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Flipped Gastric Lap Band Port Repair in Mexico

In addition to gastric band surgery in Mexico, self paying individuals in the USA & Canada also go there for procedures to correct lap band related complications like a faulty “lap band port flip” correction. Fortunately majority of the complications related to a lap band are minor and are easily to repair, and the typical worst case is the removal of the band.

Lap band Port is part of a gastric band that is used by the doctor post surgery to fill or remove saline in the band to help maximize the weight-loss success.

One minor risk of lap band surgery is: flipped port (happens in about 2%  of the cases), where the port  flips or gets displaced . Port “flips over”  or also known as “port turn over’ is not is not a serious problem and can usually be corrected by a small procedure.

Port dislocation, which is similar to a port flip, means that the band port has moved from its original location. It can be fixed with a simple operation under local anesthesia. In this case the port is realigned and a small suturing is done if required.

Sometimes an old port may be replaced with a new one, depending on the way it is flipped or dislocated; Or any other problem like infection, being defectively twisted, being stuck etc.

The cost of flipped or dislocated port repair in Mexico varies from US $ 900 to $ 2,000. Usually flipped port will be followed by fills with saline water. In some cases, it requires emptying and refilling again.

Lap band surgery in Mexico is a popular option for self paying individuals in the USA & Canada. Mexico is one of the most popular medical tourism destination for Gastric band and other weight loss surgeries.

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