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3 Days Post-op Gastric Sleeve Review in Tijuana – Mexico (2016)

Roger Powell from Ohio reviews vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana – Mexico three days after getting operated:

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Testimonial Video Transcription – Vertical Sleeve in TJ, Mexico

On why he came to Tijuana – Mexico for gastric sleeve

“Hi! My name is Roger Powell. I am from Ohio. I am here to have the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. Coming to Mexico: having surgery in the United States is about a 15,000 dollar decision. Same care if not better is my opinion. As for the price, you cannot beat it. And that was the main reason. In the United States it is $20,000 for this surgery and I had this surgery and everything included for under $5,000.”

On why he chose Med Tourism Co for weight loss surgery in Mexico

“I chose Medical Tourism Co. through word-of-mouth. I have a family member who has had this surgery through Med Tourism Co. She has had great results. It has been five years. She is doing wonderful. She looks fabulous. And hopefully my results will reflect hers.”

“From the time I contacted Cyrel till the last meeting with Karen, it was just remarkable. Top-notch, class A bunch of people. All the time I was here, I had never wanted for anything. All I had to do was ask and sometimes I did not have to ask. It was already waiting for me. I would recommend it to anybody to really do the research and check this company out.”

On the bariatric surgeons and nurses

“Their doctors … they speak better English than I do. The communication was awesome. You know there is no language barrier. So you don’t have to worry about that. Dr. Camelo – top-notch dude. I can’t remember the other doctor. What is the other doctor’s name? Dr. Reyna – super-nice dude. He is the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back if you needed it. The nurses, I can’t even explain the nurses. It was above and beyond any kind of care you would get in the States. It’s crazy.”

On his hotel stay in TJ

“Grand Hotel in Tijuana is in my opinion … I have been to Puta Cana, I have been to Cancun, I have been to a lot of hotels. But the Grand Hotel in Tijuana in my opinion is a four star hotel. I mean the courtesy, the bellhops; the people treat you like you are family. It is crazy. I never expected this when I got here. I didn’t think they would tolerate me whatsoever. But it has been phenomenal.”

On his destination manager

“My destination manager is Karen. There is not enough I can say about Karen. I had a flight that leaves at 10:30 and I am so ready to go home and Karen took excellent care of me. She got my flight earlier. If you guys do choose to do this and are lucky enough to get Karen, then you will see what I am talking about.”

His input on driving

“Overall statement, from the time I got here to the time I left, I am not going to lie, driving around here is crazy; people are crazy when it comes to driving. That is the only thing that was sketchy. Everybody talks about – “oh it’s sketchy.” No, the only thing sketchy is other people driving. That is sketchy.”

On his overall experience

“I would tell everybody about this surgery. Friday was my surgery so I am only three days out. I can’t wait to see what I look like in three months. So as far as the overall experience I can’t be happier.”

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