Ultimate Guide to Dental Tourism in Turkey

Get ready to leave behind costly treatments while embracing an affordable solution.

Consider dental tourism in Turkey and get the quality oral care you deserve.

Dental Work in Turkey: Affordable & High-Quality

Dental treatments in Turkey are of top quality and are easy on your pockets.

Moreover, you get to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the country.

Check out all the details ahead.

Dental Work in Turkey Before & After

Prepare yourself to be in awe of the journeys of our real patients.

Check out their amazing before and after results!

Dental Work in Turkey Before After

Dental Work in Turkey Cost

If you choose to get your dental treatment done in Turkey, you have a chance to have average savings of 70% of the UK/US cost.

The cost of all on 4 dental implants in Turkey is €3,400 compared to 15,000 in the UK and 22,500 in the US.

Furthermore, teeth whitening in Turkey prices are 340.

The same costs you 1,100 in the UK and 1,670 in the US.

Check the table below for a detailed cost comparison of various dental procedures in Turkey, the UK, and the US.

Cost of Dental Treatment in Turkey
Procedure Turkey UK USA Savings %
Single Dental Implant €630 €3,100 €4,700 80%
All-on-4 Dental Implants €3,400 €15,000 €22,500 80%
All-on-6 Dental Implants €4,700 €16,800 €26,200 75%
All-on-8 Dental Implants €5,630 €18,700 €32,700 75%
Crowns & Veneers
Porcelain Crown for Implants (with Abutment) €245 €800 €1,300 75%
Porcelain Veneer (per unit) €365 €1,140 €2,315 80%
High-Quality Full Denture / Arch (Permanent) €500 €1,060 €4,635 70%
Dental Bleaching
Laser Teeth Whitening €340 €1,110 €1,670 75%
Root Canal
Root Canal Treatment €120 €1,725 €1,390 90%
Extraction and Fillings
Wisdom Tooth Extraction €85 €835 €555 90%
Composite Filling €45 €275 €230 80%
Inlay/Onlay €320 €640 €1,110 60%
Other Treatments
CT Scan/3D Scan €20 €230 €555 90%
Invisalign (per jaw) €2,180 €6,100 €6,485 65%
Metal Braces €2,200 €3,325 €6,950 50%
*Prices are case dependent

Aren’t these prices suitable for your budget?

Contact us to know more about the latest deals and all inclusive dental packages in Turkey.

Turkey Dental Packages

Grab the latest deals on dental work in Turkey and fix your teeth woes now!

Check out the amazing packages below.


Package Location Details Valid Till
Up to 12% Off on Total Bill Izmir Get a minimum of €400 off on a bill of €3,000 at DentaGlobal! 31st August, 2023
12% Off on Dental Work Izmir Get €600 off on a bill of €5,000 at DentaGlobal! 31st August, 2023
Up to 12% Off on Total Work Izmir Get €200 off on a bill of €2,000 at DentaGlobal! 31st August, 2023
*Terms and conditions apply


Dental Implants Turkey Package

Package Location Material/Brand Benefits Price
Deal on All on 4 Dental Implants Turkey Antalya Titanium implant + metal alloy infrastructure + PFM crown superstructure
  • All on 4 implants per jaw
  • Temporary and permanent teeth
  • Free consultations and medication
  • Free transportation
  • Free stay
  • 6 days required
Was: $6,460

Now:  $5,850

Deal on All on 6 Dental Implants Turkey Antalya Titanium implant + metal alloy infrastructure + PFM crown superstructure
  • All on 6 implants per jaw
  • Temporary and permanent teeth
  • Free consultations and medication
  • Free transportation
  • Free stay
  • 6 days required
Was: $7,700

Now: $7,040

Deal on All on 8 Dental Implants Turkey Antalya Titanium implant + metal alloy infrastructure + PFM crown superstructure
  • All on 8 implants per jaw
  • Temporary and permanent teeth
  • Free consultations and medication
  • Free transportation
  • Free stay
  • 6 days required
Was: $8,700

Now: $8,160

Super Saver All-on-4 Deal Izmir Implura (German) implants
  • All on 4 implants per jaw
  • Temporary and permanent teeth
  • Free consultations and medication
  • Free transportation
  • Free stay
Contact us for more information
*terms and conditions apply


Dental Crowns Turkey Package

Package Location Benefits Cost
16 Zirconia Crowns Package Izmir
  • 16 zirconium crowns
  • Free mouth guard
  • Free 5 nights stay at Zeniva hotel
Contact us for more information
*terms and conditions apply

Aren’t these deals irresistible? Get in touch with us for more information today!

MTC also offers exciting deals on cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

Do you want to enhance your curves or restore a receding hairline?

Check out the affordable cosmetic surgeries below:

Why Choose Dental Work in Turkey?

