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Gastric Lap Band Surgery in Mexico in Areas bordering USA

Lap band surgery abroad is affordable for the self paying , thanks to the many quality lap band centers along the Mexico border. People suffering from obesity in Texas, California, or Arizona states do not have to look too far for bariatric surgery.

Because of the geographical proximity, there are many similarities in culture, too, and it is not like going to an alien land where you may have to be ready for culture shock.

Get life changing results just across the border!

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Before & After Lap Band in Mexico

You Can Also Get Such Amazing Results With Bariatric Surgery in Mexico!

World-class Mexico lap band centers with reputed bariatric surgeons are sprinkled along the south of the Texas-Mexico, California-Mexico, and Arizona-Mexico border, the important ones being at Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa, and Monterrey.

Lap Band Surgery in Texas-Mexico Border

Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa, and Monterrey are some of the major lap band centers along the Texas-Mexico border. These are helpful for people from the following cities in Texas state – Kingsville, Las Cruces, McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, El Paso.

Ciudad Juarez: If planning to fly here for your gastric band, best would be to land at El Paso, Texas, USA. The airport is just 25 minutes away from the Mexico border.

Mexicali : You could land at San Diego or Calexico , CA airport, USA from where the Mexico lap band hospital is few minutes away.

Monterrey Lap Band: You could either fly or even drive down from Texas, as it is just 4 to 5 hours from the US-Mexico border.

Lap band clinics from Medical Tourism Corporation’s network provide free pick-up and drop to US airports near the Mexico border.

Lap Band Surgery in Arizona-Mexico Border

For people living in Douglas, San Luis, Lukeville, Sasabe, Nogales, Naco cities in Arizona state, crossing over to Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico for a cheaper lap band is more than a feasible option, thanks to the superb medical care which is also incredibly low cost. Also, unlike going to far-off places, going to Mexico for follow-up visits can be done easily, as, again, the distance is not too much.

Lap Band Surgery in California-Mexico Border

Mexican gastric band surgeons in the state of Baja California in Mexico have been doing the lap band surgery much before their US counterparts, and hence have much more experience. Not only do they have excellent success rates, but they can also speak good English, making communication quicker and easier between patient and doctor. People from San Diego, Otay Mesa, Tecate, Calexico, and Andrade in California state are very close to the Mexico border and often cross over for low cost weight loss surgery. Tijuana & Mexicali offer great options for people in these areas looking for lap band surgery in Mexico.

Advantage of Obesity surgery in Ciudad Juarez/Reynosa/Monterrey for California, Arizona & Texas residents

Huge cost savings: This is the most obvious and one of the most significant advantages to be had by going across the border for lap band. To many, it is quite unbelievable that the same obesity surgery with the same quality can be had at half the cost just by traveling for a few hours. Also, the flights to US airports on the border are pretty cheap. So, you gain on the travel fare, too.

Proximity: Bariatric surgery on the Mexico border is a very attractive option as traveling to the Mexican border for lap band presents no problems at all in terms of the money or time required to travel.

Board-certified lap band surgeons and accredited hospitals: If Mexico’s cost advantage was not accompanied by quality comparable to US healthcare, it wouldn’t be the booming medical tourism destination that it is today. That said, exercise caution in the selection of the right lap band surgeon and hospital in Mexico.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates low cost gastric band surgery south of the border at Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa, Monterrey and other places along the US-Mexico border.

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