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Gastric Banding in Istanbul, Turkey

Gastric banding in Istanbul, Turkey is a great way to get low-cost but high-quality weight loss surgery. Istanbul is one of the hubs of medical tourism in the continent because they are able to offer excellent healthcare services for affordable rates.

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Gastric Banding in Istanbul - Turkey

Some Facts about Gastric Banding

  • It is also known as laparoscopic banding, lap band, or gastric band surgery.
  • Usually considered the least complex of weight loss surgeries, as it does not involve cutting any part of the stomach or intestine.
  • An inflatable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. The band is connected to a tube which in turn, is connected to a port. This port is what surgeons use to inject saline solution from time to time in order to decrease the diameter of the stomach’s opening by tightening the band.
  • If done laparoscopically, (which means tiny incisions are made on the abdomen where small instruments are inserted to facilitate the surgery) it can be performed on outpatient basis or overnight, and requires little recovery time.

Aside from Turkey, we also have network hospitals and surgeons that offer low cost of lap band surgery in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium, and India.

Istanbul Lap Band Surgery

Before going to Istanbul for a lap band surgery, one must understand the pros and cons.

  • Low prices for medical and hospital fees, discounted hotel accommodations and free airport-hotel-hospital transfers.
  • Qualified and board-certified bariatric surgeons in Turkey, usually affiliated with European bariatric surgery organizations.
  • Advanced facilities and hi-tech equipment for various medical procedures.
  • Good English skills of surgeons and medical staff, with dedicated international patients department that takes care of medical tourists.
  • Various tourist attractions that include impressive museums, imposing castles, historical sites, pristine beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. The cost of gastric banding in Istanbul is low, so you can include some tourist activities in your schedule without upsetting your travel budget.


  • Long plane ride for people travelling from faraway countries and continents.
  • Having to pay additional costs for airfare, hotel, food, and other travel expenses.
  • The prospect of getting surgery in a new place may be scary to some people.

For those who are in the US and think traveling all the way to get banding surgery in Istanbul, Turkey is too much, you can also consider getting lap band in Las Vegas, where our partner bariatric surgery clinic is offering discounted packages. Europeans who want other options can also opt to get affordable weight loss surgery with our partner hospitals in Belgium and India.

How to Find a Good Bariatric Surgeon in Turkey?

It is important to work with the right bariatric surgeon in order to ensure that your weight loss surgery is safe and successful. Here are a few tips:
Bosphorus in Istanbul - Turkey

  • Ask for the surgeon’s CV, and the number of lap band surgery procedures he has performed on locals and medical tourists.
  • Research online for possible forum discussions about previous patients’ experience with a particular doctor.
  • If working with a medical tourism agency, ask for the surgeon’s recommendations from previous patients. Some patients agree to give out their contact details so other medical tourists can contact them as reference for the surgeon’s skills and quality of work.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions and voice out concerns even during the planning stage of your trip. A good surgeon willingly communicates with a patient to explain the various steps of the procedure and to talk about other details that are vital to the success of the procedure.
  • The cost of lap band surgery in Istanbul is significantly lower than in many other countries, but make sure you thoroughly research to ensure quality services.

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery states that lap band surgery is a safe and reversible procedure that does not carry as many risks for nutritional deficiencies like other weight loss procedures. However, regular visits and fills with local doctors should be religiously followed in order to fully maximize the weight loss effects.

When planning a trip to get gastric banding in Istanbul, Turkey, it is important that a patient is prepared for the journey. It is important to note that aside from being physically fit, you are also aware that a change in lifestyle significantly helps to become a fitter and healthier person.

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