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All on 6 & 8 Dental Implants in Los Algodones, Mexico

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All-on-6 and All-on-8 dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico cost almost 60-65% less than in the United States and Canada. They are a pocket-friendly dental solution for restoration of the full arch.

All on 6 Implants in Los Algodones MX

Dental implants are one of the best alternatives to removable dentures in replacing missing teeth. In Dr. Carl E. Misch’s book-Contemporary Implant Dentistry, he writes, “Patients wearing dentures day and night place greater forces on the hard and soft tissues, which accelerates bone loss.”1

Dental implants have the same strength and stability as natural teeth. They will also feel like natural teeth.

Over 35 million Americans are edentulous in either or both the jaws – American Academy of Implant Dentistry.2

What’s even better is that the All on 6 and 8 are a same-day procedure. A second visit would be required after 3-8 months, when the implants have fused completely with the jawbone.

Combine your dental trip in Los Algodones with some sightseeing. Transform this anxiety-inducing experience into a relaxed vacation.

The success rate of dental implants is 97.9% in the upper jaw and 98.9% in the lower jaw after 5 years.

How Much Do All-on-6 Implants Cost in Los Algodones?

Getting single arch dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico means saving thousands of dollars. An All-on-4 dental procedure would cost you U.S $8,950 and an All-on-6 procedure with Noble Biocare implants would cost you U.S $11,280. Cost of an All-on-8 dental implant procedure is U.S $10,280.

Single Arch Dental Implant Cost in Algodones
Number of Implants Cost in US $
All on 4 Dental Implants $8,950
All on 6 MegaGen Dental Implants (Upper/lower arch) $7,980
All on 6 Nobel Biocare Dental Implants (Upper/lower arch) $11,280
All on 8 with Fixed Porcelain Bridge (Upper/lower arch) $10,280

As you can see from the table above, you can get major dental work done in Los Algodones at reasonable rates.

Los Algodones, MX: Big Savings and Affordability

Take a look at what kind of savings you can look forward to in the ‘Molar City:’

Single Arch Cost: U.S. Vs Mexico
Procedure Cost in the USA Cost in Mexico Your Savings
All-on-6 US $23,500 US $7,980 US $15,520
All-on-8 US $27,000 US $10,280 US $16,720

As you can see, this is a chance to save up to 60-65% on your dental procedures.

Single Arch Cost Comparison America Mexico

Why the Huge Price Difference?

  • Real estate cost in Mexico is cheaper than in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Dental technicians’ and dentists’ wages are lower compared to in the USA and Canada.
  • The Mexican government subsidizes dental education, resulting in less debt on dentists.
  • In the United States, dentists pay very high malpractice insurance, unlike their Mexican counterparts.

What Can You Expect for This Price?

  • Diagnosis consultation, medication (IV sedation, pain medication & antibiotics)
  • 6,8 titanium implants per arch
  • Removable temporary plate
  • Occlusal night guard
  • Surgical guide
  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • 3-nights free stay at Hotel Hacienda, Los Algodones
  • Concierge services (our concierge services department will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible)
  • Assistance on arrival (once you’ve landed the clinic’s team will help you at the airport)

Easy Payment Options for You

For your convenience, we accept different payment methods.

Credit/Debit Card

We accept Visa and Master Card. With this payment method, you will be charged an extra 4% transaction fee.


All transactions are in U.S. dollars


We accept personal, travelers, cashier’s checks. (There is no additional fee with this payment method).

Wire Transfer

For further information, please contact us.

Dental Financing

Multiple financing options available.

A Patient’s Perspective: Traveling to Mexico for Dental Work

One of the Best Dental Clinics in Los Algodones

For more than 30 years, we have been working every single day to give our patients the dental services they deserve. With multiple dental centers in town and 28 chairs available, we are the largest dental clinic in the area.

The staff at Sani Dental Group consists of more than 30 doctors with different specialties. Their experience ranges from 5 to 30 years. It serves patients mainly from the USA and Canada.