Low Cost

The cost of dental treatment in Turkey is around 70% cheaper than in the UK and USA. (see cost table)

Skilled Dentists

Your dental treatment will be carried out by registered and fully qualified dentists.[1]trabzonkanunieah.saglik.gov
Health Tourism in Turkey
“Due to high level of qualified human resources, especially in medical staff, as well as geographical location, seasonal advantages, quality of health service provision…along with traditional Turkish hospitality, which make Turkey the shining star in the world.”
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Quality Standards

The Ministry of Health audits healthcare centers two times a year in line with service, safety, and quality standards.[2]TRT World
Turkey set to expand health tourism sector
“The Ministry of Health audits all hospitals twice a year in accordance with quality, safety and service standards together with a national accreditation system.”
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Furthermore, hospitals in the country offer advanced medical treatments and technology to ensure optimal outcomes.[3]trabzonkanunieah.saglik.gov
Health Tourism in Turkey
“Turkey’s hospitals offer the most advanced medical treatments and technology in the world today.”
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Tourist Attractions

You must visit Turkey for its rich urban experience, remarkable archaeological sites, beaches, history, and culture.

Also, around 51.9 million people traveled to the country in 2019, including 7.2 million Turkish expats and 44.7 million international tourists.[4]Daily Sabah
Turkey to allow visa-free travel for 6 European countries
“Some 51.9 million people visited Turkey in 2019, including 44.7 million foreigners and 7.2 million Turkish expats.”
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Dental Procedures in Turkey

Turkey offers a wide range of dental services, all at affordable prices!

Dental Implants Turkey

Dental Implants

Dental crowns Turkey

Teeth Crowns

Dental Bridge Turkey

Dental Bridge

Root Canal Turkey

Root Canal Treatment

Teeth Filling in Turkey

Teeth Filling

Teeth Whitening Turkey

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Extraction Turkey


Dentures Turkey


Dental Braces Turkey


Turkey Dental Invisalign


Digital Smile Design Turkey

Digital Smile Design
Turkey also offers other affordable procedures such as hair transplant in Turkey.

All About Dental Clinics in Turkey

Are you looking for the best dental clinics in Turkey?

MTC partners with a wide variety of modern dental clinics!

They provide a full range of services to meet your oral health needs.

Dental clinics in Turkey offer excellence using cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach.

Check out their highlights below.


Clinic Google Rating Highlights

Dentspa Istanbul Turkey

4.7 ⭐
  • Multilingual staff
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Offer personalized treatment plans
  • Same-day dental services available
  • Committed to offering high-quality dental care
  • Highly qualified team with a friendly approach
Istanbul Group Dental

Istanbul Group Dental Turkey

5 ⭐
  • 18+ years of experience
  • Digital dentistry available
  • Translation services available
  • High-end dental material brands available
  • Experienced in treating international patients
  • Equipped with the latest technology for high-quality treatment
Parla Clinic

Parla Clinic Istanbul Turkey

5 ⭐
  • Qualified team of 20+ dentists
  • Offers high-quality dental care
  • Patient-oriented treatment plans
  • Follows international standards and norms
  • Experienced in treating 9,000+ patients from around the globe
Melan Clinic

Melan Clinic Istanbul Turkey

4.9 ⭐
  • Treatment using the latest dental technology
  • Use top-quality dental materials and brands
  • Multidisciplinary team with 8+ years of experience
  • Follows strict sterilization and disinfection procedures
  • Comprehensive dental treatments based on your needs
Uzmanlar Dental Clinic

Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Istanbul Turkey

4.6 ⭐
  • Established in 1995
  • Online consultation available
  • Staffed with highly trained dental surgeons
  • A wide array of dental treatments under one roof
  • A popular choice amongst local and foreign patients
  • Certified dental material with state-of-the-art equipment


Clinic Google Rating Highlights
Secil Dental Clinic

Secil Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey

5.0 ⭐
  • Successful in treating 1200+ patients over a period of 10+ years
  • Patient-focused treatment approach using modern dental technology
  • Uses international dental implant brands such as Straumann and Neodent
  • Added benefits include transfer facilities, accommodation, and post-op care
  • Strongly believes in effective and planned treatment approach for optimal results
Antera Dental Clinic

Antera Dental Clinic Antalya Turkey

4.4 ⭐
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Offers free airport transfer services
  • A highly experienced team committed to delivering top-quality dental care
  • Provides tailored treatment plans ensuring transparency throughout the process
  • The latest technology includes smile design, soft tissue laser, and CEREC digital impression device
Perla Clinic

Perla Clinic Antalya Turkey

4.9 ⭐
  • Established in 1996
  • A guarantee backs all dental treatments
  • Staffed with 10+ highly experienced dentists
  • Uses advanced technology for dental treatments
  • Complies with set disinfection and sterilization protocols to ensure safety


Clinic Google Rating Highlights

DentaGlobal Izmir Turkey

4.8 ⭐
  • Established in 2017
  • Offers exceptional dental care
  • Experienced team of qualified dentists
  • Provides guarantee on all dental treatments
  • Skilled in providing dental care to international patients
  • Tailors treatment plans unique to your requirements
Dent Glow

Dent Glow Izmir Turkey

4.7 ⭐
  • Focused on providing the highest quality dental services
  • An ultra-modern facility offering a range of dental treatments
  • A dedicated team of dental professionals with 20+ years of experience
Dent KM

Dent KM Izmir Turkey

4.3 ⭐
  • Guaranteed dental treatments
  • Experienced staff of 10+ dentists
  • Certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate
  • Offers an array of dental services, including digital dentistry
Smile Izmir

