In this video testimonial of Rhonda and Willie Starks, watch Willie reviewing gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Rhonda: "I am Rhonda Starks from Utah, Salk Lake City area."

Willie: "I am Willie Starks her husband. I have a longer story and it will be better to share it from the beginning so that people understand. My daughter when she was fifteen years old had massive weight issues. She was in the 245 pounds range, fifteen years old. So we got looking at gastric bypass or sleeves I should say."

"My wife found a place here in Tijuana that we brought her to and at the time, now this was 5 or 6 years ago I believe. It was a strip mall, it was really small. Just a real, most people won’t go to a place that we brought our daughter to. She had the surgery, it was a massive success, and she lost 135 pounds. It changed her life completely."

"She had a lot of issues she was going through which made her put on the weight. It was something we knew she needed to overcome those issues and be able to have a more successful life especially emotionally with the things she was battling. So, a couple of years later, I decided that or my wife decided that she wanted to come down and get the same procedure. I wanted her to do something little bit different because of the health concerns that she might have high blood pressure and things of that nature. So, I convinced her to get a gastric sleeve, sorry, the lap band which was a disaster."

"The lap band turned out to be just a horrible experience. She had massive scar tissue and it wasn’t helping her lose weight at all so it ended up being a real waste of time and money and sacrifice on her part. So, we had to come back down, I think a year later she came back down and this time was myself, my youngest daughter who at that time was 19 years old and my wife."

"And we all had the sleeve surgery done and for myself, it was a massive experience of change because I had gone pretty heavy and was trying to lose weight on my own and I went down about a thousand, twelve hundred calorie diet and was able to lose about 12 pounds living that terrible lifestyle. Over the birthday weekend, I think I put about 10 pounds on and I thought it was time to do this different surgery instead of trying to diet, trying to change it the natural way. A lot of people call it cheating but I thought it was just something better to do and I was right."

"Unfortunately the clinic we went to wasn’t quite as good. They tried to do revision from the lap band on my wife and he didn’t do a very good job. Within two years since she had it, she put all the weight back on it that she previously lost and maybe even then some. My daughter basically hasn’t lost any weight as well. So, it was frustrating. I was able to lose all my weight. I have lost about 35-40 pounds depending on how I treat myself."

"My wife decided it’s time to come back down for the third time and so she put a lot of thought and energy into finding a clinic or a hospital that was going to perform the surgery right and she was able to find this group and out of all the experiences this is essentially our fourth experience in Mexico. It’s been amazing."

"There are procedures I want to have done now with my teeth, my knee, different experiences and I think it’s a condition, a situation where the only regret we have is not doing it. If only they knew what they were missing out on if they only understood that this is not cheating, it’s just another way, it’s a sacrifice that you are going to make. By not doing it you are cheating your life."

"The staff has been amazing, the hospital was amazing. The English spoken throughout the hospital was fantastic. There was never a communication issue that we've had in the past but pointing and hope they understood what you are saying. This has truly been an amazing experience as a spouse watching my wife go thought this and the care she has been able to receive, it’s definitely recommended so don’t’ hesitate, pull the trigger because your life’s going to be better and it will be better with this group for sure. So, hope that helps you, good luck and we’ll see you soon."

This is the second video of a two-part video series. Watch Part 1 of the testimonial series here.

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