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Juan Carlos Borbon

Accredited Dental Technician – Costa Rica

Below is resume of Juan Carlos Borbon from Costa Rica, who is an expert accredited dental technician.

Dr. Juan Carlos - Dental Lab Technician

Professional Profile

Juan Carlos Borbon is one of the ten Dental Technicians in Costa Rica accredited by the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica (College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica) since 1988.
– Specializes in all supplies related to implants, such as a ceramic and metal crowns, permanent and partial.
– Attended a formal training on dental implants in Costa Rica with Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini, sponsored by OCO Biomedical.
– Participated at the First Congress on Implants in Central America and Panama.

What is a dental lab technician?
Dental technicians provide back-office support to dentists. After the dentist has taken a mold of the patient’s teeth, the dental technician uses the mold to produce a wax replica of the teeth, from which he constructs any needed crowns, bridges, or false teeth, and later makes any adjustments to these appliances as directed by the dentist. Dental technicians work closely with dentists and orthodontists

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