Smile Izmir Turkey

4.6 ⭐
  • Staffed with dentists with 20+ years of experience
  • Consists of 9 dental units offering comprehensive dental care
  • Dedicated to offering a patient-focused service via high-quality dental work
  • Equipped with the latest in dental technology, including 3D intraoral scanning, 3D printing, digital dentistry design, and radiological examinations

Dentapoint Izmir Turkey

4.7 ⭐
  • Established in 2017
  • Accredited by ISO
  • Offers an array of dental treatments using cutting-edge technology
  • Staffed with dentists graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry
  • Advanced software system for efficient patient registration and treatment records


Clinic Google Rating Highlights

Denterra Ankara Turkey

4.9 ⭐
  • The clinic has 8+ years of experience
  • Furnished with cutting-edge dental technology
  • Staffed with dentists with 10+ years of experience
  • Offers a range of dental treatments under one roof
  • Affiliated with international organizations such as ITI and EFP
Dental Estetic Center

Dental Estetic Center Ankara Turkey

4.9 ⭐
  • An international dental clinic treats patients from 98 countries, including the UK, USA,
  • With 24+ years of experience, Dental Estetik Center is renowned for its personalized solutions, customer-centric approach, and offer unique treatments in a relaxed environment.
  • They have state-of-the-art dentist chairs, a dental photography studio, radiology, sterilization, and laboratory units.
  • Founded in 1993
  • Follows international sterilization standards
  • Uses FDA approved dental materials for treatment

Other Cities

Clinic Location Google Rating Highlights
Dent Aesthetic Turkey

Dent Aesthetic Turkey Tekirdag

Tekirdag 4.6 ⭐
  • Certified by Turkey Ministry of Health
  • Follows national and international dental care standards
  • 20+ years of experience in providing high-quality dental care
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure to offer comprehensive dental care
  • Thoroughly trained staff to stay updated with the latest developments in dentistry
Zirve Dental

Zirve Dental Turkey

Didim 4.9 ⭐
  • Experienced in treating patients from around the globe
  • Translation services available to ensure clear communication
  • Equipped with top dental materials and brands for high-quality treatment
Klinik Bursa

Klinik Bursa Turkey

Bursa 4.9 ⭐
  • Committed to providing treatment of the highest standards
  • Highly qualified team to offer accurate treatments to their patients
  • Follows the latest developments in dentistry to ensure quality results

Moving forward, let’s get to know the dentists in Turkey.

Best Dentist in Turkey

Turkey dentists are at the forefront of providing quality dental care.

Our partner clinics are staffed with highly qualified and experienced dentists.

Check out their profiles below for more details.


Dr. Tugce Akin

Dr. Tugce Akin

Experience: 13+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: Prosthodontics Specialisation Training, Baskent University

  • Published a scientific paper on an overview of resin cements, ADO Journal of Clinical Sciences
  • Attended various seminars and courses on implantology and aesthetic dentistry
Dr. Omer Kodan

Dr. Omer Kodan

Experience: 27+ years of experience

Qualification: MDS

Education: Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology, Danube University, Austria

  • Holds international accreditation in dental implantology
  • Successfully completed 3,500+ dental procedures


Dr. Nazli Ulusoy

Dr. Nazli Ulusoy

Experience: 14+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS, PhD

Education: Izmir Katip Celebi University Faculty of Dentistry

  • International publications on dental and orthodontic treatments
  • Specialized in correcting orthodontic treatments, including misaligned teeth and improper bites
Dr. Oguzhan Kale

Dr. Oguzhan Kale

Experience: 8+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS, PhD

Education: Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Dentistry

  • Specialized in the application of braces, aligners, and invisalign
  • Other areas of expertise include digital smile design, lamina applications, and platelet rich fibrin application


Dr. Kerem Askin

Dr. Kerem Askin

Experience: 13+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS, PhD

Education: Department of Endodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry of Hacettepe University

  • Awarded the title of Endodontic Specialist and Doctor of Science
  • Participated in various seminars and published papers on endodontics
Dr. Busra Korkmaz

Dr. Busra Korkmaz

Experience: 6+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS, PhD

Education: Ege University Faculty of Dentistry

  • Received doctorate in endodontics in 2022
  • Area of expertise includes root canal treatment, endodontic surgery, treatment of open-ended teeth, aesthetic filling, and whitening treatments

Oral and Maxillofacial

Dr. Eren Ozil

Dr. Eren Ozil

Experience: 11+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry

  • Successfully completed rotation training in the departments of ENT, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, emergency department, anesthesia, and reanimation
  • Specialized in implantology, embedded teeth, bone augmentation, and jaw cysts
Dr. Kerem Turgut ATASOY

Dr. Kerem Turgut ATASOY

Experience: 15+ years of experience

Qualification: MDS

Education: Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Dentistry

  • Expertise includes implant applications, jaw joint treatments, arthrocentesis, and impacted tooth extraction
  • Published papers on oral and maxillofacial treatments

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Sukru Mert Yuce

Dr. Sukru Mert Yuce

Experience: 17+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: Ege University School of Dentistry

