Watch the testimonial of Terinda, who flew down from Washington to undergo gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. She is all praise for her bariatric surgeon as well as the staff care received, terming it superior to that in her home country. Here is her review.

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“Hi, my name is Terinda Pickett. I am coming from Washington state in the United States of America. I am here in Mexico because I decided to get gastric bypass surgery.

I have very high deductible insurance, so I priced it out and found that the cost of receiving bariatric surgery in Mexico was 99% less complicated but also less expensive when going through my insurance company. So, I vetted the company and decided to go with MTC.

Everything was really, really easy, very transparent, very fluid. It’s not like when you go to a doctor in the United States and you don’t get your bill until after your surgery. You know, for the most part, almost exactly what you are going to be paying for when you come down. You know where you are going to be and what you are going to be doing. There is no guesswork.

The quality of care is very, very similar, not better or superior, to the United States’ healthcare system. I loved him…he is so awesome. He is so cool…he’s really cool. He helps keep you at ease when you are stressed out, and he knows his stuff. I vetted him actually pretty thoroughly, even beyond the company displays of him. So, it worked out for the best that I’m getting him because he is great.

I loved the Oasis…the Oasis of Hope. Again, it comes down to…if you are comparing it to an American hospital, it is pretty much right there. So, you are going to get American standard quality, really good staff care. In fact, I honestly think that the care that you get from all levels of the staff is better than the United States.”

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