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New Smile Dental Group is an American Dental Association (ADA) certified clinic popular for dental tourism in Costa Rica. It has a track record of 25 years in providing top-quality dental services.

American and Canadian patients visit New Smile Dental Group - San José for excellent dental treatment at one-fourth the prices in North America. Medical tourists especially seek the clinic’s immediate-load or same day dental implants.


The dental clinic is one of the best in San Jose, Costa Rica. Here are some of its features:

  • Accreditation by the American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)
  • Seal of Quality from the Costa Rican Chamber of Health (PROMED)
  • Affiliation with the following professional organizations:
    • American Dental Association (ADA)
    • American Academy of Implant Dentistry  (AAID)
    • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
    • Association of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica
  •  International patient center and eight treatment rooms
  • Dental specialists who speak fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access and phone calls to the US/Canada
  • The clinic provides a guarantee on various procedures. The details are as follows:
Procedure Guarantee
Dental Implants Lifetime
Veneers & Crowns 7 years

Latest Dental Technology

  • Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT)
  • CAD-CAM computer
  • HD Panoramic Imaging
  • 3D CAT Scan

Benefits of On-Site Dental Lab

  • Increased client convenience
  • Faster turnaround of dental prosthesis
  • Multiple client visits not needed
  • Superior quality control by the dentist
  • Instant modification in prosthesis

3D CAT Scan Imaging

The clinic has in-house 3D imaging equipment. A 3D CAT scan generates images of dental tissues, nerves, and bones.

It is used to analyze jawbone structure and quality. This helps dentists decide whether they can place implants.

Benefits of CAT Scan facility

  • Better quality images due to a focused x-ray beam
  • Allows switching between different image modes
  • Produces several views and angles
  • An accurate, painless and non-invasive procedure

Nearly half* of all medical tourists that visit Costa Rica do so for dental procedures.

*Source: Costa Rican Chamber of Health (PROMED)1

Costa Rica Dental Prices

A patient saves up to 70% of the dental costs estimated in the US and Canada by going to San Jose, Costa Rica.

For instance, the cost of dental implants starts at $1000 while the same costs approximately $3,000 in the US.

Packages for Dental Implants

Cost of Different Dental Implant Packages
Implant Material Price (US$)
Upper & lower
Porcelain–Noble Metal $22,000
Upper & lower
Porcelain Zirconium $24,000
Upper or lower
Porcelain–Noble Metal $12,900
Upper or lower
Porcelain Zirconium $13,900
Full mouth
smile makeover
Porcelain–Noble Metal $9,900
Full mouth
smile makeover
Porcelain Zirconium $11,900

Dental Implant Package Inclusions

Package 1

  1. Upper and Lower All on 6/All on 8
  2. Porc. Noble Metal: USD 22,000*
  3. Porc. Zirconium: USD 24,000

The package includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Panoramic X-Rays
  • 3D Dental Tomography
  • Medication
  • Night Guard
  • Temporaries
  • Upper Bridge of 12-14 Units
  • Lower and Lower Bridge of 12-14 Units

Package 2

  1. Upper or Lower All on 6/All on 8
  2. Porc. Noble Metal: USD 12,900*
  3. Porc. Zirconium: USD 13,900

The package includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Panoramic X-Rays
  • 3D Dental Tomography
  • Medication
  • Night Guard
  • Temporaries
  • Upper Bridge of 12-14 Units
  • 12-6 Dental implants

Package 3

  1. Full Mouth Smile Makeover
  2. Porc. Noble Metal: USD 9,900*
  3. Porc. Zirconium: USD 11,900

The package includes:

  • Evaluation
  • 3D Dental Tomography
  • Night Guard
  • Upper Bridge of 12-14 Units
  • Panoramic X-Rays
  • Medication
  • Temporaries
  • 12-6 Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Cost of Dental Implants in Costa Rica
Type of Implant Trips Required Price (in US$)
One piece - immediate load 1 $750
Two pieces - abutment included 2 $750

Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures

Cost of Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures
Procedure Price(in US$)
Porcelain Noble Metal Crown $370
Porcelain Zirconium Crown $400
Full Porcelain Crown $400
Bridge Unit (Porcelain – Noble Metal) $370
Bridge Unit (Porcelain – Zirconium) $400
Bridge Unit (Full Porcelain) $400
Porcelain Veneer $425
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay $400
Crown Lengthening $250
Denture with Implants $6,000

 Smile Veneers

Cost of Smile Veneers
Veneers Price(in US$)
6 $2,400
8 $3,200
12 $4,800
16 $6,400

All packages include oral evaluation, dental cleaning, whitening, and night guard. These are charged separately if you opt for less than six veneers.