  • Skilled in advanced esthetic and implant dentistry
  • Published various papers on aesthetic dentistry
Dr. Ozge Gunes

Dr. Ozge Gunes

Experience: 6+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: Kocaeli University Faculty Of Dentistry

  • Completed a wide range of training in the field of aesthetic composite and lamina applications
  • Member of the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists


Dr. Scheherazade Ziya

Dr. Scheherazade Ziya

Experience: 11+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: Ankara University Periodontology Department

  • Specialized in treating gum problems and dental implants
  • Lecturer at Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences
Dr. Kanun Mercimek

Dr. Kanun Mercimek

Experience: 19+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: MA in Periodontology, University of Genoa, Italy

  • Performed more than 16,000+ implant procedures
  • Majorly focuses on advanced surgery, implant, smile design, aesthetic fillers, inlay / onlay, porcelain fillers, laminated, Empress, and zircon coating treatments.

General Dentist

Dr. Basak Osma

Dr. Basak Osma

Experience: 3+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS

Education: Trakya University Faculty of Dentistry

  • Member of Trakya University Oral and Dental Health Community
  • Attended various dental seminars and courses to upskill and stay updated
Dr. Burkan Berkay BAS

Dr. Burkan Berkay BAS

Experience: 8+ years of experience

Qualification: DDS, PhD

Education: Istanbul Medipol University

  • Member of Turkish Dental Association
  • Lecturer at Istanbul Medipol University

Dental Work in Turkey: What Does Your Dentist Need?

Is It Safe To Go to Turkey for Dental Work?

It is crucial to consider the safety of a place before you visit.

We understand your concern and have jotted down a few pointers about the safety of dental work in Turkey.


Patient Perspective

Our partner clinics exercise the best sanitation protocols and use the latest technology for treatments.

Moreover, the dentists are highly qualified and capable of providing excellent dental care to their patients.

Also, you can check the reviews above to get an idea of what you can expect from dental work in Turkey.

Furthermore, as a dental tourist, you can ask your clinic or dentists a few questions.

  • What are your educational qualifications?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What brands of dental materials do you use?
  • What are your safety and hygiene protocols?
  • Are you accredited by any official organization?
  • Do you have any testimonials from your previous patients?
  • What is the success rate of my procedure?

We encourage you to ask any doubts you may have. Afterall, your safety is always a top priority.


Tourism Perspective

Turkey is a safe country to travel to if you steer clear of some parts near the Syrian border.

Apart from that, the crime rate is generally low, but it is advised to exercise basic precautions.

Keep your personal belongings safely with you and be wary of strangers.

Don’t give out too much information about yourself.

It is also advised not to roam around the country alone at night.[5]Gov UK
Safety and Security
“Generally crime levels are low, but street robbery and pick-pocketing are common in the major tourist areas of Istanbul. You should maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as in the UK.”
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Safety Tips

  • Avoid areas with political unrest or demonstrations.
  • Be aware of your surroundings as much as you would be in the UK.
  • Alcoholic drinks are stronger in Turkey, so drink responsibly.
  • The FCDO advises against traveling anywhere within 10 kilometers of the Syrian border.
  • Use ATMs to withdraw cash throughout the country. It is an easy and safe option.[9]Daily Sabah
    Top 10 tips for traveling in Turkey
    “Using ATMs is another safer and easier option to withdraw cash throughout the country.”
    View in Article
  • Women should avoid shorts, low-cut blouses, or short skirts.[10]eDiplomat
    “Women should wear suits, dresses and heels. Avoid short skirts, low-cut blouses or shorts.”
    View in Article
  • You should take off your shoes and cover your legs, shoulders, and hair when you visit a mosque.[11]Daily Sabah
    Top 10 tips for traveling in Turkey
    “Also, when visiting a mosque you will be required to cover your hair, shoulders and legs and take off your shoes as the mosques are fully carpeted and need to be kept clean and hygienic for prayers.”
    View in Article

Travel Safety Tips

  • Always hire registered taxis and avoid taking lifts from stranger.[6]GOV.UK
    Foreign travel advice Turkey
    “The FCDO advise against all travel to areas within 10km of the border with Syria…You should maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as in the UK. Alcohol and drugs can make you less alert, less in control…Never accept lifts from strangers. Find a registered taxi and make a note of the registration number before getting in.”
    View in Article
  • Use shuttle bus services to get to and from the airport as they are cheaper than cabs.[7]Daily Sabah
    Top 10 tips for traveling in Turkey
    “Shuttlebus service is available throughout the country. It is a bus service that basically runs to and from the airport to and from certain central locations in the city – and for much lower rates than a cab ride.”
    View in Article
  • Use the Istanbul card for traveling around Istanbul for fare payment on public transport.[8]Daily Sabah
    Top 10 tips for traveling in Turkey
    “Valid on buses, metros, ferries, funiculars and tramways, you can apply for an Istanbul Card online or at one of the major transit stations.”
    View in Article
    You can apply for this card online.

