Jackie Graves reviews post-op weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico two days after her procedure.

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"My name is Jackie Graves and I am from Claremore, Oklahoma. I had a gastric sleeve procedure done here two days ago. I am feeling good."

Why did you choose Tijuana for your bariatric surgery?

"I came here because it was more financially beneficial way for me to do this surgery and get it done sooner. And also not have to go through all that American insurance things that kind of give hurdles to your process. So I came here because it was easier. I started out through friends at work. And then I just got online and went through Medical Tourism Corporation and then I got in contact with Regene and so that basically got the ball rolling. I think that I first contacted her in June and then I booked probably in late September/early October. It was very simple. She stayed in contact with me. Just emailing them back and forth. She also contacted me by phone and was very patient and answered all my questions and it was good."

What made you choose us over a different company?

"I think the reason I chose you was because the first contact with the company was really good. So I did not really pique my interest to keep searching because the customer service was really good."

How was experience upon arriving in Tijuana?

"We got here and the first night and went to stay in a hotel. And then went to the hospital and everybody at the hospital was very nice and I was really surprised by their professionalism and just how well even the nurses' techniques were and how clean it was. The medical staff was very caring and did not rush, made sure to ask all the right questions and seen by several physicians so I felt very safe."

What did you think of your surgeon?

"Well, he smells really good (laughs). But he was really nice and explained everything and answered my questions. So I thought he was great."

How was it having help from your own patient facilitator?

"It was perfect. She was very sweet, very nice, very available. Always answered my emails, texts, and calls. So the communication was very good and I think she made me feel more comfortable, especially with the language barrier. So it is good to have her. Yes, I came with my mom. I think just getting acclimated took a little bit. But then we knew with Rosa and Karen ...putting all the resources to forget the things that she needed. The food was really good for her."

Would you recommend Medical Tourism Co. to anyone considering weight loss surgery?

"Oh yes, I think my mom has just already started planning to come. So we will probably be back. One good experience, I am feeling good, I am strong enough for the flight to home. The first 24 hours are a little bit uncomfortable but after that it gets really, really easy. So it is worth doing."

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