Hospital Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica was founded in 1929. The hospital is a premier modern medical facility, one of the finest in America.

Hospital Clinica Biblica

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Hospital Clinica Biblica is affiliated with the Ochsner Medical Institute & Tulane University School of Medicine in the USA. The hospital exceeds many quality indicators ahead of US hospital benchmarks. Around 50% of the staff has had training in the USA.

Clinica Biblica - Original Building

Clinica Biblica

The hospital is self-contained with all the patient amenities at one place. Physicians working here have training in the latest medical techniques. The medical equipment is modern. This is the only hospital in Costa Rica that has its own blood bank.

The hospital has a number of patients from USA & Canada. Costa Rica has the highest number of US citizens per capita that any other country outside USA. This is one of the few places where people coming for medical treatment also visit tourism destinations.

Clinica Biblica Hospital and Medical Tourism

Hospital Clinica Biblica was accredited by JCI in year 2007. Since then the hospital has become a popular medical tourism destination in Latin America. The hosptital attracts a number of patients from abroad in bariatric, orthopedics, urology, spine & general surgery.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates medical treatment at Hospital Biblica Clinica & many other world-class hospitals & clinics.

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