Emergency Contacts

  • 112- All emergency services
  • 155- Police
  • 112- Ambulance
  • 110- Fire

Dental Technology in Istanbul, Turkey
British nationals visited Turkey more than 3.8 million times in 2022. Furthermore, most visits were trouble-free.[12]GOV.UK
Foreign travel advice Turkey
“British nationals made over 3.8 million visits to Turkey in 2022. Most visits are trouble free. ”
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Dental Work in Turkey Reviews

Have a look at what people have to say about their experience in Turkey.

Dental Work in Turkey Patient Testimonials

Moreover, there are some written testimonials that you can go through as well.

“I think Google should introduce a 6-star rating because Dental Excellence Turkey deserves one. I can’t recommend them highly enough, and I was made to feel welcome and at ease from the moment I walked through the door. The clinic itself is spotless and extremely modern with state-of-the-art equipment throughout.”

-Gary Noble,  UK
(⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Rating)

“I was totally blown away by the level of service and expertise. Anyone considering dental treatment in Turkey and has any reservations fear not; DentaGlobal is the real deal. Great information and correspondence from the get-go and throughout the process. Pickups from the airport and hotel are all very straightforward.”

-Jason Taylor, UK
(⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Rating)

What Dental Tourism in Turkey Has To Offer?

There are many reasons to plan a dental or medical trip to Turkey.

The country has a rich cultural history, beautiful terrains, lovely locals, and the best shopping spots in Europe.

Keep on reading ahead to find out what to explore in Turkey.


There are magnificent marvels in the city that are worth a trip.

Let us see what Istanbul has in store for you.


Hagia Sophia

The domed architectural wonder was once a cathedral and now a museum.[13]Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia Istanbul
“Once a church, later a mosque, and now a museum at the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia has always been the precious of its time.”
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You can witness both Ottoman and Byzantine effects under one roof.

The artwork inside is a beautiful blend of Christian and Islam art.

The tourists can also pay respects to the five sultans laid to rest in the Hagia Sophia complex.
Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentSpa 4.6 miles 44 min
Istanbul Group Dental 10.1 miles 33 min
DentGroup 10.4 miles 31 min

Basilica Cistern

A famous historical site, Basilica Cistern, attracts millions of tourists annually.

It is the largest one open to the public amongst the hundreds of cisterns.[14]The Hindu
Surreal, Subterranean Marvel
“A surreal atmosphere is all-pervasive as we enter Cistern Basilica, a masterpiece and the largest surviving palatial cistern of the Byzantine Empire in Istanbul.”
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The Cistern could hold up to 80,000 cubic meters of water back in the day.[15]Daily Sabah
Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern: A mystical underground world
“It covers an area of 9,800 square meters, capable of holding almost 80,000 cubic meters of water. ”
View in Article

The most noteworthy part is the Medusa heads that hold up two pillars in the north-western part of the Cistern.
Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey

Basilica Cistern
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentSpa 4.5 miles 41 min
Istanbul Group Dental 10.1 miles 33 min
DentGroup 10.4 miles 33 min


Topkapi Palace

The imperial palace once served as a home to the Ottoman sultans between the 15th and 19th centuries.

Moreover, it’s a reminder of the grandeur of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire of Turkey.

Now, the palace has been turned into a museum by the government.

Also, the world-famous Topkapi dagger and Spoonmaker’s diamond are on display here.
Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey

Topkapi Palace
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentSpa 6.5 miles 44 min
Istanbul Group Dental 11.2 miles 33 min
DentGroup 11.5 miles 31 min


Galata Tower

One of the world’s oldest structures, Galata Tower is a well-known landmark in Istanbul.

The tower is nine stories tall and was primarily used as a fire watchtower.[16]Go Turkiye
Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)
“Considered among the oldest towers in the world, the Galata Tower was first built in 507-508 CE to serve as a fire watchtower.”
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Now, the area around the tower is quite lively. You can explore the restaurants, cafes or shops in the Galata area.
Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey

Galata Tower
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentSpa 3.7 miles 25 min
Istanbul Group Dental 12.5 miles 33 min
DentGroup 13 miles 30 min

Treat Your Taste Buds in Istanbul

Sis Kebab

Sis Kebab



Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

How To Travel Within Istanbul?

Buses and trams are the most convenient way to go around Istanbul. These modes of transport cover almost all the touristy spots.

However, buses don’t have maps inside. Therefore, you must remain vigilant of the stop you want to get off at.[17]Travel US News
Istanbul Travel Guide
“The best ways to get around Istanbul are the buses and trams, which conveniently cover the touristy areas. But remember, buses don’t have maps inside…”
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Turkey’s capital, Ankara, is a popular travel destination.

The city has many museums and parks where you can spend quality time with your family or friends.

Have a look at the places you can check out in Ankara.



A notable example of modern architecture, the Anitkabir is located on a hilltop in the capital city of Ankara.

The site is the resting place of Ataturk.

He was the leader of the Turkish War of Independence and the founder and President of the Republic of Turkey.

The proposal of this site beat 48 other entries from several countries in 1941.

Also, it is regarded as one of the 50 civil engineering feats in Turkey.[18]Culture Inventory
“It is located in Ankara and was designed by architects Professor Emin Onat and Assistant Professor Ahmet Orhan Arda, whose proposal beat 48 other entries from several countries in a competition held by the Turkish Government in 1941 for a monument for Atatürk.”
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Anitkabir in Ankara, Turkey


Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Estetik Center 8.5 miles 14 min

Ankara Castle

The Ankara Castle was built nearly a century ago.

