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Alexis Reviews Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery in TJ – Mexico

Alexis Brown from Gainesville, Florida reviews gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. Check out her video testimonial.

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Video Transcription

Hi. My name is Alexis. And I come from Gainesville, Florida. I am 26 years old. I am here because I basically want to start my life… kind of give a second chance to my life so I would like to start it off being healthy and losing weight. I had the VSG surgery – the vertical sleeve gastrectomy by Dr. Camelo.  

Did you look into having bariatric surgery done in the USA?

I did but it was way too expensive. And the amount of time they do surgery here compared to in the US because Mexico is so much cheaper that they it do more here. They just maybe want to do it more just because the more time you practice the better you get. And making minimum wage I can’t really afford to pay $15,000 for surgery so this was basically my chance to grab something and start fresh. 

What made you choose Med Tourism Co. over a different company?

I contacted Med Tourism and then they had different hospitals to choose from but this is the one that I wanted. My hotel was actually paid for too and my food was paid for. If I wanted to bring someone with me then they would pay for their food and they would pick me up from the airport and are going to drop me off tomorrow night, so it probably saved me $13,000 honestly.

How was the process after you first contacted Med Tourism Co.?

It was within half an hour that I had a response back. Every single time I emailed her she was on top of it, she would call me and ask me for updated information. And she would give me packets like my nutrition post-op and pre-op, my clear liquid diet, high protein diet, instructions  and basically what you would need to bring for surgery – comfortable clothing and I decided not to bring old jeans because I had been so uncomfortable.

What did you think of the doctors and the medical facilities?

I have to say that my doctor is super nice. He stopped by my room every single day. I did have a little difficulty sleeping last night and the nurse kept stopping by to see how I was doing and that made me feel really better and even the other patients and the rooms like we would walk around to get some gas come out of the stomach, everyone here is nice. Even the people that have had surgery done here the same day as I did are already saying that they feel so much better. The hospital, the staff, everyone was very nice. Every single time I had a question and I pushed my little button they came to my room right away and I honestly have enjoyed myself.

What do you think of your destination manager?

Karen, my liaison medical coordinator, is very nice. Because I didn’t have my husband here with me I was kind of scared the first day and she actually came up and talked to me and she definitely made me feel a way lot better. Even the day of surgery she spent an hour with me and actually made me feel very calm because I was very nervous for my surgery and without her being here I would have been alone. So I definitely appreciate that.

Would you recommend MTC to anyone considering bariatric surgery?

I have already recommended this to my best friends. I know people get very nervous about surgery but my pain level since being here has only been 2. I think that is amazing. Honestly, I have sprained my ankle before and I was in more pain then than the pain I have had so far. The nurses always come in and make sure they stay on top of my medicine – giving me my pain medicine and my anti-nausea medicine.  So I would have to say I would give this place a 10.0. So I think it is really great.


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