A Total Guide to Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Is gastric sleeve surgery in your country costing you thousands of dollars? Don’t worry! Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is much more affordable.

Save thousands of dollars by having this weight loss procedure in Turkey and, you can expect excellent results in return.

Read through this page to learn more about the best hospitals and surgeons in the country.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Worth It?

Why Choose Turkey for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Are you trying to lose the extra kilos, but no diet or exercise works in your favor? Then gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can be life-changing for you.

You’d be glad to know that Turkey offers high-quality and safe medical treatments. Also, these treatments can cost you up to 70% less than in the UK and the USA.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why you should choose Turkey-

?Cost- 70% cheaper than the UK.

?Accredited hospitals- JCI accredited hospitals.

?Quality- High quality of medical services and technologies.

?Location- Only 2-3 hours from major Europe and the Middle East cities.

?Tourist Destination- Many historical places and beaches.[1]IJHMT
Medical Tourism Competition: The Case of Turkey
“The main reasons for choosing Turkey as a medical destination are listed below. – JCI-accredited medical centers and well-equipped hospitals…”
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Cost of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey (Cost Comparison)

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can cost you around $3,250 to $5,500.

On the other hand, the average price in the UK is about $11,700. Overall, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey gives you average savings of 70% than in the UK.

Cost Comparison of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Country Cost
USA $9,000 – $27,000
UK $10,470 – $13,000
Russia $7,128
Turkey $3,250 – $5,500

Other gastric sleeve procedures in Turkey cost-

Cost of Other Gastric Sleeve Procedures in Turkey
Procedure Cost
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Stomach) $2,650 – $3,800
Laparoscopic Bipartition Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Stomach) $3,050 – $4,350
Laparoscopic Silicone Gastric Band and Sleeve Gastrectomy $3,250 – $4,650
*Prices are case dependent

All-inclusive packages for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey include-

✅Hospital Stay
✅Pre Op Tests
✅Post Op Tests
✅Doctor fees

The prices are case-dependent and are subject to change. To know the latest prices and packages, please contact us.

Best Hospitals for Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Hospitals in Turkey provide state-of-the-art infrastructure at affordable prices. You can get quality treatment here from skilled doctors.

Memorial Hospital, Turkey for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Memorial Hospital, Turkey

Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital was the first in Turkey to get recognized by the JCI. The hospital holds the gold standard in healthcare.

Also, the Memorial group serves over 75,000 global patients yearly.

  • Locations: Sisli, Bahcelievler, Atasehir, Ankara, Antalya and İzmir
  • Modern technology: Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy available at Bahcelievler branch
  • Experienced Doctors: More than 19 years of experience
  • Multilingual staff and interpretation services are also available

Best Surgeons for Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

The surgeons are board-certified and are highly skilled. You can find the details of the surgeons below.

Prof. Alper YURCİ

Expertise: Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Specialist
Experience: 14 years
Professional Memberships: Turkish Gastroenterology Association, Internal Medicine Speciality Association, and Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases Foundation.

Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Turkey - Prof. Alper YURCI


Expertise: General Surgeon
Experience: 30 years
Professional Memberships: Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Society of Surgery, Turkey Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery Association, Internal Medicine Association, Turkish Society of Surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Turkey - MD Erkal ZİYLAN

Who Qualifies for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey?

You should meet the following standards to be fit for the surgery-

Candidate for Bariatric Surgery
BMI Patient’s Condition
>40 Patients who do not have a comorbid disease and for whom bariatric surgery does not pose an undue risk.
35.0 – 39.9 Patients with at least one severe obesity-related comorbidity.
30.0 – 34.9 May consider patients with T2DM, metabolic syndrome, and of Asian origin.
<30 There is no proof to support bariatric surgery for managing T2DM alone.
Source: Semanticscholar.org

You cannot have gastric sleeve surgery if you have any of the following conditions[2]Turk J Endocrinol Metab
Summary of Bariatric Surgery Guideline
“Table 3. Contraindications for bariatric surgery: Untreated endocrinological disorders (e.g., Cushing, hypothyroidism, insulinoma)…”
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  • Untreated endocrine diseases
  • Untreated eating disorders
  • Untreated psychological diseases
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Cannot follow diet advice
  • Pregnancy
  • Digestive disorders 

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve, also known as vertical gastric sleeve (VSG), is a bariatric surgery that leads to quick weight loss. It is one of the many WLS options.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Procedure

Gastric sleeve surgery is a minimally invasive procedure.[3]Springer Link
Identification of technical errors and hazard zones in sleeve gastrectomy using OCHRA
“The sleeve gastrectomy is an example of minimally invasive surgery.”
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However, large incisions in the gut are also made in a few cases. The approach depends on the patient’s state.[4]NIH NIDDK
Types of Weight Loss Surgery
“Open surgery, which involves a single, large cut in the abdomen, may be a better option than laparoscopic surgery for certain people.
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For this surgery, you’ll be under general anesthesia.[5]Online Library Wiley
Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Bariatric Surgery Patients: An Observational Study
“With obesity as a globally increasing problem, bariatric surgery is today a common procedure performed under general anaesthesia.”
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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) in Turkey

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve)

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve
This procedure requires a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a long and narrow tube with a light and camera.

