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Hospital Clinica Biblica – Pictures

Scroll below for pictures taken by the Medical Tourism Corporation team during a trip to Hospital Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica

Hospital Clinica Biblica

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San Jose, Costa Rica – a green city surrounded by beautiful mountains

San Jose - Costa Rica

San Jose - Costa Rica

Clinica Biblica - Original Building

Hospital Parking

Hospital Clinica Biblica Building

Clinica Biblica Surrounding Pavement

Clinica Biblica Streets

Hospital Clinica Biblica - International Patient Office

Medical Tourism Team - Hospital Clinica Biblica

Clinica Biblica Hospital Internet Cafe


Hospital Clinica Biblica - Hallway

Clinica Biblica - Waiting Area

Clinica Biblica - Restroom

Operation Theater at the Hospital

Operation Theater at the Hospital

Clinica Biblica MRI

Clinica Biblica Medical Equipment

Clinica Biblica Medical Equipment

Christmas Carols Being Sung at the Hospital

Clinica Biblica - Eating Area

Pharmacy at Clinica Biblica

Hospital Bank

Hospital ATM

Hospital Eating Shops

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