Choosing Between SIPS and Vertical Sleeve – Las Vegas Surgeon

A leading bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Thomas Umbach, discusses when to choose gastric sleeve and when to opt for the new weight loss surgical procedure Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery (SIPS).



Video Transcription

We are talking about the SIPS procedure and the sleeve procedure and how do you choose and when do you do what, where do you do how and all that. Personally, I think gastric sleeve is a great operation and we have patients who are extremely successful with it. And because of that I look at the gastric sleeve as sort of the first step. So, for example if someone had bad high blood pressure, you’d start a medication, see a response of that medication and go on from there if needed.

There are going to be some people that need a stronger operation than the gastric sleeve and for that SIPS plays a good role. So, I think adding the SIPS in after you do a sleeve is perfect because you are again giving patients a stronger operation in a phased manner or helping somebody. Over a period of months you do one operation and then six months later you come back and do second one if needed on the gastric SIPS.

You can do all these operations together, now becomes a very big surgery, much harder to do at one time, takes more time in the operating room, recovery times a little harder. A phased-in approach seems to have less problems overall.

Here is another video in which the bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas compares SIPS with other bariatric procedures.

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