  • First, the surgeon makes small incisions on your stomach.
  • Then the laparoscope and other tools are inserted into the stomach.
  • The surgeon divides your stomach into two unequal parts and removes almost 80% of the outer curved part.
  • The remaining 20% is sutured or stapled together. The result is a banana-like stomach about 25% of its initial size.[6]Healthline
    What to Know About Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery
    “Gastric sleeve surgery is almost always done as a minimally invasive procedure using a laparoscope. This means a long, thin tube is inserted into your abdomen through several small incisions…”
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Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve
This procedure requires an endoscope. It is a flexible tube with a camera at the front and an endoscopic suturing device attached.

  • The endoscope is put down your throat and into the stomach.
  • The doctor places the sutures in the gut that change the structure of your stomach.
  • The result is a tube-like stomach that will restrict the amount of food you consume.[7]Mayo Clinic
    Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty
    “The procedure is done using a flexible tube with a camera and an endoscopic suturing device attached (endoscope). The endoscope is inserted down your throat into the stomach…”
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Time Taken

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve: You’ll be in the operating room for about an hour.
After that, you’ll be in the recovery room for one more hour to recover from the effects of the anesthesia.
Since the incisions on the abdomen are small, they’ll heal fast. Finally, if there are no problems, you’ll be discharged within 2-3 days, depending on your case.[8]The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine
The Effect of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on Serum Lipids
“Patients were discharged home on the 2nd or 3rd postoperative day after stabilization of general condition”
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Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve: The surgery takes about 60-90 minutes. After recovering from the anesthesia, many patients leave the hospital.
However, some people may have to stay back in the hospital for a day or less for observation.[9]Mayo Clinic
Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty
“Some people might require a short admission to the hospital for one day or less for observation after the procedure.”
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Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

People opt for gastric sleeve surgery for many reasons. Here’s a list of health benefits of this weight loss surgery (WLS)-

?Quick weight loss

?Reduced mental problems

?Resolve obesity-related illnesses

?Remission of non-obesity-related illnesses

?Improvement of clinical markers[10]NCBI
The advantages and disadvantages of sleeve gastrectomy
“4. The advantages of sleeve gastrectomy 4.1. Weight loss 4.2 Remission of mental problems 4.3 Improvement of Clinical Markers…”
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You can go for reconstructive surgery to remove the excess sagging skin and fat for a contoured body.[11]Springer Link
Does Body Contouring After Bariatric Weight Loss Enhance Quality of Life?
“Body contouring surgery offers a strategy to improve quality of life in patients suffering from the functional and psychosocial consequences of excess skin after bariatric surgery.”
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There are both short-term and long-term risks involved with this procedure. However, the complications are rarely fatal.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risks

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risks[12]Mayo Clinic
Sleeve Gastrectomy
“Risks associated with sleeve gastrectomy can include: Excessive bleeding, Infection, Adverse reaction to anesthesia, blood clots… ”
View in Article
Balancing micronutrient levels is an essential part of post-operative care.[13]Springer Link
The Gastric Sleeve: Losing Weight as Fast as Micronutrients?
“Balancing between low and high levels of micronutrients is a challenging part of postoperative care.”
View in Article

Recovery Time

Small incisions require a shorter recovery time. So, you may need a hospital stay for 1-2 days. Within 4-6 weeks, you can resume your routine.[14]JAMA Network
Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss
“Most patients are in the hospital for 1 to 2 days and can resume their usual physical activities within 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.”
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Since there are no open wounds in endoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, the recovery period is usually short. Therefore, you can resume your daily routine 1-3 days after surgery.[15]Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Alters Gastric Physiology and Induces Loss of Body Weight in Obese Individuals
“Recovery period after ESG was short, with the majority of patients returning to a fully functional status within 1–3 days after the intervention.”
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Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass

Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass reduce your stomach size but differ in how they create a new pouch.

Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey
Permanent removal of 80% of the stomach Removal of the majority of the stomach
The small intestine is not removed Removal of the first part of the small intestine
Banana-shaped pouch remains and requires no other changes A small bag that connects to the remaining gut
Easier to perform[16]JAMA Network
Effect of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass 
“The sleeve gastrectomy procedure is technically easier, faster to perform…”
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More complicated to perform
You can go home within 1-2 days after surgery. You’ve to stay in hospital for at least two days after surgery.
Source: Healthline

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Patient Reviews

Patient’s Review After Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars (Google Reviews)

By making an appointment in advance, we went to Dr. M. Alper Yurci in the gastroenterology department for an examination. The staff is very welcoming, and the doctor is very kind, polite, friendly, and an expert at his job. The hospital premises are also clean. In general, we were satisfied with the experience.

-Serafettin Bay

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has taken the lead in medical tourism because of low costs and high success rates.[17]Daily Sabah
Europe’s medical tourism shifts to Turkey
“Turkey has come to the forefront in medical tourism with competitive prices and successful operation rates, on top of its rich heritage as a cultural destination for tourists.”
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How to reach

You can travel to Turkey by various modes of transportation.

By Air?

There are direct flights to Turkey from all major capitals of the world. Many airlines have regular flights to Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir airports.

Flights to Turkey
Route Duration
From New York 9h 15m
From London 3h 40m
From Manchester 4h 0m
From Paris 3h 10m
From Frankfurt 2h 55m
From Moscow 4h 0m

By Sea?

Many foreign shipping companies have regular passenger ferries from the Greek islands, Russia, Ukraine to various ports of Turkey like Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya.

By Train?

You can book train journeys to and from Istanbul. Major European cities connected to Istanbul are Sofia, Bulgaria, and Bucharest, Romania.

Please make bookings well in advance to avoid last-minute troubles.

Best Time to Visit Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey is during April and May. The days are moderately warm, and you can walk around the country comfortably during this time.
Best Time to Visit Turkey for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Best Time to Visit Turkey

You can also relish the gardens and parks of Istanbul during this season.

There’s also a chance you might spot dolphins on the northwestern coastline, approaching the Black Sea.

Documents Needed

You need to have the following documents in hand to travel to Turkey-

Valid Passport
Valid Passport

Turkish Visa

Covid Health Document
COVID Documents

Valid Passport

Your passport should be valid for at least 60 days past your intended period of stay.[18]MFA.GOV.TR
Passport Validity Requirements While Entering Turkey
“Foreigners wishing to enter Turkey should carry a travel document (passport) with an expiration date at least 60 days...”
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Turkish Visa

  • You can get an e-visa online after filling in the information required.
  • British residents don’t need a visa to enter Turkey for up to 90 days (in any 180-day period).
  • Fees for e-visa are lower than the visas obtained at Turkish airports.
Source: MFA.GOV.TR

COVID 19 Health Documents

  • You’ll need to submit a health declaration form online.
  • Carry your vaccine certificate and negative COVID test report.
  • The travel rules and restrictions are revised regularly. Please check the updated information before planning your trip.[19]Visas Turkey
    Turkey Visa Requirements
    “All passengers are required to complete the Form for Entry to Turkey. This health declaration form is filled out and submitted electronically.
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Where to Stay

There are many comfortable and safe hotels in Turkey.

  • Niconya Hotel
  • Park Inn Radisson
  • A11 Hotel
  • Marriott Asia
  • Hilton Bomonti
  • Tempo Hotel

Safety Tips

Turkey is a safe country for tourists. However, you’re advised to remain alert in public places.

The FCDO advises against travel to sites within 10km of the Syrian border.[20]GOV.UK
Foreign Travel Advice Turkey
“The FCDO advise against all travel to: areas within 10 km of the border with Syria”
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Some safety measures to keep in mind are[21]Visas Turkey
Safety and Security: Travel Advice for Turkey
“The following safety tips for traveling to Turkey will also help visitors to stay safe regardless of the destination: Be careful of what you photograph since it is against...”
View in Article

  • Follow basic COVID safety norms
  • Wear a sunscreen
  • Dress conservatively, especially when visiting a mosque.
  • Keep your stuff safe with you in public.
  • Keep your money safe in zipped pockets or bags
  • Stay away from political or religious celebrations
  • Be wary of scams
  • Keep your hotel’s contact details with you
  • Photography may not be allowed at some sites.

Emergency Contacts

It’s always safe to save Turkish emergency contacts when traveling.

