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Couple From Utah Review Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana (Part 1)

In this video testimonial, watch Rhonda Starks and her husband Willie from Salt lake City, Utah review vertical sleeve surgery in Tijuana.

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Video Transcription

Rhonda:I am Rhonda Starks from Utah, South Lake City area.”

Willie Starks:I am Willie Starks her husband.

Rhonda:My daughter and my husband came here a couple of years ago and I had a lap band removal and I wanted to come back and have a sleeve done and that’s why I came here and it’s wonderful. Back home my insurance wouldn’t pay first of all. Second of all, they wouldn’t take me from a lap band revision. Mexico is much cheaper and much, I think he’s here.”

He looked into everything, went online, and checked out all the doctors, all the clinics. He called me at home and talked to me over some issues that I may have. I felt very, very comfortable after talking to him to come here and this will be my best option and it was great. The process is simple. I talked to Cyrel and she got back to me immediately, no matter what time it was at. If I had any questions she would get back to me.”

She had the doctor call right when she said he would. She had everything lined up and the airport went smoothly. The pickup was smooth; the hotel is absolutely fantastic right here on the pool deck. It’s clean. The hospital was very clean, very nice. There was a nurse there all times for you. You never had to buzz or want anything different. They were great.”

He was very thorough. Hardly any pain, he glued the incision instead of having stitches last time. It seems so much smoother. Less pain. Everyone was, is great. The anesthesiologist was very thorough with me and explained everything. The EKG was very thorough. They showed me my blood work. They let me take the pictures of my stomach and all my blood work with me. I didn’t have that last time. So, I have my whole package if I need anything back in the United States. I have everything that was done, what I take, my medications. It went smooth. I love it, it was perfect.”

I had my two days ago. So my second rehab a day to head home. I feel great. Can go for a walk, can go get Gatorades, going to check out the town.

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