The castle is an ancient structure that stands tall in the Ulus district, giving a beautiful view of the city.

Initially, the Ankara castle was built for militia purposes and is a famous attraction for history lovers around the globe.[19]Daily Sabah
Ankara Castle: Center of history, culture and trade
“Its surrounding neighborhoods still have an old city charm that compliments the ancient city walls that once offered defense and protection.”
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You can find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops inside the castle.
Ankara Castle in Ankara, Turkey

Ankara Castle

Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Estetik Center 11.4 miles 25 min



The observation and communications tower is one of the primary landmarks of Ankara.

Atakule is located on top of a hill and is visible from any corner of the city.

The tower’s top section houses many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy Turkish delicacies.

Moreover, you also get a beautiful panoramic view of the city from the tower’s terrace.
Atakule in Ankara, Turkey


Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Estetik Center 5.1 miles 14 min


Eymir Lake

The Eymir lake is a heaven for people who love being in nature.

The calm and pacific environment of the lake is perfect for unwinding and relaxing.

The spot is an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can also enjoy exciting activities such as walking, jogging, and cycling.
Lake Eymir in Ankara, Turkey

Lake Eymir

Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Estetik Center 4.5 miles 15 min

Treat Your Taste Buds in Ankara



Bulgur Pilavi

Bulgur Pilavi



How To Travel Within Ankara?

Ankara’s public transportation is very reliable. You can either hop on a bus, mini-bus, or even hire a taxi (EGO), as per your convenience.
The subway services are also available.[20]World Travel Guide
Getting Around Ankara
“Ankara’s public transport options range from buses and taxis to the dolmua (shared minibus) and the subway – all but taxis are operated by EGO. Services are frequent and reliable, with the subway…”
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The city is a beautiful, fast-growing city with a beautiful blend of traditional cultures and breezy beaches.

Moreover, Antalya is now becoming a popular tourist destination.

Dental Tourism in Antalya

Find below some exciting places to visit here.


Yivli Minare

The Yivli Minare mosque is one of Antalya’s most visited historical sites.

The mosque is eight centuries old and stands as a symbol of the city of Antalya.

The mosque has a fascinating grooved minaret depicting a particular type of fascinating Anatolian Turkish architecture.

Furthermore, the water that flows beneath the Minare provides warmth in the winters and coolness in the summer.
Yivli Minare in Antalya, Turkey

Yivli Minare
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Excellence 6.0 miles 25 min


Antalya Museum

The works exhibited in the museum are one of a kind.

You can see around 5000 pieces of artwork in the building, and there are over 25,000 that are stored and preserved.

With more than 10 exhibition halls and an open-air gallery, the Antalya Museum is the largest in Turkey.[21]History Hit
Antalya Museum
“Today, the museum is made up of 13 exhibition rooms, 1 open-air exhibition area, laboratories, a storeroom, repair shops, a photographic room, a conference hall, administrative offices, a cafeteria, and living quarters for museum officials.”
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For kids, there is a separate section with interactive activities to stimulate interest.
Antalya Museum in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Museum
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Excellence 8 miles 25 min

Scenic View

Duden Waterfalls

The Duden Waterfalls are a must-visit if you’re looking for a breathtaking view in Antalya.

The Upper Duden Waterfalls offer you the company of a lush green forest, and  chirping birds.

Plus, the peaceful sound of the cascading waterfalls is very calming.

On the other hand, the Lower Duden Waterfalls are just as mesmerizing.

The view of the waterfalls flowing into the sea is breathtaking.
Duden Waterfalls in Antalya, Turkey

Duden Waterfalls
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Excellence 1.1 mile 5 min


Kaleici is an old city in Antalya which was also known as the Old Antalya.

The city has seen a significant transformation making it a vibrant tourist hotspot.

The charming boutique hotels, gift shops, and restaurants near the waterfront make it a great place to stay and relax.
Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey

Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dental Excellence 5.7 miles 23 min

Treat Your Taste Buds in Antalya



Grilled Meat

Grilled Meat



How To Travel Within Antalya?

You can travel within Antalya on a bus or a tram. The taxi services are also available in the city.

Other than that, the dolmus (mini-bus) also runs regular routes within Antalya.[22]Antalya Tourist Information
The Complete Guide to Public Transportation in the Antalya Province
“Here you will read everything about all the public transportation options like the dolmuş, long-distance-buses, the AntalyaKart, tramways, taxis in Antalya, ferries, Antalya Airport transfers, and other airports in the province. ”
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Izmir is home to several significant cultural landmarks, a distinctive local cuisine, a great seaside climate, and outdoor activities.

Check out the sites you can explore in the city.


Izmir Agora

The Greeks built the central public place in the 4th Century BC.

