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Review of Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana, BC by Richard from Vegas

Richard from Las Vegas, Nevada reviews bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

I am Richard from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am here for a gastric sleeve.

Why did you choose MTC for gastric sleeve in Tijuana?

Came here because it is such better value and I heard it is sort of fantastic. I was recommended by my friend who had come here before. He had a really great experience.

How much have you saved?

I don’t know exactly but it is thousands and thousands of dollars by doing it here rather than in the US.”

How was your experience with MTC?

It was amazing. They emailed me right back. Contacted me by phone when I called them. Everything was smooth, every step of the way. I did see my expectations really get fulfilled quite a bit. The things I was concerned about were all spelt out. Took care of everything that I thought would be a challenge to me – like how they were, how… They took care of all the things in advance.

How was your experience in Tijuana?

The hotel and the clinic are top-notch. The hotel is 5 star. Amazing hotel, great service. Everyone at the clinic took care of everything and were right on top of everything.

My surgeon was fantastic. He explained everything to me in due detail. Came to visit me before and after and followed up quite a bit and made sure everything was taken care of.

Would you recommend us?

Absolutely! This is the way everyone should do it. It is fantastic!”

Here is another testimonial on gastric sleeve in Tijuana, MX by our client Julie who traveled all the way from Fresno, CA to Mexico for her bariatric surgery.

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