Best Dental Clinic in Los Algodones Mexico

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Member of the ADA (American Dental Association).
  • Our clinic has been voted as the Number 1 dental clinic in Los Algodones by Global Clinic Rating.
  • You will be seen by a specialist for each treatment you require.
  • We give a 2-year warranty on dental work related to implants and crowns (Dental prosthesis has 5-15 years of guarantee).
  • We have CAD and CAM technology at our in-house dental lab.
  • We have CT-Scan and Digital Panoramic X-rays on site.
  • The clinic offers Dental Laser Technology.
  • We provide free shuttle service between the border, hotel, and clinic.
  • Full transparency in prices. No hidden costs.

Meet Our Team of Dentists in Los Algodones

Dental Implantologist Los Algodones Enrique Arturo

Enrique Jimenez Alvarez

Founding Partner of The Clinic


  • Evidence Based Implant Dentistry-Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • Diploma in Oral Implantology Universidad Autonoma de Baja California MX
  • DDS Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara MX

Mikel Estepan Ibarreche León

Oral Surgeon


  • DDS Universidad Autónoma de Baja California MX
  • Implantology Course
  • Advanced Techniques for the correction of Malocclusion and ATM
DDS in Los Algodones - Omar Gerardo

Omar Gerardo Valero Monroy



  • Implantology, Surgical Prosthesis in Patient and Bone Regeneration Diploma
  • Basic Course in Implantology and Regenerative Therapy
  • Sinus Lifting and Placement of Membranes Diploma
Dental Surgeon in Los Algodones Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Miranda Villa



  • Specialty Degree in Implants, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California MX-2012
  • Course in Dental Extraction Complications
  • Systems and Biomaterials for the Rehabilitation and Traditional Fixed Implant Prosthesis
Majority of our dentists are fluent in English and Spanish.

Why Get All on 6 & All on 8 Implants in Los Algodones?

Accessibility and Proximity: This border town is located just seven miles west from the nearest airport at Yuma, Arizona. Referred by many as the Dental Mecca of the world, it is one of the top destinations for dental tourism in Mexico.

Safety: Los Algodones is a tourist-friendly area and is very safe to walk around. The locals are used to being surrounded by people from all over the world, and they love it!

It has become a town devoted to its visitors. During your visit, you’ll notice that there are more tourists than locals who are having a great time while getting their dental need taken care of.

No Language Barrier: When traveling to a different country, it is very common to be worried about not speaking the same language, or not being understood in an effort of communicating. Luckily, that shouldn’t concern you on your trip to Los Algodones.

It is a town where many people speak English fairly well. You would also greatly benefit from learning a few commonly used Spanish phrases like Buenos días (Good Morning), Hola (Hello), Por Favor (Please), Mucho gusto (Pleasure), etc. 

No Wait Times: Your implant surgery can be scheduled on a day convenient to you sans any waiting period.

No Need of Public Transportation: The town is so small that you won’t need to take a cab or bus to go anywhere. Dental clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, and local shops are a few short steps away from anywhere you are.

No Currency Hassles: Since U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in the town, it saves you a trip to the exchange house before arriving in Mexico. One less thing for you to worry about.

In short, once you get to know Los Algodones, you will not want to go anywhere else for your dental needs.

Los Algodones Travel Info

Getting to Our Clinic

  • The clinic is very accessible. It is just two blocks from the border crossing in a touristy area safe for walking.
  • We provide a free shuttle service connecting Yuma airport (IATA: YUM)/border with the hotel and the clinic.
Andrade Border Crossing - Los Algodones Mexico
Andrade Border Crossing
  • You can drive from Yuma to Los Algodones, via Interstate 8, in about 30 minutes.
  • You can also drive from San Diego in two-and-a-half-hours.
Please Note: A member of our staff can welcome you at the border crossing, if you inform us in advance.

Where to Stay in Los Algodones Mexico?

Hacienda and Cielito Lindo are the only two hotels in Los Algodones. Thanks to our tie-ups with them, you can avail special discounts and even a 3-night free stay at these properties.