But, it was ruined by an earthquake in 178 AD. Then, the agora was rebuilt by the Romans.[23]Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Izmir Agora
“Most of the surviving remains in the agora, which were founded in the Hellenistic Period, were found after the 178 AD earthquake, belongs to the Roman Period agora, which was rebuilt…”
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The structure is a perfect peep into the past that displays how a multi-level marketplace would have looked in its prime then.
Izmir Agora in Izmir, Turkey

Izmir Agora
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentaGlobal 4.3 miles 18 min
Dent KM 4.5 miles 15 min


Ancient Ephesus is located close to the present-day city of Selçuk in Turkey’s Central Aegean area.

The city was built in the 10th century B.C. and has a rich cultural heritage.

Any history fanatic would have a gala time exploring Ephesus.

You can check out many monumental structures such as the Library of Celsus.

Plus, there is a theater that could seat 25,000 spectators.[24]Vision Roma
The Grand Theatre of Ephesus
“Set against the slopes of the Panayır Dağ, the Grand Theatre of Ephesus, one of the largest of the ancient world, was completed during Roman Imperial Age, and could seat 25,000 spectators.”
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Ephesus in Izmir, Turkey

Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dent KM 44.7 miles 55 min
DentaGlobal 49.3 miles 57 min


Kemeralti Market

If you want to check out the local markets, then Kemeralti Market is a must-visit.

The maze-like bazaar is known for its antiques and elegant shops.

Navigating the market is not easy, and even the locals have a hard time doing so.

But, the plus side is that you come across unexpected treasures in the market.
Kemeralti Market in Izmir, Turkey

Kemeralti Market
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentaGlobal 4.6 miles 21 min
Dent KM 4 miles 14 min


Izmir Wildlife Park

With lush green spaces, blooming flowers, and 1500 animals,[25]Turkey
Izmir Wildlife Park Map And Location
“Animals brought from Izmir Zoo and abroad live here like their own natural habitats without a field cage and wire. 120 species: 1500 animals live.”
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the Izmir Wildlife Park is one of the best places for nature and wildlife lovers.

Some animals you can spot here are lions, tigers, gazelles, monkeys, hippopotami, camels, and ostriches.

Unlike any other zoo, the animals here freely roam around the area and aren’t caged.

The wildlife park is a great getaway where you can bond with nature and a fantastic picnic spot.
Izmir Wildlife Park in Turkey

Izmir Wildlife Park
Distance From Nearest Dental Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
DentaGlobal 14.7 miles 24 min
Dent KM 20.4 miles 35 min

Treat Your Taste Buds in Izmir







How To Travel Within Izmir?

Going around Izmir is very easy. You can choose your mode of transport from an array of options available.

Public transport in Izmir includes buses, trams, metro, and ferry.[26]Pegasus
Public Transport in İzmir
“In Izmir transportation system which is integrated with municipal bus, metro, izban, ferry, ferry and tram, all boardings are free within 90 minutes after your first payment with Izmirim Card.”
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Tekirdag is an old city just 90 miles west of Istanbul.

You can witness the harmonious blend of old and new in this city.

Listed below are a few sites you can visit in Tekirdag.


Rustem Pasa Mosque

This mosque is a hidden gem located amidst the bustling Tahtakale retail area.

Sinan created it in 1560 for Rüstem Paşa, displaying the finest tile and Ottoman architecture.

Its magnificent Znik tile panels decorate the exterior, which is currently undergoing repair.

And, the interior features a dome supported by four elaborate pillars.[27]Lonely Planet
Rüstem Paşa Mosque
“Nestled in the middle of the busy Tahtakale shopping district, this diminutive mosque is a gem…The interior is covered in more tiles and features a lovely dome, supported by four tiled pillars.”
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Rustem Pasa Mosque, Tekirdag in Turkey
Rustem Pasa Mosque, Tekirdag in Turkey
Rustem Pasa Mosque
Distance From Nearest Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dent Aesthetic Turkey 99 miles 2 hours


Tekirdağ Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

The museum is housed in the Governor’s Mansion, an alluring Ottoman Revival-style building dating back to 1927.

Are you looking for a glimpse into the history of Thrace? This is the place to be!

The display of marble furniture in the museum steals the space.

Moreover, the silver plates from Naip tumulus date back to the late 4th century BC.[28]Lonely Planet
Tekirdağ Archaeological & Ethnographic Museum
“Housed in the Tekirdağ Vali Konağı (Governor’s Mansion), a fine Ottoman Revival–style building dating from 1927…The most striking exhibit is the display of marble furniture and silver plates from the Naip tumulus (burial mound) dating back to the late 4th century BC.”
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Distance From Nearest Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dent Aesthetic Turkey 3.4 miles 11 min

Rákóczi Museum

The remarkable museum is a tribute to Prince Ferenc II Rákóczi. The konak’s interior fittings boast detailed reproductions.

Moreover, the original artifacts have found their way back to Kassa in what is now Slovakia.

You can look at the museum’s captivating portraits, formidable weapons, and poignant letters.

