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Post-Op Gastric Sleeve (VSG) in Tijuana, MX – Stacy’s Review

Stacy Burns from Garden Grove, California reviews gastric sleeve (VSG) in Tijuana, Mexico two days post-op.

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Video Transcription

My name is Stacy and I am coming from Garden Grove, California. I came to get gastric sleeve surgery.”

Why did you choose Tijuana for gastric sleeve surgery?

It was going to cost almost triple the amount with my insurance and I was going to have to have a waiting period. I did about three months worth of research into about four or five different companies and started narrowing things down and that’s when I decided to go with you guys.

How quick was the process with Med Tourism Co.?

Once I first contacted you guys and my representative got back to me things started moving really quickly. I filled out the application, my approval letter came, I made my deposit and scheduled my surgery and the time has flown by and that was just about two months ago that I started the process.

How are you feeling after the surgery?

I had my surgery on Thursday morning and it is Saturday afternoon. I actually feel pretty well. A little bit of gas but I … I am able to walk around, I am smiling, and I am laughing. I feel pretty good.

How was your experience with the doctors and hospitals in Tijuana?

The hospital and the doctors were excellent. I was very satisfied and happy with them. The nurses were really, really nice. The hospital was super clean. It felt very professional and all the doctors that I met were amazing. They were able to answer all the questions that I had and they made it a really great experience.

What about your patient coordinator in TJ?

The coordinator I had down here was amazing and that is why I am doing this video. She was super nice, super friendly and made me feel really comfortable and safe.

Would you recommend us?

I would absolutely recommend this experience. It has been… I am so happy. I can’t wait to see all the great things that are going to come in my life because I made this choice. So I am really happy with this decision that I made to come down here.

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