Pool Area Hacienda Hotel Los Algodones
Hotel Hacienda, Los Algodones

Looking to Unwind?

To transform your dreaded dental visit into a pleasant vacation, you can visit the following places:

  • Go river tubing in Yuma.
  • History buffs can head over to The Museum of History in Granite.
  • Play a few holes at the Ironwood Public Golf Course in Yuma.
  • Take a Yuma River Day Tour.
  • For fun and games, head over to the Lutes Casino in Yuma.
  • Speed enthusiasts can go the racing track at Cocopah Speedway.
  • Shop at the Mediplaza, the only medical and shopping center in Los Algodones or take a walk in the downtown area.
  • The streets are filled with souvenir stores and vendors offer amazing deals on a wide variety of products like caps, ponchos, keychains, and sombreros.

Travel Tips for Your Dental Trip

  • The nearest airports, besides the Yuma airport, are:
    • Palm Springs International Airport (IATA: PSP), CA (128.8 miles).
    • San Diego (Lindbergh Field) International Airport (IATA: SAN), CA (165.9 miles).
    • General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport, Mexicali (IATA: MXL), Mexico (35 miles).
    • Calexico International Airport (IATA: CXL), Calexico, CA (51.1miles)
    • Imperial County Airport (IATA: IPL), CA (58.9 miles)
  • Distance from major nearby American cities:
    • 268 miles from Los Angeles, CA
    • 196 miles from Phoenix, AZ
    • 397 miles from Tucson, AZ

Travel Info Los Algodones

  • Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive the latest travel information and security alerts.
  • A passport is mandatory for U.S. and Canadian citizens to enter Mexico.
  • Americans and Canadians require a tourist visa only for a stay exceeding 180 days. They won’t be needing visa for a dental trip which is usually much shorter.
  • For travel beyond 20-30 km from the border zone, you must have a valid FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple)
  • Most stores accept the U.S. Dollar. The official currency is the Mexican Peso (MXN).
  • It is compulsory to get Mexican auto insurance if you are driving down.
  • Dial 911 in case of an emergency.
  • From November to April, the minimum temperature ranges from 42-55 °F. The maximum temperature ranges from 55-64 °F.

From May-October, the minimum temperature ranges from 60-78 °F. The maximum temperature ranges from 75-92 °F.

Los Algodones Dentist Reviews

Over the last 3 decades, the clinic has helped more than 40,000 happy customers. Take a look at what they have to say about their experience with our implant specialists:

California residents-Dan and Pearl Bernard review their full mouth restoration experience in Los Algodones:

Check out this video testimonial of our patient from Canada who got full mouth implants at our clinic:

Theodora who came all the way from Denver, Colorado got her smile back after 20 years. Watch her raving about her dental experience in Los Algodones:

Our clinic has a track record of 40,000+ successful dental cases.

Patient’s Guide: All on 6 & 8

Dental Implants Process Steps

If you have multiple missing teeth and are fed up with the inconvenience of wearing dentures, then “All-on” dental implants are a good solution for restoring your smile.

These are dental procedures which are used to reconstruct a person’s mouth when they have lost a significant number of teeth in one or both jaws or are edentulous.

Imagine all of your teeth being connected and only having 6 or 8 roots that go into your jaw.

This is what these procedures offer rather than needing an implant for each missing tooth. These dental procedures are done in two stages.

Planning Your Treatment

Before the procedure, the dental implant surgeon will do an initial consultation. They will take your medical and dental history into account.

According to a research study by M. Gargari and colleagues published in the journal Oral Implantol (Rome), planning and correct diagnosis are crucial factors for successful restoration with six implants.4

The dentist will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants, and will design a treatment plan for you.

Placing the Dental Implants

If you do not require any preparatory procedures such as a bone graft, the implantologist may schedule your implant surgery soon after your consultation. 6 to 8 dental implants will be placed into the socket in the jawbone of the missing teeth.

Typically, multiple implant placement takes two to three hours. You will be sent home with a temporary bridge so that you do not go back with missing teeth.

