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Dr. Koen de Smet

Hip Surgeon in Ghent, Belgium

Below is the resume of Dr. Koen de Smet. Dr Keon is an orthopedic and trauma surgeon with expertise in Hip replacement, Hip Resurfacing & Revision hip surgeries. He is one of the world’s top five most experienced surgeons in hip surgeries with more than 3200 hip resurfacing surgeries under his name.

Dr. Koen - Belgium
Dr. Koen de Smet is also the owner of ANCA Medical Center for Hip Surgery at Ghent, Belgium.

CURRICULUM VITAE – Dr. Keone de Smet

Name: DE SMET Surname: Koen
Date of birth: 3 February 1962
Place of birth: Mol (Belgium)
Marital status: Married to Gaetana Contino 3 daughters (Stephanie, Laura, Francesca) 1 son (Gianni)


SECONDARY EDUCATION : High School (Latin Mathematics) graduated in 1980.
UNIVERSITY EDUCATION : Premed school 1980 – 1989
3 JULY 1989 : M.D.


  • February 1988: orthopedics St.Vincentius Hospital, Antwerp Dr.Thibaut
  • March 1988: internal medicine Bijloke Hospital, Ghent Dr.Mortier
  • April 1988: urology University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.W.De Sy
  • July-August 1988: obstetrics and gynecology Bijloke Hospital, Ghent Dr.H.De Gezelle
  • September 1988: orthopedics and traumatology University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.H.Claessens
  • October 1988: anesthesiology University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.G.Rolly
  • November 1988: orthopedics and traumatoly University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.H.Claessens
  • December 1988: cardiology O.L.Vrouw Hospital, Knokke Dr.P.Willems
  • January 1989: Accident and Emergency University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.W.Buylaert
  • February 1989: surgery Dr.L.Berwouts orthopedics Dr.Lagast St. Vincentius Hospital, Deinze
  • March 1989: surgery St.Vincentius Hospital, Ghent Dr.L.Vereecken
  • April-May 1989: pediatrics University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.Leroy
  • June 1989: nefrology University Hospital, Ghent Prof.Dr.Ringoir
  • From 1986 to 1987: research-assistent at the Orthopedic and Traumatologic Department of the Ghent St.Vincentius Hospital. (head of department Dr.E.Ronsse.)
  • 1987-1989: collaborator in various scientific studies and basic research intended for publication and other projects at the University of Ghent, Orthopedic and Traumatologic Department, Prof.Dr.H.Claessens and Prof.Dr.R.Verdonk.


1989-1990: Rotherham District General Hospital (United Kingdom) Training director and senior consultant Mr.Zaman Bimonthly (own)lectures at orthopedic staff meetings, including following topics : –

  • Ilizarov : historical review and applications
  • Extracorporeal irradiation of bone in tumorsurgery
  • Legg-Calvé-Perthes: etiopathogeneses, diagnosis, treatment
  • the “clubfoot”
  • handsurgery: “state of the art”
  • Handcourse: 1 week Marie-RoseHospital,Edinburgh
  • Follow-up study Hydroxyapatite Coated Furlong Total Hip Prosthesis (40 patients)
    Attendance of the congress of the British Orthopaedic Association in Glasgow

1990-1992: General surgery St.Jozef Hospital, Gentbrugge Training directors :Dr.G.De Gendt -Dr.H.Devriendt 1992-1993: Orthopedics Heilig-Hart-Hospital, Tienen Training director : Dr.S.Devleeschauwer

1993-1995 : orthopedic surgery and traumatology University Hospital, Ghent Training director and head of department : Prof.Dr.R.Verdonk.


