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Review of Bariatric Sleeve in Mexico By Louisiana Resident

Brian Celestin Jr from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States talks about his gastric sleeve experience in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

Hi! I am Brian Celestin Jr! I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Well, I came here to Mexico through Medical Tourism Corporation to have a gastric sleeve. I had minimum options in America for my budget. My insurance had an exclusion. And I would pocket around $11,000 to $15,000. So I looked up Medical Tourism Corporation. And I took a chance. I looked around but the reviews I was seeing for Medical Tourism Corporation and the videos and Cyrel who was my case worker back at home, she was the first thing to respond to everything that I said. She has been wonderful through all of this. So you know the sense of urgency which is exactly what I needed in the situation I was in one of the most important things to me. So that is another reason why I chose this to do this.

The service with Cyrel – well first off I am not sure if Cyrel is going to see this video but I would like to tell her thank you for putting up with me because I know when it was time for this decision, I listened to so many naysayers and I freaked out. So many different things. I did not know if it was a scam, if they were going to snatch all my organs in a foreign country and take everything from me. Cyrel was very patient with me. She answered all my questions. She gave me a list about a mile long of all the contacts, of people who had surgery there. She also gave me a site and a YouTube channel with nothing but videos and testimonials from different people from all over the place of Medical Tourism Corporation. And she was extremely patient with me online. So Cyrel, thank you. Thank you for everything. I am doing extremely well and you are definitely one of my angels.

One thing I liked about all the doctors that I met, including Dr. Camelo, was they acted like I was coming in on their football team or something. Handshakes, pat on the backs, big smiles as if they were cheering me all. The whole time I felt as if I were on a team and everyone wanted me to succeed. I was a star and no one made me feel like a job. Everything here is so patient oriented. I have always felt back home that the  doctors are doing their jobs but here that the experience I got was that they made me feel like this was about me. On top of that they give you that kind of service and these type of amenities for the price… it was more, the whole situation, the whole thing felt more to me.

So I have an appreciation for everything that happened here so much that I am going to help and promote this – Medical Tourism Corporation and the doctors. Dr. Camelo was amazing – He and his staff and everyone around me. They really helped me out and they actually changed my life not only in a physical way but in a mental way as well because anytime you find out and figure out there are still good people who care about others and the mess that already goes on in this world, it changes your outlook.

Brian’s Testimonial – Part (2)

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