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Leah’s Sleeve Gastrectomy Experience in Tijuana, Mx

In this video, Leah Haury from Montana, United States talks about her experience having vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mx. In her vertical sleeve gastrectomy testimonial, Leah is impressed with the care given to her and says her entire family is ready to come back for more medical work.

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Video Transcription:

“So my name is Leah Haury. And I came from Montana…a small place on the border up there. I struggled with weight my whole life and have diabetes, have blood pressure, sleep apnea so I really wanted to get the weight loss surgery. I have had other family members who have done it and knew that it could help me a lot. I went through the Medical Tourism Company which turned out to be a great company.

“It was one my husband – my ex-husband – had went through for having the same surgery. Though he went to a different place. But I decided for Mexico because the price was really good. And when I looked into the healthcare, the facility, the hospital, my parents were all pretty satisfied. It was really well. And it turned out to be… It was very great.

“I had some complication after surgery because my stomach had inflamed and not one to let the gas pass up which was extremely painful. But with the family and all the medical people that were here – the nurses, the doctors had me through it. It was incredible to recover and feel so well now, given how horrible I felt first two days which was like normal. For what the doctors said, I should have…you know it wasn’t normal for my stomach to inflame like that.

“Most people’s don’t. But I got so much real attention from the doctors and nurses and so much help. It made a really bad situation much better. So I am happy to have gone here and I would go here again for any medical reason. My dad wants to come back and get his teeth worked on, his eyes worked on. My whole family wants to come back here and do medical treatment. So we probably will in the future.

“But overall even with the pain it’s been a good experience. It’s been something I knew that would help me for the rest of my life. And I am really glad I came back.”

Weight loss surgeries in Tijuana, a major medical tourism hub of Mexico bordering the United States, are popular with people from the United States primarily because of the highly pocket-friendly prices.

Here is another testimonial on vertical sleeve WLS in Mexico by Raydel Carabello who traveled from Fort Lauderdale in Florida to Tijuana for his surgery.

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