US-Costa Rica Dental Price Comparison

Here is a chart highlighting the average price of dental procedures in the US and Costa Rica.

Price Comparison of Dental Procedures in Costa Rica & the US

Source: The Costa Rican Chamber of Health (PROMED), 2018

Dental Procedure Cost Comparison Between the US and Costa Rica
Procedure Average U.S. Price Average Costa Rica Price
$1,210 $363
Porcelain Fused-to-Zirconium Crown $1,590 $511
Solid Porcelain
or E-max Crown
$1,480 $459
Solid Porcelain Veneer $1,360 $436
Root Canal Therapy
(1-2 Roots)
$1,010 $326
Root Canal Therapy
3+ Roots
$1,280 $349
Titanium Implant
(Zimmer, 3i, Direct)
$2,790 $837
Implant Abutment $930 $300
Implant Crown
$1,210 $375
Implant Crown
$1,590 $549

Source: Costa Rica Dental Guide, 20172

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Why All-on-6 & 8 Dental Implants are Better Than All-on-4

The clinic offers all-on-4 implants but recommends all-on-6 or all-on-8 implants in most cases.

The following table shows how the latter score over the former:

Why All-on-6 & 8 Are Better Than All-on-4
All-on-4 All-on-6/All-on-8
Costly Cheaper
Invasive procedure Less invasive
Healthy teeth are removed Healthy teeth left intact
Teeth look aesthetically good Teeth look even better
Teeth easy to clean and maintain Easier to do so


Costa Rica Dentists Team

Dr. Mario Bonilla Robert

  • Renowned dental surgeon in San José, Costa Rica
  • Head clinician of New Smile Dental Group
  • Affiliate member of the American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Mario Bonilla pioneered immediate-load dental implants in Costa Rica.

Dr. Andrea Roth Earey

  • Eighteen years of experience in operative and restorative dentistry
  • Specializes in bridges, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry
  • Speaks fluent English, Spanish, German and Portuguese

Dr. David Vega Alvarado

  • Specializes in operative dentistry
  • Extensive knowledge of dental treatment and care
  • Speaks fluent Spanish and English

Dr. Raquel Cordero Molina

  • Specializes in bridges, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry
  • Six years of experience in operative dentistry
  • Speaks fluent English and Spanish

New Smile Costa Rica Reviews

Getting to New Smile Dental: Costa Rica

  • New Smile Clinic is a 20-minute drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport, San José.
  • It provides free pick-up services between the airport, hotels in the pick-up zone, and the clinic.

Flying time from U.S. cities to San José (IATA: SJO) is as follows:

Flying to San Jose
From To SJO
Miami (MIA) 2h 50m
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 2h 55m
Orlando (MCO) 3h 15m
Houston (IAH) 3h 35m
Dallas (DFW) 4h
Atlanta (ATL) 4h
Newark (EWR) 5h 15m
Los Angeles (LAX) 5h 45m

Flying time from Canadian cities to San José (IATA: SJO) is as follows:

Traveling from Canada to San Jose
From To SJO
Toronto (YYZ) 5h 10m
Montreal (YUL) 5h 50m
Quebec (YQB) Connecting flights
Calgary (YYC) Connecting flights
Vancouver (YVR) Connecting flights

 Things to Do in San José

  1. The Museum of Costa Rican Art is a 5-minute walk from the clinic. It showcases works of Latin American artists in a historic building.
  2. The La Sabana Metropolitan Park is a 15-minute walk from New Smile Clinic. The park is home to the National Stadium and other sports facilities.
  3. The Arenal Volcano is a three-hour drive from the clinic. It is a famous active volcano. You can go hiking in the rainforest, near the lava fields, and the hot springs.

