Lap Band Las Vegas

Lap Band Surgery Las Vegas USD from $15,500

Extremely obese North Americans hesitant to undergo surgical weight-loss procedures due to the soaring costs of treatment at their local hospitals can consider traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, to restore healthier lives. The low cost of lap band surgery in Vegas makes the procedure accessible to a large section of people interested in transforming their social existence but with a limited medical budget.

Reasons to Choose Las Vegas for Weight Loss Surgery

Opting to undergo a gastric sleeve or lap band or adjustable gastric banding in Vegas would spare them the hassle of traveling across the borders in search of quality weight-loss procedures that suit their wallets. They can also forget about concerns related to communication barriers with the healthcare professionals and also sterilization norms.

According to research reports in the esteemed medical journal The Lancet in 2011, failure to control current global obesity trend would lead to the escalation of obesity to a threatening level in the next two decades. The studies project that by 2030 there will be 65 million more obese men and women in the US and 11 million more obese men and women in the UK, triggering an additional 6–8.5 million cases of diabetes, 492,000–669,000 additional cases of cancer, and 5.7–7.3 million cases of heart disease and stroke in the US and UK collectively.

These figures are compelling enough for people stuck with excess flab to find a solution for good health and longevity. Why wait for your condition to deteriorate when weight-reduction option is on offer in the form of affordable gastric band in Vegas?

Lap Band Procedure: An Overview

  • It this type of weight-loss surgery, an inflatable silicone belt or collar is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, separating it from the lower part.
  • This surgery is usually performed used a laparoscope.
  • Also known as laparascopic gastric band (LAGB), it is ideal for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 and higher.
  • It may also be recommended for obese people with BMI ranging between 35 and 40 with comorbodities such as diabetes and ostereoarthritis.

How Much for Gastric Band Surgery in Vegas?

At our network bariatric center in Vegas, the price of adjustable gastric banding is $15,500 (self-pay) and $17,000 (financing). These prices are significantly lower than what you will have to disburse for the surgery in other cities of the US.

Benefits of Getting LAGB in Las Vegas

Potential lap band clients should consider the benefits that gastric banding cost in Las Vegas involves.

  • Our network hospital in Las Vegas does offer bariatric treatment packages. Availing gastric band in Vegas would be even inexpensive if clients prefer to come when concessions are available.
  • Our network hospital in Las Vegas is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and licensed by the Department of Health for Nevada. It is also affiliated to the Federation of American Hospitals, the Association of Western Hospitals, and the Nevada Hospital Association.
  • The bariatric surgeons in Las Vegas working in this hospital are highly educated and experienced in their respective fields.  A plus point of availing healthcare services in your home country is that you will be in the hands of doctors who are governed by the US legal system.
  • Availing low-cost gastric banding surgery in Vegas would mean that you will save a lot on travel expenses. With your huge savings, you may make the most of your medical trip to Vegas by trying your luck at a glitzy casino. You may be destined to return with a brimming purse!

Gastric Banding in Las Vegas—Some Advice

  • Contact the clinics’ representatives through telephone or email to get a detailed explanation of the entire procedure and the overall costs, including the recovery period.
  • Testimonials from previous clients will be of use in finding out if the cost of lap band surgery in Vegas was actually worth it or not.
  • The surgery requires lifelong dietary alterations and healthy habits to ensure considerable loss of your bulkiness as also its maintenance. Your LAGB will fail to yield desired results if you are reluctant to adhere to the diet restrictions and exercise routine prescribed by your surgeon.
  • Your diet will include mostly liquids for a few weeks after the surgery. However, after the initial phase your doctor will recommend some amount of foods high in protein, such as meat, in order to ensure there is no protein deficiency.
  • You cannot deny providing any health-related information to your doctor in Las Vegas. You will have to furnish all your medical history documents as your doctor needs to evaluate your eligibility for the surgery.
  • Even if the surgery is minimally invasive, it is imperative for you to take ample rest for a few days to aid in a speedy recovery.

Although the cost of lap band surgery in Las Vegas serves as a luring factor, it is crucial to plan in advance to embark on a hassle-free medical journey to Vegas.

So start jotting down the details, pack your essentials, and mentally prepare yourself to witness the making of a confident individual as you gradually liberate from the shackles of flab and ill health.

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