BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) in Turkey

Are you considering a Brazilian butt lift? If so, BBL in Turkey might be the perfect option for you.

By choosing Turkey for your medical needs, you can save up to 65% on your procedure!

However, apart from affordability, you might have other concerns as a medical tourist.

So to answer all your questions, we have created this virtual guide. Keep reading to learn more!

Turkey | BBL in Turkey

Why Choose BBL Surgery in Turkey?

Choosing Turkey for Brazilian Butt Lift will allow save you money and not compromise on quality.

Many American and British patients decide to get bum surgery in Turkey for the following reasons:

All-Inclusive Package Price

Turkey BBL package includes all the necessary facilities for a stress-free trip (translation service, transportation, doctor consultation, among others).

Highly Experienced Surgeons

The surgeons at our partner clinic have years of experience, and they will ensure that you receive the highest quality of medical treatment.

World-Class Clinics

Clinics maintain hygiene and are equipped with advanced technology to enlarge the buttocks, such as Auto-Fat Fillings Technology.

Cost-Effective Treatment

By choosing BBL in Turkey, you can save up to 65% on your medical treatment.

Patient Safety

Experienced surgeons and medical staff will ensure complete patient safety.

A Charming Destination

Apart from affordable medical procedures, Turkey is a beautiful country to explore.

BBL Turkey Price

The average cost of BBL in Turkey is around $5,000, while the same will cost you $12,000 and $8,000 in the U.S. and U.K., respectively, you save up to 65%.

As you can see Turkey is an affordable option, especially for uninsured American and British patients.

In the following table, we have compared the U.K., USA, and Turkey’s costs:

BBL in Turkey vs. U.K. snd the U.S.
Country Cost (USD)
Turkey $5,000
US $12,000
UK $8,000
*Buttocks Augmentation cost can vary depending upon the type of the technique, patient condition, and required size.

Best BBL Clinic in Turkey

Choosing the best clinic center for the aesthetic procedure can be overwhelming when you do it by yourself.

Fortunately, the dedicated team at Medical Tourism Corporation takes care of this process for you.

After a thorough search, we recommend Turkeyana Clinic for the following reasons:

  • Licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons
  • Best BBL surgeons in Turkey work here
  • The hospital is equipped with the latest technologies
  • Experience working with international patients
  • Certified by ISO 

Turkeyana clinic Best hospital for bbl in Turkey

Who Is The Right Candidate for BBL in Turkey?

Your doctor will pre-examine you before BBL surgery, and decide whether a butt lift is for you.

The right candidate for the procedure falls into the following categories:

  • Good health condition
  • Non-smokers
  • Have enough excess fat available to transfer
  • If traditional diet and exercise methods weren’t helpful
  • People who suffer from inconsistent back size, where one side is smaller than the other
  • If you want to enlarge your butt due to its smaller size
  • If you suffer from prolapse in the buttocks due to relaxation
Source- Healthline[1]Healthline
Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt-Lift Procedure
“They might give you the go-ahead if you: lost your natural shape due to age or weight fluctuations don’t feel comfortable in your clothes…”
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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

BBL surgery is a cosmetic surgery performed under general anesthesia. It involves the removal of fat by liposuction.[2]WebMD
What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?
“A BBL can also result in a smaller waist if the fat comes from your abdomen or lower back. Doctors remove the fat using liposuction.”
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BBL in Turkey
Brazilian Butt Lift Information
Brazilian Butt Lift Information
Surgery Success Rate 96%
Surgery Time 1 to 1.5 hours
Recovery Time Seven days
Complete recovery and final results After 6–12 months
Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt-Lift (Fat Transfer) Procedure
“Still, as with any surgery, this procedure carries the risk of side effects — some very serious. These include: infection scarring….”
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  • Skin discoloration
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Pain

Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is a safe and effective procedure. BBL will not only enhance aesthetic appeal but express your self-esteem.

Besides that, you can rely on the following few advantages Turkey provides:

World-class medical centers with high-quality services and medical care.

✓ Turkeyana offers transportation from the airport to the hospital & vice versa.