The museum’s displays paint a vivid picture of Rákóczi’s heroic struggle and his enduring legacy. [29]Lonely Planet
Rákóczi Museum
“This house museum is a shrine to Prince Ferenc (Francis) II Rákóczi (1676–1735), who led the first…The konak’s interior fittings are good-quality reproductions, as the originals were returned to Kassa in Hungary (now Košice in Slovakia). Displays include portraits, weapons and letters.”
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Distance From Nearest Clinic
Origin Distance Duration
Dent Aesthetic Turkey 3.6 miles 11 min

Treat Your Taste Buds in Tekirdag

Doner Kebab in Turkey

Doner Kebab

Turkish Pide in Turkey

Turkish Pide

Turkish Kofte in Turkey

Turkish Kofte

How To Travel Within Tekirdag?

Downtown Tekirdag can be easily explored on foot. Also, this is where most of the sites are located.

Furthermore, local mini buses can be seen around town.

They all have fixed routes and affordable prices. They run every 10 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night.

You can also hire a taxi but the fares are bound to be expensive.[30]Turkey Homes
“Most of Tekirdags sights are downtown and easily accessible by foot, though there is a public transport system, based in local minibuses…local taxis available from the taxi ranks but it’s is wise to be aware that fares are approximately twice that of Istanbul taxis.”
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How To Reach Turkey

Let us walk you through the details of how to travel to Turkey.

Travel Documents Required

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 180 days beyond your intended travel date. Also, make sure there are enough pages for entry and exit stamps.[31]Gov UK
Foreign travel advice Turkey
“If you are visiting Turkey, your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date you arrive and there should be a full blank page for the entry and exit stamps.”
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Visa: You need to obtain a visa to enter Turkey for a travel of 90 days within a 180-day period.

The visa policy is divided into 3 groups: visa-free countries, countries eligible for e-visa, and visas required in advance.

You can prepare your documents as per your nationality.[32]Visas Turkey
Turkey Visa Guide: Complete Visa Information for Turkey
“The visa policy for foreigners visiting Turkey is divided into 3 groups: Countries eligible for the Turkey eVisa, Visa-free countries, Turkish visa required in advance”
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British citizens traveling to Turkey for up to 90 days in a 180-day period can do so without a visa.[33]Gov UK
Foreign travel advice Turkey
“British Citizens travelling to Turkey for tourist or business purposes are able to travel without a visa for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period.”
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Travel Options

Traveling to Turkey via air is the most feasible option.

Have a look at the table below for more details on flight options.


Flights to Istanbul
Origin Flight Duration
Frankfurt 3h 10m
Paris 3h 15m
London 3h 50m
Manchester 4h
Birmingham 4h


Flights to Ankara
Origin Flight Duration
Frankfurt 3h 20m
Paris 3h 40m
London 3h 45m
Manchester 8h 10m (Connecting)
Birmingham 9h 50m (Connecting)


Flights to Antalya
Origin Flight Duration
Frankfurt 3h 25m (Connecting)
Paris 3h 50m
London 4h 05m
Manchester 4h 20m
Birmingham 4h 10m (Connecting)


Flights to Izmir
Origin Flight Duration
Frankfurt 3h 05m
Paris 3h 25m
London 3h 45m
Manchester 4h
Birmingham 3h 55m

Are you interested in booking a trip for dental work in Turkey? We can help! Contact us now.

Dental Tourism in Turkey FAQs

What are the popular dental procedures in Turkey?

Dental tourism in Turkey offers you all the dental procedures at a reasonable price.

Check out some of the popular dental treatments here.

  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • Root canal therapy
  • Extractions and fillings
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Dental crowns and veneers
  • Teeth whitening and regular teeth cleaning

Should international patients receive a vaccination before visiting the country?

International visitors should be up-to-date on vaccines, such as typhoid, tetanus, and polio vaccines before entering Turkey.[34]Traveler’s Health | CDC
Turkey Traveler View
“Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before every trip. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.”
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Can international tourists use their mobile devices in the country?

  • International visitors can use their phones in the country if international roaming is enabled on their device.
  • Purchasing a local prepaid SIM card is a good way to stay connected in Turkey.
  • Mobile operators in the country include Türk Telekom, Vodafone, and Turkcell.

Do people in Turkey speak English?

The dental staff at our partner clinics are multilingual and can speak English.

Moreover, you will easily find English speakers in holiday resorts and major cities.

Restaurant menus and other vital information for international tourists are printed in English.

How much do dental implants cost in Turkey?

A single dental implant in Turkey costs €630. The cost of all-on-4 dental implants in Turkey is €3,400.

Moreover, all-on-6 dental implants cost in Turkey is €4,700. Whereas all-on-8 dental implants in Turkey will cost you €5,630.

What is the cost of dental crowns in Turkey?

The dental crown cost in Turkey is €245. The same costs €800 and €1,300 in the UK and the US, respectively.

Turkey offers you a chance to save around 75% on dental crowns!

What is the cost of dental veneers in Turkey?

The dental veneers Turkey cost is €365. The same costs €1,140 and €2,315 in the UK and the US, respectively.

This amounts to 80% of cost savings in Turkey!

Are You Ready for Dental Tourism in Turkey?

Dental tourism in Turkey offers not only affordable dental solutions but also a fantastic vacation abroad.

If this isn’t a great deal, then what is?

Book your trip now and say goodbye to dental woes and hello to a memorable holiday in Turkey.

Also, we at MTC can help you plan out every step of the process.

Our case managers are here to answer all your queries. Get in touch with us today.


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