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Sisters Review Bariatric Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico

Gina McKee and Pam Pate review gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. Gina had earlier visited Tijuana for her own surgery in February 2016. Impressed with the level of care she received, she accompanied her sister for surgery six weeks later.

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Video Transcription

Gina – I am Gina McKee and I am from Paris, Texas, and this is my sister…

Pam – Pam Pate. I am from Gainsville, Texas.

Gina – We made a decision to come here and partner up and take care of each other through gastric sleeve surgeries.

How long ago did you have bariatric surgery?

Pam – I had mine done two days ago and she had hers done six weeks ago.

Gina – February 9. It has been about six weeks. I was at 204 and I am at 175.

Why did you choose Tijuana for your bariatric surgery?

Gina – My reason is my BMI was not high enough to be covered by insurance. Therefore, I researched the doctors and the hospitals here and they all seemed to be 5 star, top-notch and therefore it saved me … I would have spent triple the amount in the United States that I spent here for the same or better service, nice facilities and 5 star hotel. It has just been great.

Pam – When I came with her earlier and took care of her and I saw what great care she got… So I thought why not…why get it in the USA when I can get it cheaper and get just as good care if not better.

What made you pick Medical Tourism Corp. over a different company?

You were referred to me by someone that works for us and so I started checking into MTC and I was super pleased with our results. She had been here a year before and it was just great. She had complimented MTC and just told me how great everything was with you all.

How was the experience once you arrived in Tijuana for your bariatric surgery?

Pam – Everything has been top notch. We had wonderful people who helped us ever since we landed at the airport. We had somebody picking us up at the airport, we had somebody tending to our needs, our worries, our concerns. Everybody has just been fabulous.

Gina – The nurses spoke English. They were able to answer our questions. And they had guest facilities. They had a bed for me to sleep in. And I was able to shower and walk around the block and there was food and food courts. There was everything I needed as a guest. It’s very new. The floor that we are on…that floor for bariatric surgery was new. It’s just four months old we have been told. It is just fabulous.

What did you think of your bariatric surgeon?

Gina – I loved Dr. Gonzalez. I loved Dr. Munez too. They worked together like partners. And they are funny. They kept me informed, answered all my questions. They were there at my beck and call. I just loved them. They took care of me well.

What did you think of your destination manager?

Pam – We couldn’t have done it without you Karen. Karen you did a fabulous job and we thank you for everything. Everything that you have done, from the time we walked into the hotel until we were getting ready to leave and here you are still hanging out with us.

Gina – It’s been fabulous to get to get to my sister being taken care of and me being taken care of by someone that is great and is willing to do anything that we ask them to do. It has been just a wonderful experience. You’ve made it very, very special for us.

Anything that you would like to add?

Pam – I would just like to say – thank you Med Tourism Co. It has been quite an experience even though we have had major surgery, we are still sitting here smiling. Thank you very much.

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