Your Recovery and Restoration

It takes about 3 to 4 months for your jawbone to fuse with the implant. This process is called osseointegration.

According to Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the inventor of these implants, osseointegration “is the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing implant.”5

Once your recovery is complete, you will return to have your custom-made restoration placed. In case of replacement of multiple teeth, the dentist will place a full arch implant-supported prosthesis.

All-on-8 Dental Implant Los Algodones

All-on-4 Vs All-on-6 Dental Implants

Both these procedures are similar in many ways. Both are effective dental solutions for people who have lost a significant number of teeth. Both treatments involve placing dental implants in your jaw. Typically, these implant surgeries last for 2-3 hours.

The All-on-4 procedure is typically used on patients who may have less available jawbone. It is also a shorter and simpler procedure, which usually means a shorter healing time.

The All-on-6 procedure is recommended to patients who don’t have perfect jawbones, but have sufficient bone to support six implants. While in an All-on-4 procedure, remaining healthy teeth are removed, in the All-on-6 procedure, these teeth are retained.

This procedure provides more support to the jaw which helps in an improved bite as compared to All-on-4 implants. Placing additional implants also helps in evenly distributing the pressure exerted by a bite or the act of chewing.

Still confused? You need to consult a dentist to decide which procedure is best suited to your individual needs.

Are you the right candidate?

  • Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate. If you have too much bone loss, grafting may not be feasible.
  • If you have diabetes, then your healing process will be hindered.
  • If you smoke, nicotine can cause your implants to fail during the healing process. Therefore, you will have to get your smoking habit under control.
Studies report a failure rate of 6.5 to 20% in smokers compared to nonsmokers.

Pre-Requisites for All-On-6 and All-On-8 Implants:

Treatment of Gum Disease:  Any gum disease should be treated before the surgery. It interferes with the healing process and leads to implant failure.

Bone Quality: When more bone is present at an implant site, the chances of implant success increases.

Overall Oral Health/Medical History: A patient undergoing all on 6 and 8 implants must have good oral health. One must disclose medical history to the dentist during the initial consultation. We will be requiring the following initially:

  • X-Rays and Panoramic X-Rays
  • 3D Imaging
  • List of medications currently taken
  • Dental health records (if any)

All-on-6 Dental Implants in Los Algodones: FAQs

Will I be charged a consultation or diagnosis fee?

No, this is done free of charge.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

One may experience minor swelling and bruising post surgery. Anesthesia is given to the patient so that they do not feel the pain during the procedure. Post the surgery, antibiotics, and painkillers are given to ease the pain.

How long do implants last?

If one maintains proper oral hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Poorly cared implants may develop plaque and calculus which can lead to gum infection, bleeding and discomfort.

Regular dental checkups and adequate home care will determine how long will they last.

How long does it take to heal?

Healing may take up to 3-6 months. In general, healing time for implant depends on the quality of the patient’s bone.

Take extra care in the initial few weeks post your surgery. Eat a soft diet, rinse with salt water and avoid touching the incision area to minimize the risk of infection.

Is sedation dentistry offered at the clinic in Los Algodones?

Yes, we can provide sedation if desired. The clinic uses Nitrous Oxide or IV Sedation for this purpose.

If you wish to avail of this service, you may inform the staff when booking your appointment. These services carry an extra charge.

Dental Clinic Los Algodones

I wish to drive to Los Algodones. Where can I leave my car?

The clinic has its own parking lot. It is only a couple of blocks from the Andrade border.

What are the border crossing timings?

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency6, the Andrade border crossing is open from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Is it safe to stay overnight in Algodones?

Yes. The town is known to be much safer than other Mexican border cities.

Since the border town is host to a large number of North American dental tourists, quite a few of the locals speak English. Amenities are at a walking distance within the city.

Now, that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, do not delay these procedures any longer.

Our packages are designed to help you restore your smile at a fraction of U.S. prices. Contact us for a free pricing quote and save thousands of dollars.

We will answer all your queries and help you plan your dental trip. We will guide you through the whole process till your surgery is completed and you return home with a brand-new smile.


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