Check out Michelle’s testimonial on Vertical Sleeve Surgery Tijuana, Mexico. She came all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada to get her Gastric Sleeve Surgery done.

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“Hi, my name is Michelle Sandoval and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I came down for my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

“I had started with a search on the internet and then, when I noticed that you guys are a better Business Bureau rated through the US, that made me feel very confident with my decision.

 “Back at home, this surgery would have cost me at least $18,000 and here, it is a lot more budget friendly. Plus, I felt like in the US, they do a lot of these surgeries. Here, they only do 2-3 a day and that made me feel a lot more confident in that.

“I did look into other companies but based on the price and the surgical technique that Dr. Camelo used, I felt like this is the best choice for me.

“I am super happy with the results! Everything has been easy. I have never had any questions that were left unanswered and I am very, very grateful for everything that has been done here.

“I have a couple of friends back home who are thinking about the surgery. I am hoping they do follow through.

“Thank you so much to MTC and everybody who has coordinated us to Dr. Camelo and his staff.”

 MTC works in collaboration with top-class hospitals for weight loss surgeries in Mexico. Watch another video by Linda reviewing Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico.

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