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Colorado Client Weight Loss Surgery Story – Tijuana – Mexico

This is a testimonial video of Annie Brooks. She belongs to Western Slope, Colorado and has made several trips to Tijuana – Mexico for bariatric surgery on different occasions.

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Video Transcription
“My name is Annie Brooks, I’m 64 and I am coming from Colorado on the Western Slope and this is my third time in Tijuana and my third time to work with Medical Tourism Corporation and I think it’s a wonderful company. The reason why I’m here for my third time is my sister became very jealous of my wonderful results. Uh.. I had my surgery almost 3 years ago in 2013 and my sister and I have battled being overweight our whole lives and so about a year ago she started making noises about being interested and I said, “well, if you’re going to have it, you’re going to have it Medical Tourism because they’re a great company.

My experience when I came for the very first time, I came with my husband and of course we didn’t know what to expect, like most Americans were a little nervous about being in Mexico but one of my very best friends had had bariatric surgery in Monterrey and I watched her shrink to half of her size and it was the first time in my life I was jealous and I thought, well she had no bad effects and so I thought because especially I speak Spanish that I would take the risk and come to Mexico and I was very pleased with my experience from just even landing at the airport.

I don’t think I was half way down the hallway and my cell phone rang and it was this wonderful man saying, hi, I am Victor, I’m your driver, I’m wearing a red shirt, you know, let me come and get you and so from that moment on I just started to relax and feel comfortable and my doctor was wonderful, the hotel was good, the hospital was good, so that was my very first experience.

After a year after my surgery I ran into a girl friend who is a psychiatrist and her husband is a medical doctor and I was coming out of a store and she was coming in and I was happy to see her and I said, “ Oh hi Nancy, how are you? and she took off her sunglasses and didn’t even recognize me and so when I took off her (my) sunglasses, she realized who it was and she looked at my whole body and she was so happy for me and then 3 days later she called me up and said, “I am a coach for triathlon athletes; women athletes and there is a woman who weighs 375 pounds who has done a triathlete, um.. and she wants the surgery, would you talk with her?”

And so I gave her my phone number and we spoke and last March in 2015 I ended up accompanying her to Tijuana to clinic at San Juan and stayed with her through her surgery with a different doctor than I had but once again it was just a wonderful experience from the moment we landed in San Diego till when we left. Just wonderful care from the nurses, the doctors, the hotel, it was just another great experience. Today it’s October of 2015, so it’s my second time in the same year to be back in Tijuana and I feel like I should work for the company. I just love this company and when my sister started asking more than like questions about what you can eat after bariatric surgery and my experience, I thought oh she’s getting ready.

So about a year ago when I knew she was getting close, I said, “well, you know you have to go Medical Tourism and they’ll treat you right and if you don’t feel comfortable going by yourself, of course I’ll go with you, so here I am for the third time with my sister and I would have to say this is the best experience that I’ve had of all 3 trips. The doctors keep getting nicer and friendlier and the accommodations have just been beautiful and being so close to the ocean is really nice for somebody who gets to leave the hospital in addition to accompanying the patient.

I had the same case manager, Regen Ison, um.. I just really really think the world of her. In fact after my surgery I had one bad experience and she sent me a survey and I wrote her back and I said, “Do you want me to be honest?” because you know, I could just not say much but I would like to help your company improve. And she said, “absolutely, I want you to be completely honest.” And then I knew that she was a good person because I’m a retired teacher and I know that when somebody works to improve, that it comes from the heart and that they really want to be one of the best companies out there and I understand that it’s a little company right now but if anybody is considering bariatric surgery, I would so recommend this company, they’re wonderful.

But now that I’m here for the third time, um.. the case manager, Karen is the best that I’ve had. She.. I mean I feel like even though she’s 30 years old, she’s my mother, she’s my sister’s mother. She’s so kind, she’s so caring, she drove me to a pharmacy, she’s driven me to a restaurant for myself to you know, get good food. I just.. they should double her salary, she’s wonderful. You’d be a fool to ever let her go.

Yes I would certainly recommend this company to anybody that’s considering bariatric surgery. They’re just wonderful and I think that they’re smaller enough that they keep that personal connection with their patients and if you’re considering it, this is the company, it’s wonderful.”

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