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Gastric Sleeve Testimonial – Tijuana – Mexico

Julie Fulcher from Fresno, California reviews gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

I am Julie Fulcher from Fresno, California. I came with Medical Tourism to have a gastric sleeve.

Why did you choose to come to Tijuana for bariatric surgery?

The cost is prohibitive in the US to have it done.

What made you choose Medical Tourism Co. over a different company?

I actually googled all the options. And I read on many different companies but I chose Medical Tourism Co. I chose them both for the cost and the location. And they had positive testimonials on their website from other people.

How was the process after you first contacted Medical Tourism Co.?

They have been very good all the way through. Always prompt responses. Always on email from sources that I believe to be dependable. Their answers came very quickly and they always came with answers that I could understand.

What did you think of the doctors?

They were great and made me feel very comfortable. I was never nervous.

How was your overall experience coming to Tijuana for bariatric surgery?

I had a great experience here. Both upon arrival and at the hotel Karen came to greet me. It was very comfortable. And then I had help getting to the clinic next day. The clinic was very clean and professional and I had a great experience all the way through. I just think that if anybody is considering doing something like this they should go ahead. There should be no hesitation to use Med Tourism Co. and their facilities.

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