Have trouble losing weight? Consider weight loss surgery in Las Vegas.

Vegas is not only the largest city in Nevada but also one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.

Additionally, you will get quality medical procedures performed by renowned surgeons at a cheaper price. Continue reading to know more!

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Why Choose Las Vegas for WLS?

Apart from pleasurable pursuits, Vegas, NV, is also a great place for your bariatric surgery.

Here are the advantages of having bariatric surgery in Las Vegas:

Board-Certified Weight Loss Surgeons in Las Vegas

Bariatric surgeon in Las Vegas

Dr. Bernie Hanna is a highly skilled bariatric surgeon listed among America’s Top Surgeons in bariatrics and certified by the American Board of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Hanna has over ten years of bariatric experience and received the Physicians Recognition Award.

Easy Access by Air and Road

Easy Access to Vegas

Las Vegas is easily approachable as it is well connected with Canada and all major US cities like Portland, Oregon.

You can drive or take a flight to Vegas’ main airport Harry Reid International Airport (IATA: LAS).

Therefore, you’ll save a lot of time and money traveling to Vegas.

It is a perfect opportunity for Americans who want affordable treatment while staying in their country.

Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Vegas

Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Vegas

Self-pay weight loss surgery in the USA is expensive and sometimes out of reach for those without insurance.[1]WebMD
Paying for Weight Loss Surgery
“Weight loss surgery is expensive. Typical costs can run from $20,000 to $25,000, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.”
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Such patients may choose to have bariatric surgery in Las Vegas and select inclusive packages which are more reasonably priced. Our providers offer prices that are lower than in the rest of the US.

Vacation in the “The Entertainment Capital of the World”

Vacation in Vegas

Las Vegas is home to thriving nightlife, opulent casinos, and breathtaking structures. It is a city that never sleeps.

Vegas is a place that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. As a result, during your stay for the weight loss procedure, you get the rare opportunity to tour the city.

State-of-the-Art Bariatric Centers

State-of-the-art Bariatric Centers in Vegas

Hospitals in Las Vegas are world-class, just as all its architecture. These centers offer top-notch medical care.

The Nevada Department of Health has granted a license to the Las Vegas Bariatrics, Nevada.

It has been named the Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas – Procedures

Las Vegas bariatric procedures include the following:

Gastric Balloon in Las Vegas

Gastric Balloon in Las Vegas

An intragastric balloon involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in your stomach. This limits how much you eat and helps you lose weight.[2]mayoclinic
Intragastric balloon
“Intragastric balloon placement is a weight-loss procedure that involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in your stomach. ”
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Gastric Sleeve in Las Vegas

Gastric Sleeve in Las Vegas

Gastric sleeve is done with the laparoscopic method, during which about 80% of the stomach is removed.[3]mayoclinic
Sleeve gastrectomy
“Sleeve gastrectomy, also called a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical weight-loss procedure. During sleeve gastrectomy, about 80% of the stomach is removed…”
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Gastric Bypass in Las Vegas

Gastric Bypass in Las Vegas

In the Roux-en-Y procedure, often known as gastric bypass, a surgeon cuts a tiny pouch from the stomach and attaches it to the small intestine.[4]NHS
Weight loss surgery types
“A gastric bypass is where surgical staples are used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach.
The pouch is then connected to your small intestine, missing out (bypassing) the rest of the stomach. ”

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Lap Band Surgery in Las Vegas

Lap Band Surgery in Las Vegas

It is a minimally invasive procedure placing an inflatable band around the top of the stomach, which results in a person feeling fuller with less food.[5]medicalnewstoday
How does a gastric band work?
“It is a minimally invasive, quick, reversible, and adjustable surgical procedure that decreases the size of the stomach to reduce food intake.”
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Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas Cost

The cost of weight loss surgery in Las Vegas is approximately $10,000.

Gastric sleeve cost in Las Vegas starts from $9,995 at our top-rated clinic.

The same will cost you around $27,000 in US cities like Portland, OR, and this vast difference allows you to save up to 60% on your treatment.

See prices in the following table:

Weight loss surgery in Las Vegas cost
Procedure/BMI Cost in Las Vegas
Gastric Sleeve BMI <45 $9,995
Gastric Sleeve BMI >45 $13,995
Gastric Bypass (all categories) $15,995
*The price can vary depending on your general health and the type of bariatric procedure. Fill out our free quote for the latest prices.

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Las Vegas

The best weight loss surgeon in Las Vegas is Dr. Bernie Hanna.

He is an internationally recognized bariatric surgeon and the founder of Las Vegas Bariatrics. Dr. Hanna is a published medical researcher.

Dr. Bernie Hanna
A board-certified bariatric surgeon (Doctor of Medicine).
Association– American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
The medical director for North Vista Hospital, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, and Dignity San Martin Hospital.
Experience– 10+ years

Reviews for Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas

“When I came to Dr. Hanna in 2018, I was 317 lbs and unhappy with myself. Dr. Hanna has changed my life; I feel great and look great!”

-Andrea R

“Having Dr. Hanna do this surgery is the best thing I’ve ever done. I was 335 pounds with a 48 waist, now 200 pounds and a 34 waist in just over one year.”

-John L


How much is weight loss surgery in Nevada?

WLS, like gastric bypass in Las Vegas, Nevada, costs $15,995, which is more affordable than in the rest of the US.

The same will cost you around $30,000 on average in close cities like Portland, OR, allowing you to save up to 45% on your cost.[7]Costhelper
How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?
“Gastric bypass surgery typically costs between $18,000 and $35,000, depending on the surgeon and geographic region.”
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What qualifies you for weight loss surgery?

You may be a candidate for weight loss surgery if you fall into these categories:

  • Age between 18 and 65 years
  • BMI higher than 40
  • You are mentally ready to transform yourself

Your surgeon will test for problems that could make surgery more complicated. You may undergo tests for sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease or blood-clotting disorders, etc.

Your doctor will choose which type of bariatric procedure is best for you after the examination.

Source– NHS[6]NHS
Weight loss surgery
“you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, or a BMI between 35 and 40 and an obesity-related condition that might improve if you lost weight (such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure)”
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Choosing weight loss surgery in Las Vegas will help you lose up to 80% of extra weight at an affordable cost.

Las Vegas can be a perfect solution to transform your life and enjoy a fun vacation.

Our Medical Tourism Co team will help you plan your trip to this fascinating city for WLS. Contact us for a free quote today!


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