Emergency Contact Turkey

Police Contact Turkey

Ambulance Contact Turkey

Fire Contact Turkey

Also, keep your home country’s embassy or consulate’s contact details with you.
British Consulate General in Istanbul: +90 212 334 64 00
American Embassy in Istanbul: +90 212 335 9000

Places to Visit

You can enjoy touring Turkey as it offers lots to offer its visitors. It has rich cultural roots, architectural marvels, magnificent beaches, and delicious food.

Some places to visit here are-


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. You can experience a mix of cultures in this charming city. Listed below are some of the exciting places to visit here.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a gem in the history of architecture. The museum has stunning domes, unique mosaics, and monolithic marble columns.

The superb play on the museum’s space, light, and color add to its beauty.
Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia

Topkapı Palace 

The Topkapı Palace dates back to the 15th Century and was home to the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

The palace has a magnificent showcase of Islamic art. The detailed hand-painted tilework connects to a maze of lavishly decorated chambers surrounded by walls and towers.

Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey

Topkapi Palace


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It’s also the second-largest city in the country.[22]World Atlas
Biggest Cities In Turkey
“The second largest city is Ankara where 4.47 million people reside.”
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Ankara is one of the most diverse tourist spots.

Check out the amazing tourist attractions listed below.


The mausoleum of Atatürk (founder of Turkey) is one of the most visited places in Ankara. In addition to that, it’s also Turkey’s important pilgrimage site.

There is a large museum complex that has War of Independence displays. It also shows the life of Atatürk.

The lavish use of marble on the site and the gilded inscriptions of Atatürk’s speeches adorn the complex.

Anitkabir Mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey


Museum of Anatolian Civilizations  

You can grasp an understanding of Anatolia’s pre-classical era at the museum. The site has a central Stone Hall that shows stone reliefs and statues from across the eras.


Antalya hosts millions of tourists annually. The city is known for its beaches and historical sites. You can explore some of the most popular places listed below.


A lovely old city of Antalya, Kaleici has many historical spots.

There are a lot of newly redone shops, hotels, and eateries near the marina and waterfront, making it a tourist hotspot.

City of Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey

The Old City of Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey

Duden Waterfalls

At Lower Duden Waterfalls, you can swim nearby and enjoy the city’s view, forests, and mountains by the shores.

The Upper Duden Waterfalls is a quiet municipal park. There’s also a staircase that leads to the cave behind the falls.

Duden Waterfalls in Antalya, Turkey

Duden Waterfalls


The third-largest populated city of Turkey,[23]World Atlas
Biggest Cities In Turkey
“Izmir, with a population of 2.83 million, is the third most populated city in Turkey.”
View in Article
 Izmir, has a rich cultural past. You can explore the ancient monuments or laze on the beach in this lovely city.

Here are some of the sites you must see in Izmir.

Saat Kulesi 

The Clock Tower is a must-see when visiting Izmir. The monument stands tall in Konak Square in the downtown area.

You can take a breather in this locale, watch the bustle of the city and click beautiful photographs.

Saat Kulesi Clock Tower in Izmir, Turkey

Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower)

Izmir Agora

This ancient monument is surrounded by hillside residential neighborhoods, tall commercial buildings, and busy market streets.

Inside the Agora grounds are the ruins of the Roman-Greek marketplace. The magnificent arches of the market are still unscathed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results of Gastric Sleeve Surgery last?

The results of gastric sleeve surgery can provide long-term weight loss. Studies have shown that you may lose 55-57% of your excess weight after five years.[24]Journals.Sagepub
Weight Loss And Resolution Of Comorbidities After Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Review Of Long-Term Results
“Three studies with follow-up periods of 5years and small study cohorts between 26 and 68 patients showed a %EWL between 55 and 57.”
View in Article

Also, the surgery can improve the quality of your life significantly.

Is it safe to get Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey?

It is safe to get gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. It’s one of the most popular bariatric procedures that decrease the risk of obesity-related health issues.

As long as you perform the necessary research on the hospital and surgeons, you’d be in safe hands.

For more information about our partner hospital in Turkey, please contact us.

How much weight can you lose with Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

You can expect to lose approximately 60% or more of the excess weight within a year of gastric sleeve surgery.

For example, if you are 100 lbs over your ideal weight, you can expect to lose 60 lbs from the procedure.[25]JAMA Network
Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss
“Three studies with follow-up periods of 5years and small study cohorts between 26 and 68 patients showed a %EWL between 55 and 57”
View in Article


Do you think Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey is the solution to your weight-loss woes? Then get ready to say goodbye to the excess weight!

Connect with us to plan this affordable and safe procedure in Turkey.


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