shortly after surgery, for atleast 3 days. You will be on analgesics, and the pain will subside slowly.

Gradually, you will recover by the 4th day. By then, you will be able to open your mouth, eat and swallow.[18]

Note that the dental implants’ success depends on the aftercare you follow.

Keeping an eye on what to eat and what not to can help you recover easily.

Pain Medication

Pain Medication

Dental Implant Aftercare in Istanbul, Turkey

Do not disturb the surgical site while the implant is still fusing with the tissue. Dislodging of the implant can lead to failure. Here are some tips for faster healing and a smoother recovery.

  • Avoid crunchy foods like chips, cookies, crackers, nuts, and seeds.
  • Consume soft foods, like boiled potatoes, fruits, eggs, and puddings.
  • Avoid acidic, sugary, sticky, spicy, extremely hot, & cold foods.
  • Consume soft dairy foods, & milkshakes.
  • Avoid using straws to drink smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration helps in healing.

Remember that poor oral hygiene can reduce longevity. Hence ensure proper hygiene for better results. Besides, ensure that you don't miss attending the follow-up visits.

Source: Hoissen implants,[19] Colgate[20]

Is It Safe To Have Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey?

Getting dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, is a safe and reliable option. Note that the success of dental implants lies in the proficiency of the dentist and the brands they use.

  • The dentists in Istanbul, Turkey, gained expertise through years of practice.
  • They are highly qualified and hold national board certifications.
  • Further, they use cutting-edge technology like CBCT and 3D imaging.
  • The use of advanced technology helps them to understand the right position and angle of the implant. This ensures optimal results.
  • Furthermore, they use popular brands like Straumann and Nobel Biocare.
  • In addition, the clinics employ trained dental assistants only.

Keeping patient safety in view, the Istanbul dental clinics take utmost care to deliver the best results. Still, have doubts? Scroll further and read what people commonly ask. 


Dental implants in Istanbul- Turkey, are a cost-friendly approach. You will experience a combination of care, gentleness, and affordability.

From the instant you enter, you'll embark on a new realm of dental care! And the cherry on top! Enjoy significant cost savings of 80%.

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Istanbul dental implant prices start from €400. However, the prices vary with the brand. The cost of the best dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, is slightly higher. When we say the best, we consider implant brand.

For instance, a Nobel Biocare implant costs you  €1,200, and a Straumann implant is €1,300. Further, the cost of full-mouth dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, is different.

All on 4 implants for a jaw cost you €3,300, and all on 6 implants cost you €4,400. However, you will have to pay an amount of €5,400 for all on 8 for a jaw.

Choosing Istanbul, Turkey is a better choice for getting your teeth done. The affordable cost of new teeth in Istanbul, Turkey, will save you upto 80%.

Additionally, you get treated at ISO-certified clinics by national board-certified dentists. Further, the clinics here have in-house labs, which saves your treatment time.

In brief, you can get popular implant brands alongside multiple benefits in Istanbul, Turkey.

Getting dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey will take 3-6 months. Or, in some cases, it may take longer.

Note that the time taken for dental implant procedures depends on individual circumstances.

Ideally, you will need to visit the dental clinic twice. The first visit will take 4 days. After this will be a waiting period of 3-6 months, followed by a second visit that takes 8-10 days.

Remember that you may need an extra visit for procedures like a bone graft or sinus lift.

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