Gastric Sleeve Compared With SIPS – Las Vegas WLS Surgeon

A leading weight loss surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada tells us the difference between Gastric Sleeve and Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery (SIPS).

Video Transcription

We are talking about the difference between the gastric sleeve resection, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy as it is commonly known, and the newer operation called SIPS. SIPS really is essentially just an evolution of the gastric sleeve. So, let’s review the gastric sleeve first. In the gastric sleeve, we have a big basketball stomach; it goes down to the small intestines. And what happens in the gastric sleeve is we are simply making a small stomach. So the majority of this stomach gets taken out with our stapling devices. So, we are taking away 85% of the stomach which gives great results in several different ways.

One, you fill up quickly after food so you are no longer hungry, you are full and happy. And perhaps more importantly, we see hormonal changes in the gastric sleeve. So, ghrelin lives right there and ghrelin happens to be the hormone that makes us hungry. So, whenever you are on diet and you get hungry, it’s from ghrelin, it’s produced here and that is removed in the gastric sleeve. So, that’s the gastric sleeve, it works really well. The SIPS is modification of this identical surgery.

In SIPS, we already have a gastric sleeve that has been created and what we do in SIPS is we, at the beginning of small intestines, make a cut and free the gastric sleeve up. Now the gastric sleeve is free with little end at the end here. And we simply bring up a piece of intestine and make a new connection. So we are essentially rerouting and bypassing the first part of the small intestine by connecting this sleeve to small intestine about half way down. Once connection is made it’s a very straight forward procedure to do. It takes less than an hour in the operating room and it gives us now all the benefits of the sleeve which we like as well as the benefits of the duodenal switch which are tremendous.

So, this SIPS procedure is very powerful because it combines the best of both worlds with minimal hassles of both. So that’s why we are so excited about the gastric SIPS procedure here at Blossom Bariatrics.

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