✓ Your surgery will be performed by best BBL surgeons in Turkey.

BBL cost in Turkey is cheap compared to America and other European countries.

✓ Clinics use the latest technologies for perfect results.

✓ Turkey’s all-inclusive package offers a complete medical service.

How to Finance Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey?

If you are a self-pay patient, you can finance Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey through online payment system.

After the agreement is approved, you can use these payment methods:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Or a similar payment

Medical Tourism in Turkey

If you didn’t know yet, Turkey is among the ten most visited countries for cosmetic surgery.[4]Business Media Georgia
“Turkey is listed in the top 10 countries that takes the big number of medical tourists for its accredited hospitals with the latest technology…”
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By choosing Turkey, you can not only get quality healthcare services, but you can also enjoy a great vacation.

Documents Required

The latest information from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs[5]Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Visa Information For Foreigners
“You are kindly advised to have a travel document/passport valid for at least 6 months as from the date of your arrival in Türkiye.”
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indicates the obligation to carry the following documents when entering Turkey:

✔ A valid visa (you can get an e-visa easily).

✔ A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date you arrive.

✔ Also, do carry your COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing that you’re fully vaccinated for safety.


Turkey’s largest airport – Istanbul Airport (IATA: IST), is connected to major world cities.

Have a look at the flight information between Istanbul and the American and British cities.

Flights to Turkey
Departure IATA Code Duration
London, UK LHR 3.35h
New York, USA JFK 10.30h
L.A., USA LAX 14.10h

As far as getting around in Turkey, the country is well connected by public transport.[6]Rough Guides
Getting around Turkey: Transportation Tips
“The whole of Turkey is well covered by public transport, including long-distance buses, domestic flights, minibuses and ferries.”
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The popular transportation in Turkey includes

  • Train
  • Long-distance buses
  • City buses
  • Yellow city taxis


As BBL is an outpatient surgery, you can stay for a few nights in a hotel.

We recommend the nearest hotels to Turkeyana Clinic that are safe and cheap.

Hotels in Turkey
Hospital Hotel Price per Night
Turkeyana Clinic 1. Rios Edition

2. Le Marde

3. Restwon Suit Hotel


Tourist Attractions

Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions you can visit in Turkey:

Topkapi Palace Museum
Topkapi Palace Museum
Ayasofya-Hagia Sofia
Ayasofya Hagia Sofia
Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Grand Bazaar Istanbul
Galata Tower

BBL in Turkey Reviews

“I had a wonderful experience with Turkeyana beauty clinic; surgeons and the staff was always helpful and kind, and the translator Hamad did a great job. I am so glad I chose Turkeyana and would highly recommend it to anyone in the USA.”
A Happy Patient

FAQ’s on BBL in Turkey

Is it safe to get a BBL in Turkey?

Generally speaking, for safe BBL Turkey is a perfect option. However, we suggest as a tourist, taking precautions such as:

  • Taking care of personal hygiene
  • Keeping the money in a safe place
  • Using Google translate
  • Drinking bottled water
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
Emergency Contacts
Emergency Contacts Contact Numbers
Ambulance 112
Police 155
Fire 110

How much can I save on getting my bum done in Turkey?

The cost of BBL in Turkey is $4,000, while in America, it can go up to $12,000.

In the U.K., the same costs from $8,000 and up. So, you can save around 50%-60% on getting your bum done in Turkey.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

As the “filler” is your body’s fat, results from a BBL can last for several years.

BBL can last many years if you follow all the instructions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.[7]Healthline
Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt-Lift (Fat Transfer) Procedure
“Overall, the effects of this surgery last several months to years.”
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How much are butt injections in Turkey?

In Turkey, the cost of butt injections is between $2,900 and $3,500.

Injection with silicon but without lifting is $2,900. Injection with silicon and with lifting is $3,500.


Enhancing your physical features can boost your confidence and self-esteem. BBL in Turkey allows you to do that at an affordable cost. Not only that but you can enjoy a perfect vacation in Turkey too!

We will assist you through every step of your cosmetic journey. Contact us if you have any queries we will be happy to assist you.


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