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Review of Bariatric Sleeve in Mexico By Louisiana Resident (Part 2)

Brian Celestin Jr from New Orleans, Louisiana reviews gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. He says he will open a fund and foundation for the benefit of those who will be going for surgery with Medical Tourism Corporation!

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Video Transcription

“Hi! I am Brian Celestin Jr! I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. Well, I came here to Mexico through Medical Tourism Corporation to have a gastric sleeve. So the process would have been a lot sooner if I actually was not as afraid as I was. The second that I made a decision, I paid the deposit, and after I paid the deposit, she set up a date.

“She immediately got me in touch with a nutritionist. The nutritionist told me what I needed to do. And then after that they told me how much I needed and then after that I gave her OK, in a week I think every single thing my itinerary – right to and from the airport, my hotel bookings, my doctors, everything was right there on my finger tips in less than week.

“Even your contact, Karen. Everything that I needed was handed over to me. It was surreal because I thought something like this outside the country would probably take years and in the United States had I even gotten the surgery it could have taken me six months to get this time of care. I would have to go through several doctors. At first I would have to see a psychiatrist. Then I would have to spend a lot more time and money than what I would have here for this amazing service. And to be quite honest with you, the people I dealt with here, it has been phenomenal. I kind of even don’t want to go back to the United States.

“I walked into, first of, Lily. Fantastic! She was my first contact here. She was the driver who had picked me up. She was prompt on time. As soon as I got there she told me what zone she would pick me up from. Lily picked me up. After she picked me up she was smiling, she was nice, she held me out, talked, made me feel more comfortable already, got us to the hotel, get to the hotel room, everybody came, got my stuff, got me to the room. Karen was here to meet me.

“And I got into the room and the bed was amazing. The room itself kind of relaxed me too because the bed was amazing, the temperature was amazing, the view was amazing and it kind of gave me the calm before being under the knife today. So that was great. After that when I got to the hospital and I met with the nurses, the doctors and everybody that… Oh! I almost forgot. The same day that I got here, there was someone who had just had the surgery here and Karen introduced me to him and I got to talk to him and his friend. At that point one of the doctors walked into the room and for about thirty minutes I was here with Karen, my case worker and someone who had just gotten surgery, a doctor, all of them right there making me feel so comfortable and making my transition to the hospital the next day way better than anything I could have imagined.

“I would like to say that if you are watching me, if you see me, I am telling you right now, do not pass this up as these people care. These people care about you, they care about your well being. Yes, of course they are getting paid. Everyone gets paid. But at the same time there is no bang for your buck in this industry than what they do in this area of the world. And if they can do it and give you the best they can with a smile and improve the quality of your life, I promise you will not regret going with Medical Tourism Corporation especially if Karen is your social worker.

“I am also going to go so far as my own social group, I am going to start with most of my friends a fund and foundation for anyone that goes to Medical Tourism Corporation and have their surgeries or any other medical things that MTC can provide, every year I am going to throw an event and all the proceeds will go to a member of my social club to have their medical needs taken care of by the Medical Tourism Corporation because I think that is the best way I can thank them.”


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