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Liver Cancer Treatment by Trans-Arterial Chemo Embolization


In this video, a leading interventional radiologist from Turkey talks about transarterial Chemo Embolization.

The surgeon has got his training and work experience from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine and Florence Nightingale Hospital.  He has has submitted 33 papers and published 22 national and international publications in his name.

Check out the video of the surgeon talking about affordable liver cancer surgery in Turkey.

Following is the video narration of interventional radiaologist – Turkey

“I am interventional radiaologist, so I want to talk to u about transarterial chemo Embolization. This is like a metal put in the artery of the liver. So from this cut, we eject chemotherapic agent…….. loaded particles in the artery of the liver….. so that …. No loss of patient….. high concentration of the chemotherapy on the target area….. so it works very good on this area but it does not effect on the other side of the body.  So it is very good in especially on primary tumors and secondary tumors  of the liver….. But everybody has different conditions…. So after the treatment, we check the result by some radiaologic follow up…techniques .

We have some local patients….. since one year there are some patients from Romania and Bulgaria patients…. Other side of the country…. So during a month we treat about 9 or 10 patients….. so this transarterial chemo Embolization is a daily routine for the clinic….. so this treatment is so simple for us but there are some post Embolization syndrome like one day-night pain and some vomiting after the day after the treatment…. But we treat this with some additional medical treatment….. we treat this side effects of the treatment.  After 2 days of the treatment, life of the patients start normal. So three days enough for the patient to stay in the hospital for its treatment.

We make this procedure on geographic need… before the treatment, check the liver arteries and other side of the artery supply of the…… so after the regional geography, we make this treatment….. so our geographical need in by plain….. so it means double tube in the unit….. eject one but check the images with two plains…. So it means the patient has lower dose of contrast media… for checking arteries and some other steps of treatments…. So this contrast media has some side effects for kidneys…. So its so important to do this treatment with lower radio contrast material

So our hospital stays so good for these patients….. oncology department work closely to treat these patients…. Also some other equipments like multi slice CT scanner…… we use this for follow up examination after the treatment.”

Patients from countries like Romania and Bulgaria, come to Turkey for Chemo Embolization. Well-trained doctors and use of advanced technology in hospital make it perfect destination for medical tourists.  In addition to this, low cost of transarterial Chemo Embolization in Turkey is one of the major reasons why lot of patients are flying to Turkey for Liver Tumor Treatment.

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