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Heather Reviews Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

Heather Amaya from Houston reviews weight loss surgery in Tijuana – Mexico. She had the gastric sleeve.

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Testimonial Video Transcription

My name is Heather Amaya and I am coming from Houston, Texas. I was here to have the gastric sleeve surgery that I was recommended by a family member.
How long ago did you have bariatric surgery?
Let’s see it’s Wednesday morning. Right now it’s around 10 am. I had the surgery on Monday I believe at around 3 pm. I am feeling excellent. Just a minor gas pain. But other than that I feel like I did when I came in.
Why did you choose to come to Tijuana for bariatric surgery?
Main reason is the cost. I had priced it out after we had discussed, I had priced it out at the sleeve surgery and it was going to be anything from $15,000 to $20,000 based on my way. And here it was a fourth the price of that. So, I don’t regret it one minute.
What made you choose Med Tourism Co. over a different company?
I have struggled with my weight all my life – ups and downs. I have never been as heavy before I came here. I had a family member that we happened to meet up and then to be honest with you I had seen him maybe once or twice. We started discussing – his wife had had the gastric sleeve in Mexico.  And we started talking about the affordability of it and so one thing led to another. I got back to your company to find the details of it. Your team did it all for me but it was a no-brainer. It was something that I felt I had to do for my health.
How was the process after you first contacted Med Tourism Co., LLC?
Regene and I, we mainly contacted by email at first, but then we got on to phone and talked and I asked her normal questions. I was very apprehensive about coming to Mexico. She put me at ease. So very professional. She kept in constant contact with me.
What did you think of the hospital facilities and the staff?
The facilities are wonderful, very clean, can’t say enough about the staff. The staff is great, I think I have had may be six or seven different people come in and help me – whether it would be changing IVs or helping with the shower, you name it. The hospital is very clean and the staff is very professional.
What did you think of your Destination Manager?
Karen, she really made me feel at ease. When I drove up in the van I saw parents sitting there. I was like – oh she is a nice looking girl . And she came up to me, made me feel at ease, took me step by step through everything as far as paper work was concerned, processing payment, bringing me back to room and she has been here ever since.She got meds for me. Really I couldn’t ask for more.
Were you pleased with the doctors and their bedside manners?
The doctors and medical staff were excellent. In fact, I have had some surgeries in America – two minor surgeries. And there you feel like a number and here it was personalized. They came in, introduced themselves, told me exactly what they were doing. They took cautioning care for anything that might complicate the surgery, but they were all very very professional and made me feel at ease.
Would you recommend MTC to anyone considering bariatric surgery?
I really hope that I can go back and lose the weight. I am hoping people will go – “What have you done?” And I can explain to them exactly what I have done.
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