1996: Anterior Endoscopic Thoracic and Lumbar Interventions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1997: European Course on Laparoscopic Surgery, Brussels;
Controversies in colon end rectal surgery, Nijmegen, The Netherlands;
Workshop on Sub-intimal Angioplasty, The Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK;
1998: Gastric Banding Workshop, Laparoscopic Technique, Ghent, Belgium
1999: Congress colorectal symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Wexner
2001: Workshop on obesity surgery  (Saint Pierre Brussel)
2002: Workshop on carotic dilatation, Derdermonde (Boston Scientific);
Workshop on gastric bypass, Gothenburh (Ethicon);
Gastric banding: beyond the learning curve, Ghent;
Lap band symposium (Inamed/Bioenteric);
Workshop on obesity surgery  (Saint Pierre Brussel);
Laparoscopic approach to cancer (Bordeau);
Congress colorectal symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Wexner
2003: Workshop on obesity surgery (Saint Pierre Brussel);
Congress colorectal symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Wexner;
Congress RBSS Society, Oostende;
Workshop on laparoscopic colorectal cancer, IRCAD;
Workshop on laparoscopic obesity surgery, IRCAD;
IFSO World Congress on Obesity surgery, Salamanca
2004: Course on Bariatric Surgery, Cadiere, Himpens, Brussel Sint Pierre;
Symposium International de Chirurgie Laproscopique, Bordeau
2006: Masters in Laparoscopic Bypass Surgery, Bruges, Belgium
2007: IRCAD N.O.T.E.S. Hands-on-course
Workshop on Laparoscopic Mini-gastric Bypass by Dr Carbajo;
Postgraduate course in Bariatric Surgery: ‘The Morbid Obesity: state-of-the-art A  Luxembourg


  • Case report : “Patella baja”.Treatment with tendon allograft, Z plasty and Krakow suture.
  • Case report: “Dislocation of the radial head in congenital proximal radioulnar synostosis”.
  • Gait analysis and muscle-electromyography in chronic ACL rupture, use of a knee brace (Generation II brace) – Case report: Acute (sequestered) prolapsed L4L5 disc after discography.

Co-worker in international multi-center-study with a newly developed, Matthys-Z-stem (OPTION 3000), a partially and proximally cemented stem.


  • Femoral Marchettinail, F.Plasschaert, K.De Smet, R.Verdonk, sent to International Journal of Trauma.
  • Humeral Marchettinail, follow up study 40 cases
  • Marchettinail and its use in panarthrodesis of the ankle (Published in Acta Orthopaedica Belgica 2003)
  • Casereport: retrograde Marchettinail for arthrodesis of the ankle in a case of congenital pseudarthrosis.
  • FDG-PET for the non-invasive diagnosis of orthopaedic infections (accepted as a poster in South-Africa) 10-14 april 2000 Accepted in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
  • The RMHS hipprosthesis, a failed system
  • Treatment of the Peri Articular Ossification and review of the literature
  • Publication sent to JOURNAL OF ARTHROPLASTY: Use of constrained cups in chronic dislocations: concerns and review of the literature. K.DE SMET, A. KLOECK, R.VERDONK
  • Publication Alloclassic Bulletin october 1999: The Alloclassic Zweymüller Stem: An All-Round Prosthesis
  • Publication in Injury Treatment of tibial fractures with the Marchetti-nail INJURY, Int.J.Care Injured 31 (2000) 597-603 Closed intramedullary nailing using the Marchetti-Vicenzi nail. Its use in closed and open fractures. K.De Smet, A.K.Mostert, J.De Witte, R.Verdonk
  • Publication in JBJS F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography: a highly accurate imaging modality for the diagnosis of chronic musculoskeletal infections.” JBJS The journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (This publication was also accepted in the YEAR BOOK OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE published by Mosby)
  • FDG PET for the exclusion in orthopedic prosthesis. F.De Winter, K.De Smet, R.A.Dierckx SNM Congres, june 2000, ST.Louis, USA JNM abstract book 2000, 41(5): 327P
  • FDG PET for the noninvasive diagnosis of orthopaedic infections. F.De Winter, K.De Smet, R.A.Dierckx Eur J Nucl Med 2000; 27:PS 15


  • 3300+ PRIMARY
  • 800+ REVISIONS

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