 Travel Tips

  1. US and Canadian citizens need valid passports to enter Costa Rica.
  2. Canadians and Americans do not require a visa for a stay less than 90 days.
  3. Most Costa Ricans speak English and Spanish.
  4. The majority of Costa Rican establishments accept the US$. However, it is good to check first, and the same is not true for every currency.
  5. The internet speed is not as good as in the US, Canada, or Europe.
  6. Ensure that you use licensed taxis when commuting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General time frames are as follows:

Duration of Visit
Procedure Duration of stay
Implant placement/ surgical phase 4
1-2 units 5
6 or more units 9

The above table does not factor in arrival and departure.

Dental reports include panoramic x-rays, CT scans, dental plans, digital images of your teeth, etc. These reports help the dentist in providing you with accurate and professional considerations.

Yes. The staff members are bilingual and speak fluent English and Spanish. Some of the dentists also speak French and Portuguese.

The clinic works with Zimmer Dental, OCO Biomedical, and S.I.N. Implante.

If you want to opt for full sedation, the clinic can facilitate this. Make sure you ask for this during the initial phone consultation.

Yes. New Smile Costa Rica offers a lifetime guarantee on implants. It also provides a seven-year guarantee on crowns and veneers.

Yes. The clinic provides free airport pick-up and drop.  It also offers free transportation from the following hotels/apartotels/hostels in San Jose for all appointments:

Suites Cristina Apart-Hotel Casa Lima
Mi Casa Guest House Hotel Grano de Oro
Tryp San Jose Sabana Hotel Barcelo San Jose
Park Inn Radisson San Jose Palma Real Hotel & Casino
Hostel Casa Colon Rincon del Valle Hotel & Suites
Apartotel La Sabana La Rosa Del Paseo
Soluxe El Sesteo Hostel Best Western Irazu Hotel
Hotel Apartotel Colaye Gaudy’s Backpackers

According to a study by Raikar, Sonal et al, when taken care of, the success rate of dental implants is 95% over a span of 10 years.

It is recommended to brush and floss twice a day. Avoid eating hard foods like nuts and candies. Paying a visit to the dentist after every 6 months is a good habit as it helps keep a check on your dental condition.

The chances of violent crime happening with tourists is low. As is with all countries, people should exercise caution while traveling. It is advised to not carry huge sums of money and expensive gadgets.

Always keep your passport and official document in a safe place when you don't require the same. Other than these basic precautions, Costa Rica is a beautiful country to visit.

One's dental health heavily depends on their eating and hygiene habits. One should always eat a healthy and nutritious diet. For a person who has gone through a serious dental procedure, it is even more important to pay attention to their food intake.

Avoid sugar and hard, sticky foods. Another lifestyle change would be to stop smoking.

We offer dental financing for procedures with New Smile Dental Clinic, Costa Rica. Contact us for more information.

For most people, a dental trip to Costa Rica is nothing short of a vacation. This is why it is important for many to know what would be the best time to visit the country for some quality dental treatment.

Mid-december to April is the best time to visit Costa Rica as there are plenty of sunny beaches where one can relax after their dental work is done. This time is, however, the most expensive for a tourist. If one is on a strict budget, it is better to go after January.

No, there are no age limitations for getting implants. As a matter of fact, many people above the age of 65 are the ones seeking this treatment.

Yes, it is necessary. A more sensitive approach needs to be taken when treating the dental problems of diabetic patients.

According to the American Dental Association, diabetic dental patients can suffer from burning sensation in the mouth, delayed wound healing and increased severity of infections among other problems.

Even though there are no mandatory vaccines, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all travelers should be up-to-date on routine vaccines (MMR, DPT, etc.), as well as typhoid, hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Visa and MasterCard are generally accepted at hotels and stores. But, they aren't accepted in smaller towns. It is better to carry some American dollars with you as they are widely accepted.

Check out the dentist's patients' reviews. Choose a place with easy access like San Jose. Be sure to get in touch with the dentist via call or email and discuss your case.

Modes of payment accepted are cash, credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, wire transfers and PayPal.


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  2. Costa Rica Dental Guide (2017). The Price of Dental Care in Costa Rica Compared to Dental Pricing in the USA.

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